End Citizens United Backs Beto O’Rourke For Senate

Beto O’Rourke, the dashing young Democratic congressman from El Paso, Texas, if giving Ted Cruz a run for his money for the 2018 midterms. Cruz carries with him the power of the incumbent and he’s the GOP senator from a red state. But Beto O’Rourke has come out of relative anonymity to pull up just a few points behind Ted. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

End Citizens United recently published a poll showing the two in a virtual tie with just months to go before the election. And Beto has already started earning attack ads from his GOP opponent.

Ted Cruz attacked Beto’s name. It says Robert on his birth certificate but the Democratic politician goes by the nickname Beto. He earned the nickname from his friends growing up in the border city of El Paso where Beto is commonly substituted for Robert. And the attack is ironic seeing as Ted Cruz’s real first name has Raphael let alone the fact that the GOP senator was born in Canada. Ted goes by his middle name which is Edward. Much like Beto, Raphael Edward Cruz shortens his name from Edward to Ted. It’s the pot calling the kettle black and then some.

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But End Citizens United is backing up the Democratic candidate from El Paso, Texas, for his fundraising efforts. Beto O’Rourke proudly denies any company or corporation the right to donate to his campaign. He only takes small donations from individual citizens. It is a technique that was made famous by the fundraising juggernaut Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primaries.

Unlike his opponent, Raphael Edward Cruz is taking massive amounts of money from corporations for his campaign. This will only end up with Ted representing those corporations in the Senate. Some of those corporations aren’t even based in Texas.

Meanwhile, O’Rourke will fight for the people. After all, they fueled is campaign and that is who he is beholden to. And End Citizens United, the political action committee founded in 2015, likes it that way. End Citizens United endorses candidates who promise to fight against the horrible Supreme Court decision called Citizens United. They’ve found a powerful ally in O’Rourke. View the group’s profile on Politifact.com.

David McDonald Leads OSI Group to Expand Around the World

Founded in 1909, the OSI Group began as a small company known as Otto’s Meat Market. From those humble beginnings, the company is now a global leader in processed foods for restaurants and markets. David McDonald is one of the company’s leaders that has helped OSI Group to grow their reach around the world.

David McDonald is the COO and resides in Aurora, Illinois, where the branch office for the company is located. OSI Group also has branch offices in Germany and China. The food processing company has become one of the largest due to their standardized safety processes and their commitment to work with each of their customers as individuals.

OSI does not just process one menu of food items. Instead, they have a research and development team that works with each customer to create menu items based on their wants and needs. The company creates everything from processed proteins of all kinds to vegan items. They work tirelessly to stay on top of new food trends in all the countries where they operate. Right now, they have 65 facilities in 17 countries.

While David McDonald oversees many of OSI’s operations in the main branch in the US, he serves as Director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited and sits on the board of directors. It is their global presence that allows their customers to have access to the world’s food supply chain.

It is the company’s many acquisitions around the world that makes them a leader in the food industry. With David McDonald at the helm, OSI has established contracts with, or acquired, warehouses, farms, processing plants and poultry processing facilities in North America, Europe and China.

Recently the OSI Group doubled their poultry processing facility in Spain to keep up with consumer demand. By doubling their chicken processing they were able to create several new food items, like the trendy Sous Vide chicken that allows customers the ability to just heat and serve it. OSI has plans for further expansion that will allow them to create new food items to meet demands.


Sightsavers And Their Mission To Prevent Blindness

Sightsavers is a worldwide charity that has reached into many undeveloped countries and communities where preventable blindness happens every day. There are children and adults who go blind due to undocumented illnesses, poor water resources, and poor sanitation. This article explains how Sightsavers has become the biggest proponent of the people who are suffering most.


What Does Sightsavers Do?

Sightsavers works with communities throughout Africa and Asia that have terrible water, no doctors, and poor resources. They are reaching into these communities to ensure that all the children are given what they need to keep their sight. Most children who go blind do so very young, and they are malnourished to the point that they must live the rest of their lives blind.


Sightsavers invests in these communities through their fundraising, and they help bring clean water or doctors to these places. They educated the people on what will prevent blindness, and they hope to create a healthier village in each place they visit. The charity hopes to move from one village to the next creating better lives for the people there. They cannot save everyone, but they may stem the tide of preventable blindness.

Working With The UN

Sightsavers works with the UN every year on their advisory panel, and they hope to join with other charities who also work with undernourished communities. They are leading the way by sending some of their best people to the UN to learn, and they share their own information with charities who hope to help the impoverished.


Sightsavers believes that they are handling only one problem in the developing world. They know that they cannot fix everything, but they hope to solve the problem of preventable blindness through education, giving, and outreach. Bringing doctors, clean water, and nourishment to communities in need fulfills their mission.


Sightsavers has moved from one village to another all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. They are many children and adults who go blind every year because they do not have the proper water, medical care, or nourishment to retain their most basic right.




Paul Mampilly Is Watching Precision Medicine like A Hawk

Paul Mampilly was recently featured on the Dial Dish website in the article “Paul Mampilly Advises His Subscribers to Invest in Precision Medicine.” The article, written by Peter Mcallen reveals that the Banyan Hill editor encouraged readers to invest their money in precision medicine because it will become a massive success in the world. Mampilly revealed to his investors that they might be able to make up to $100,000 after investing $10,000 in the picks he chose. One company, in particular, has been moving forward on precision-based trials.

Paul Mampilly quickly became an expert investor on Wall Street. He was able to retire 20 years younger than the average American because of his wise stock picks like Amazon when it was a new company. He worked for some years as an award-winning hedge fund manager where he often saw returns of more than 26%. He worked for companies like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, and a private bank in Switzerland. He also managed a Kinetics Asset Management fund that was worth more than $6 billion.

He left Wall Street to help the average American get a better understanding of investment through his newsletter, published by Banyan Hill’s website. The organization has a variety of investment experts and Paul Mampilly’s newsletter; Profits Unlimited has more than 90,000 subscribers. Lately, he has chosen precision medicine like a significant breakthrough in medical industry. He believes that precision medicine will change the way medicine is approached for diseases like arthritis, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease.

He reveals that he has been studying biotech companies that are working on promising innovations in the field. He revealed one of his latest picks to his subscribers. He was also featured on Banyan Hill’s article “Missing Wall Street ‘Poster Boy’ Releases Shocking Video” written by J.L. Yastine. The article reveals how Paul Mampilly released a video with his biggest investment predictions of his career. He has been focusing on a technology that will “ignite a second industrial revolution.” This device is part of the information he used to provide to his wealthy clients that he now offers to main street Americans.

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Matt Badiali On Investing With Natural Resources

Natural Resource expert Matt Badiali can see the next smart investments from a mile away. With a keen sense of timing, knowledge, and expertise the financial writer recommends stocks to subscribers, but not just any stocks, these are stocks based on natural resources.

Matt Badiali’s story is quite interesting. Originally destined to be a scientist, Matt got the appropriate education, worked in the field, and even taught at a university. Matt works at Stansberry Research since 2005 as a Analyst and Geologist. He went to Pennsylvania State University and Florida Atlantic University where he worked hard and achieved a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree in Geology and Earth Sciences. Then he went to the University of North Carolina to get his sedimentary Geology Ph.D. He was working in the field in his first job, which was quite rough and decided to go back to school for his Ph.D when his friend gave him a unique business opportunity. He suggested Matt Badiali uses he experience and education as a geologist and connect it to the financial world by writing to people about investing in natural resources. Mr. Badiali decided to take the bait and go for it. What did he have to lose? He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 and founded Real Wealth Strategist which would point subscribers/readers in the right direction when it comes to natural resources and how to invest in them. The newsletter became a huge hit and Matt really enjoys doing it.

One of the ways that make “Real Wealth Strategist” stand out from the rest is that Matt actually travels around the world to see the natural resources in their natural habitat. He’s been to countries all over Europe and beyond. This includes Switzerland, Peru, Singapore, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Haiti, and Iraq to name some of them. Matt Badiali uses these experiences in his travels to create a rich and interesting newsletter with real life experiences to draw financial conclusions. He currently lives in Delray Beach, Florida with his family. Matt Badiali also did public speaking and was at the Total Wealth Symposium 2018 as a speaker.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Offers a Range of Services for Investing

HCR Wealth Advisors is perfect for your insurance and investment needs. This company has been known for helping clients from early investment stages as they go about building a better portfolio to improve their financial standing for the golden years.

HCR Wealth Advisors has people in place that can help to give you a solid foundation when it comes to building the type of portfolio that is realistically going to make your golden years better. A lot of people that are investing are below the range of what they were need for their retirement years. They have high expectations about the amount of money that needs to be saved, and many of these investors will find this to be inadequate.

It is much better to consider the benefits of a company like HCR Wealth Advisors for long term goals. These are the people that give you a better idea on just how much you will need based on your life expectancy and the amount of money that you will spend in your golden years.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a team of professionals that have credentials that are suitable for building portfolios that can help you meet your financial goals. They have professionals that know the market well. This company focuses on several different factors in order to build a better solution for both individual investors and businesses.

The employees that are part of this organization provide financial services, business services, consulting and insurance services. There are a ton of people that are interested in getting better financial plans for their lives and HCR Wealth Advisors offers a multi-step process. This involves reviewing your investment strategies and monitoring your portfolio growth very closely. It is also a good idea to look at your future objectives and HCR Wealth Advisors has advisors that will walk you through this entire process.

Insurance planning and life insurance matters are also handled by HCR Wealth Advisors. There are long-term care and loss of value coverage plans that these advisors can also assist you with. Many investors get their investing and insurance needs handled directly through this company. Visit Ideamensch to know more about their CEO.

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HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Meet the Founder of Fagali Advocacy: Bruno Fagali

     One of the careers that require effort to accomplish is the law career. You have to attain your degree in the university successfully, and later pass the bar exams. What’s more is that the bar association in Brazil is very strict. Some of the graduated lawyers cannot practice the law career because the schools that they attended do not have the standards that the law requires.

The strict conditions are crucial given that Brazil has the highest number of law schools in the world. When the rest of the world has 1100 law schools, Brazil has 1340 schools. Without the strict measures, the law degrees attained may be invalid.

It is hard to find a great lawyer in Brazil, with the large pool of lawyers. The number of certified lawyers in Brazil is 8000. Among the many lawyers, one of the most named attorneys is Bruno. He is an expert of the law and has represented very many people in court, and turned out successful.

Bruno is also known for his success in the introduction of some of the important reforms in the nation. He is also the founder of the Fagali Advocacy. Fagali Advocacy is among the leading law firms in Brazil. It is through hard work and diligence that the firm has attained such levels because one has to have a clear interpretation of the law to be successful. Bruno Fagali is an expert in election laws, administrative law, and anti-corruption laws. Through his influence, he has managed to revolutionize the legal system and make it better than it was when he joined the industry.

As much as the talk about corruption never ends, it still has not been possible to fight it entirely. Bruno Fagali campaigns against the corruption in the state. Bruno is the head of Nova/SB. Nova/SB is an advertising agency. The role of Bruno in the organization is to make sure that the firm does not violate any legal laws. These are the laws regarding the advertisement industry.

Bruno is afraid that there might be high levels of corruption between the private sectors and the government. This is during the issues of tenders. As a lawyer, he is ready to fight any corruption at whatever level it may be.

The Master Skills Paul Mampilly Has In Cryptocurrency

Paul Mampilly is a cryptocurrency expert. He went to Montclair State University where he studied accounting and finance. He has a master’s in Business Administration. With his knowledge in the financial industry, he can predict the future of cryptocurrency and alert the investors when a fall in the market is likely to come. Paul is not sure when the fall will happen, but he knows it’s soon. He senses this based on the current market trends and the rise of the new coins in the market. He says it was unfortunate that the investors incurred losses in 1999, when the stock market depreciated.

Companies that had significantly invested in the market collapsed, and new investors came in. From 1999 up to now, no fall has happened since then. Recently, Paul Mampilly predicted a fall of stock in the market and he cautioned people to consider withdrawing some of the money the money they have invested in the industry. He advises people to observe the stock market on a daily basis to see how it works. This way, one will know when the fall is about to happen. Paul notes that when the prices appreciate, the market share increases as well, and at the same time, the stock market can fall.

The owner of Templeton Foundation sold out all his stock that time, and hence did not incur any loss. Afterward, he started observing the stock market as it rose. Apparently, in 2001, the market did not change. It remained low, and those who sold their stock at that particular time experienced major loses. People who have invested wisely in the cryptocurrency business are very wealthy today. Paul Mampilly says there is need to understand the cryptocurrency business before engaging in it. This way, one will know when it’s time to invest and the time to withdraw.

Paul continues to say that Ethereum and bitcoin can fall anytime, and the investors should start withdrawing their money from the industry. It has resulted to this because of the many investors in the market who are not willing to invest in other coin. Instead, they prefer spending money on the one trending in the market. An obseervation from Paul Mampilly shows that the currencies that have not risen will probably rise when the Giants go down.

Newswatch T.V. : A Good Job

Contour designs is a company that’s great products and inventions for their consumer base. they recently Predator ergonomic Workstation that they wanted to get out to the people as best as possible. to do this they need a heavy promotion and for the product to be seen. they wanted to hit a certain demographic of United States employees and employers be eager to make work environment healthier. even great products if they aren’t Market correctly and Contour understood this. to achieve their goal, they called Newswatch TV.

News watch TV in an award-winning television show that promotes and markets products four companies and for the public to get the best products. they used to focus on other things, but they found their niche in product reviews. this show has been around since the 1990s and has just over time increase in Effectiveness and greatness. in 2011 it started focusing on the technology market and have sense achieve great success.

When Contour called news watch TV they did the job for them. They did a review of the product that was air and online and television formats and this yielded much success. Contour design campaign was triumphant. they saw a spike in their ergonomic workstation sales. Bret Hudson the product marketing manager at Contour gave all the credit to Newswatch. the Newswatch tv reviews were seen in over 200 US market and reached 95 million homes. This is just another example of the great success news watch TV has maintained since first airing in March 1990. the show has won many awards over the years like the 2016 silver Telly Award the 2017 videographer award. it just goes to show with a 30-minute entertainment program can do in the world of consumerism. One thing is sure Newswatch TV does its job well.


Neurocore is a National Authority in Applied Neuroscience and can Treat Your Depression

Neurocore is a brain performance center specializing in providing data received through brain-based assessments. They have become a national authority in applied neuroscience. Eight brain performance centers are now located within Florida and Michigan. At their clinics they specialize in training programs to help adults and children manage their stress, get appropriate sleep, improve their concentration and manage depression. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. It has been noted to begin in adulthood with occurrences being higher in women, but it can happen to anyone at any age. Depression is a completely curable disorder, one that if treatment is sought, patients can experience a full recovery. The problem is about two-thirds of people suffering from this disorder do not seek medical attention.

The stigma surrounding depression is said to be the main cause people do not seek help. Public awareness is necessary so this idea is erased, and those needing help can seek it without fear of ridicule. Mental Health Awareness Month during the month of May was created in hopes the general public can be educated and understand that depression is not a personal weakness and not something to be shrugged off.

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There are eight facts concerning depression that show what an impact it has on a person:

  • Depression can come from outside influences
  • There are more than one type of depressive disorders
  • You cannot always see symptoms of depression
  • Depression causes physical toll on body
  • Suicide can often result from depression
  • Depression can lead to disability
  • Funding is needed to further research depression
  • Even severe depression can be treated

Neurocore treats people suffering from depression symptoms. They offer a medication-free depression treatment to all types of depression and no matter how severe. They understand the different situations that can trigger depressive emotions and are able to treat even chronic and debilitating cases.

Using EEG brainwave mapping technology, Neurocore also conducts a clinically validated rating of your symptoms and along with other diagnostic measures will come up with a customized program to heal your symptoms. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.