Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on News Channels

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Univision

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega retains his firm beliefs that any country wishing to advance itself must begin with its media, for this alone holds the key to all other internal aspects – and even those external. The media, as they say, truly rules the world as it not only tells each global resident how and what to think but also what to think about in turn. It controls the global agenda and sets any topics that it deems best on the table, leaving them there for others to discuss as hot topics. Those who dominate the media dominate the world scene, and Univision is one such power player, especially among Latin American countries.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Telemundo

Television is not far behind Univision, neither in scope nor in popularity. It ranks as second best. Both of course, fall under Grupo Televisa, number one.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Almavision

Almavision is not far behind these two. It manages to hold its own. Its offers accurate news on time.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Globovisión

Globovisión is also a top global provider. Its scale of reach and audience demographics holds much potential and promises to further expand still. There is no telling what this devoted news powerhouse is capable of. The possibilities are endless.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Cine de Las Estrellas and So Much More

Let’s face it: Any news leader that works his bone to the core, day in and day out, just to deliver the best of news – needs a break. That’s why Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega resorts to this channel for fun. He loves it.


Wealth Solutions’ Advice before Renting on Airbnb

Renting your home on Airbnb may seem like a quick way to make money. Homeowners can easily earn money by hosting travelers for a while. However, this can result in several unexpected problems. For example, temporary renters can damage your home to the extent that your homeowner insurance may not cover. As such, you are left with unanticipated legal and financial issues. Consider the following factors before renting your home through Airbnb and other organizations. Learn more:




By taking in tenants, you become liable for any injuries to the guest, theft, lawsuits, illegal activities, and damage to your neighbor’s property.


Insurance Coverage


Most homeowner’s insurance policies rarely cover short-term rentals. That means you become liable for expenses incurred by your tenant.




Airbnb only offers secondary coverage. Airbnb kicks in after you have exhausted all your resources.


About Wealth Solutions


Wealth Solutions is a duly registered investment advisory firm that specializes in the provision of comprehensive and customized financial consulting services. It targets wealthy families, individuals, and small enterprise owners in Austin and its neighborhood such as Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, and Georgetown. As the financial markets undergo a cycle of transformation, Wealth Solutions believes that the available financial strategies should evolve to adapt the changing environment.


Wealth Solutions looks forward to offering dynamic and yet conservative financial solutions to its clients throughout Texas. Its products and solutions will help investors to minimize the associated risk while maximizing their profitability. Wealth Solutions acknowledges that many people want to leave a legacy behind for their heirs and maintain a steady income flow even after retiring. As such, it helps investors to develop comprehensive financial and investment plan even as they look forward to fulfilling their retirement dream.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a Texas’ based investment advisory firm. Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has positively impacted the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners. He is a duly registered financial advisor with over 20 years of experience in financial services industry. Learn more:


Having grown in a family with a teaching background, Richard Blair became passionate about the world of education. He devotes to helping investors in complex financial and investment procedures. Richard Blair ventured into the world of finance in 1993 after graduating from college. In 1994, he founded his financial advisory firm, Wealth Solutions.


Mr. Blair has extensive knowledge and experience in retirement planning. He often helps his clients to bridge the gap between retirement planning and living in retirement. He helps them avoid common financial mistakes. Mr. Blair’s goal is to assist his clients in realizing their retirement dream. Learn more:


Entrepreneurial tips to look out for from Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer of OSI Group, is also the president of the meat company. He has over the past years led to the tremendous growth of the company, which has lately launched some new branches. He has helped ensure that the company produces quality meat, which is up to standard to cater for all their customer needs. Sheldon started the success of his career by helping finance the Otto and sons which later evolved to the now OSI Group, which grew into both a local and international company.

Sheldon was awarded the India`s Vision World Academy Award as an appreciation for real leadership and amendable work he does at the enterprise. Besides, he also received the Lifetime Visionary Award in 2015, and as a result, he is always honored for the recognition and is highly committed towards the welfare of the company and its employees. The company has also received a series of environmental and other awards under the leadership of Sheldon, a proof of his amendable skills to bring out the best from the venture.

Sheldon Lavin still committed to continuing with his entrepreneurship career and has a passion for giving back to the community. He targets to keep developing the company and increase its profits. Besides, the company employs close to twenty thousand employees per year, and this has greatly helped to curb unemployment. Sheldon believes in the art of innovation and says that it was through invention and creativity of new things that he helped OSI Group rise into the big company it is today. He, therefore, encourages all entrepreneurs always to be ready for a change and look out for new ideas to implement them in their business for a remarkable growth. Sheldon is also married with three children and loves his family.

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The Role of Salvi Viadero at Grupo Televisa

     The media landscape in Mexico was defined by only a handful of companies. Some of the major media companies in the country include Evoga Entertainment, Grupo Reforma, Grupo Televisa, and Grupo CIE. Cinemex also has a subsidiary in operation and is based in Mexico City. Grupo Televisa and TV Azteca have focused on more traditional reporting. They have left investigative journalism to other players in the space. Grupo Televisa is the largest media company in Mexico by far. The company is also ranked highly among the biggest companies in all categories in the country. The multi-media company has a huge presence in Latin America. It is a major producer of Hispanic content. Grupo Televisa has a market capitalization of $15 billion today.

Its success can be attributed to its chief financial officer known as Salvi Rafael Viadero. He is based at the main offices of the company in Mexico City. Viadero became affiliated with Televisa when he was appointed to the board of directors in April of 2002. Rafael Viadero served as the vice president of the National Banking and Securities Commission during the early stages of his career. He started out as the CFO of Comercio Mas de CV before taking on the role of CEO. He joined the Grupo Televisa as the vice president of Financial Planning. He was promoted to VP of Finance and Administration after serving in this position for various years.

Viadero was named the director of Innova S in 2002. He is also the independent director of Consorcio ARA. He has served on the boards of several companies over the course of his career. These companies include Miami Holdings, FS Unit 3007, Mercado Mexicano, and Mexder. The performance of the enterprise with him as the CFO led him to be recognized as one of the top executives in Mexico. Viadero has had a long successful career working in the financial industry. This is what has contributed to his success.

The DACA Program is Under Attack—Will you Defend it?

The most conservative members of the Republican Party have begun a series of battles against the DACA program.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an initiative which offers assistance to undocumented children who meet certain qualifications. This assistance comes in the form of a reprieve from being deported back to their home countries, being provided a Social Security Number, the chance to be employed and earn money in the United States for a renewable period of two years, and more.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has recently sent a letter to President Trump, essentially asking the White House to begin taking steps to rescind the DACA program by September 5 of this year, alluding to certain legal action if the president should decide not to comply with the request.


The state has not proposed an abrupt cutoff to the program but has rather began a process of drawing down with a series of new measures, such as refusing to accept new applications and the suspension of renewals.


But it isn’t only Texas: nine other attorneys general and one governor, all from Republican states, have added their names to the letter demanding the dismantling of the program. This has put the nation on edge, with hundreds of thousands of undocumented residents unsure about their futures and whether or not they will be allowed to remain in the United States of America.


The Hispanic Caucus has already taken action, holding an urgent closed-door meeting with John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kelly has stated that the program, which protects roughly 800,000 residents, is in serious jeopardy of being dismantled or, at the very least, mortally wounded. He cited the numerous legal cases which have recently been filed against the program as his main cause for concern.


The program has been in effect for five years and has affected the lives of millions of Americans and migrants. A staggering 85 percent of beneficiaries either study or earn a living in America, contributing millions of dollars in university tuition, tax dollars to the American economy and so much more.


If DREAMers and its allies are alarmed, simply do this: use that fervor as strength to fight back against the efforts to dismantle the DACA.


The Frontera Fund’s mission is to promote Reproductive Justice, specifically access to abortions in the Rio Grande Valley. They donate lodging costs for people who need to travel to gain access to abortion care. Frontera Fund’s goal is to create a culture in Southern Texas in which anyone who chooses to have an abortion can do so safely and without shame.


Jason Hope Sees the Future in an Optimistic Manner Following the Technology of 5G

The fifth generation is a mobile technology for networking. The focused entrepreneurs which Jason Hope is part of are sure that the 5G technology will bring in a new age of happiness, better health, and rapid communication.

More about 5G

5G mobile technology will be the subsequent mobile generation network. This development in technology will be impressive to all internet users. Most people are currently using the network of 4G LTE which allows the streaming of HD videos and faster browsing. The 5G network is even superior as it has been revealed that it will surpass this network by nearly ten times. This proves that the Internet of Things and Smart Technology has expanded. Internet of Things is a term that combines both software and hardware networks that ensure that people interact through the internet. The 4G LTE technology currently working well with the Internet of Things, but the network of 5G will do even better.

The 5G technology will ensure the effectiveness of the smart devices as its uploading and downloading speeds will be high. This will be due to the reduced delay enhanced by this network generation.

More about the Great Philanthropist

Jason Hope resides in from Scottsdale, Arizona and is an entrepreneur, futurist, and investor who is passionate about technology and service to the community. He went to Arizona State University where he got a finance degree. He also went to ASU’s W.P. which is a Business School where he got an MBA. Jason has an inbuilt passion in the political platform nationally as well as the Arizona state.

Jason Hope is strongly involved in support of researching on cancer not leaving out the society of Lymphoma and Leukaemia. It is Jason’s passion to see indoor and outdoor education programs as he strongly supports education. He has urged organizations to get well informed on matters of disease prevention and treatment. Technology and systems of computer information are other fields of interest to Jason. As the Chief Executive Officer of JAWA, he is keen on the upcoming trends in the fields to ensure that he has ample information.

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Keeping Prison Guards Safe with Securus Technologies

In order to keep me and my fellow prison guards safe each day, we have to work tirelessly to keep them from getting their hands on contraband. Anything the inmates can use to give them an advantage over my staff has to be taken out of the prison, and we work hard to intercept the flow of drugs and weapons each day. Even something an innocent as a toothbrush could be sharpened and used as a stabbing device in the wrong hands.


One of the things that we do each day is set up stations in the visitor center to scan and inspect every person that comes into the jail. These visitors are warned about bring anything inside the jail, but they will often bend the rules just to accommodate their friends or family. Even with a huge police presence, things get by and into the hands of the inmates.


We have a team each morning deployed to different cells around the prison were we do surprise inspections to see if the inmates have weapons or drugs hiding anywhere. Despite all these efforts, we have to rely on another resource that has been helping us stop the flow of contraband even before it gets into the hands of the inmates.


Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system me and my fellow officers use to listen in when the inmates are making calls. The LBS software is able to identify certain verbiage that can alert us to issues we need to address immediately. When we hear an inmate talking about selling drugs to other inmates, asking family to bring drugs, or instructing family how to hide drugs, we take the time to shut down those efforts before it becomes a problem. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we have seen a steady decline in the instances of drug use in our facility.


Nick Vertucci Talks About What Got Him Involved in Real Estate

It takes a good friend to introduce you to a new profitable way of life. That is the confession by Nick, who was draining in debt as his first business fell off in 2000. However, just in the nick of time, a friend introduced him at a real estate meeting that changed his life for good. With a continuous education in real estate on, Nick Vertucci gained the knowledge he needed to be a guru in the real estate arena.

After establishing and running a successful career in real estate, Nick created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy that offers students the solutions to the challenges that are replete in real estate investing. The school helps the students make wise decisions that bear them future profits. Nick’s motive of creating the school was to introduce the proven system, which he used to make millions in real estate to others.

The NV Real Estate Academy employs competent staff that has the sufficient knowledge in real estate on In fact, all of them are trained by Nick Vertucci, whom they term as mentor and coach. Nick also employs them directly in his real estate assets so that they can obtain first-hand information. More than that, most of them have also begun their real estate ventures and have refined information on properties.

Courses offered in the NV Real Estate Academy includes how to find real deals in the market, how to repair property, and how to sell the finished products at Some people after purchasing real estate and repairing it experience ample problems selling it, but NV Academy teaches the students how to evade such eventualities.

Other than that, Nick Vertucci also offers free live workshops. He is currently crisscrossing the country to help the new prospective real estate investors gain sufficient knowledge. He teaches them about the best ways to find their funding. Nick Vertucci also shows the people on inflation-proofing and gives them tips on how to network like pros. Other courses that he offers during his tours are how one should find and lock down income producing properties and how to balance their real business with their day jobs. Nick advises people not first to quit their jobs as they begin the real estate venture at Instead, he asks them to balance the two ventures until the real estate is profitable enough. His main motive is to see most people turn their lives around and make a worthy living out of real estate.

Making Money From Traveling Vineyard

In a world where finding a second job isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, the best thing you could ever do is look for another way to make that extra money. For many people, the world of wine is opening the door for them to make a great additional income. Just like the world of buying wine is so in demand, simply selling it can make you a great extra set of cash.

The Traveling Vineyard helps make this a possibility for anybody who wants to sell their products. This company started their path back in 2001, and they have helped all kinds of people sell their wine and make extra cash on the side.

The people who sell their wine are called wine guides, and the guides simply create friendships while also leading people to the wine that this company sells. There is such good money in this business because they pay out about 35 percent of all sales to their sellers. This allows for you to make some serious good cash for every sale that you make.

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Once you become a member, you will gain access to the online training center that they have called the Tasting Room. This online center has videos and there instructional guides that can allow for you to learn and understand what is going on with the company. This can help you make some seriously good cash on the side and open the door for earning big money. The reason why it is so successful is because their training is one of the best in the business. They care for their wine guides ensuring that they are taught the right way and educated in a way that brings them up and helps them learn more.

Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the most unique business ideas. You can simply talk to anybody and eventually make the sale. Having your own wine tasting events can rake in as much as $100 from a single night or even more if you’re feeling good. This business idea can open doors for you in the world of business.

Jose AuriemoNeto carries on storied traditions at JHSF

Of all the real estate development companies in Brazil, one stands above the rest and its contributions and visionary projects. JHSF Participacaoes, originally founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, has made a name for itself as Brazil’s premier real estate development firm. With hundreds of completed projects, including some of the most spectacular luxury high-rise developments in the country, the firm has been instrumental in bringing Brazil from the status of a lowly, third-world backwater to a highly sought-after residential real estate market.

Throughout the 80s, the company remained active in building some of the largest and most prominent luxury properties in the country. In the mid-80s, it was responsible for the construction of the Hotel Transmerica, one of the first five-star hotels constructed in Brazil. It was also responsible for the gigantic General Motors Proving Ground, a facility that brought thousands of jobs to the surrounding area and gave Brazil inroads into the global manufacturing sector, a source of major economic activity for the country.

But the company is perhaps best known for developing luxury shopping centers and malls. One of its flagship developments is the ParqueCidadeJardim complex. This was the pet project of the company’s CEO, Jose AuriemoNeto. The son of the founder, AuriemoNeto took over the business in the early 2000’s, marking a significant change of strategic vision. The ParqueCidadeJardim development came about as a result of AuriemoNeto spotting a vacant tract of land, adjacent to a major traffic artery in the center of Sao Paulo. He immediately recognized the property as being prime land for the development of a sprawling luxury condominium, office and shopping complex.

The development was built over a period of three years. Today, ParqueCidadeJardim is the largest development of its kind in Brazil. With nine residential real estate condominium towers, four Class A office towers and a 180-store luxury shopping mall, it is one of Sao Paulo’s go-to destinations for luxury shopping, dining and living.

In the coming years, AuriemoNeto plans on pursuing more of these state-of-the-art, mixed-use facilities. He sees Brazil as being able to compete with major luxury markets across the globe.

Touching JHSF: