MB2 Dental Giving Dentists a Unique Opportunity

MB2 Dental Solutions provides support to its associated dentists and provides partnership to practice owners. It provides a group of offices for dentists to run their practices in an efficient manner assisting them to offer the best patient care. MB2 Dental solutions help its collection of dental offices to attain clinical autonomy with the assistance of employees of MB2. The company was started on the notion that partnering with other doctors will help dentists to prosper more than existing individually. MB2 Dental is changing the lives of dentists and patients through its independent view on practice development and dental management.

MB2 Dental established a video series dubbed “We are Dentistry” that seeks to showcase how different dentists maintain personal dental care. The video series explores the challenges and hobbies of diverse dentists by delving into their daily life. MB2 concentrates on the personal lives of its dentists in a bid to highlight that dentists face challenges like everyone else. The MB2 Dental video features Dr. Mathew Simmons due to his dedication and commitment to Victoria and El Campo communities. He is the proprietor of the dentistry practice called El Campo which is based in Southeast Texas. In the video series, he expresses the challenges that he faced growing up as an introvert. Dr. Simmons relays that his past has enabled him to set patients at ease in a new environment and offer them quality care. He indicates that dentistry has provided him with a platform to transform his life and meet diverse people.

On March 27, 2018, MB2 Dental welcomed Jackson Hildebrand to its expansive network to take the role of a chief financial officer. Dr.Chris Villanueva, the CEO of the company expressed his joy at having Hildebrand join the company as he is an expert in finance and would play an integral role in accomplishing the company’s goals and facing the challenges that it faces.

Hildebrand will be in-charge of end-to-end financial operations such as financial reporting, accounting, and analysis. He stands out due to his extensive experience in the financial sector and private equity. Prior to joining MB2 Dental, Hildebrand worked at TPG Capital as a Finance Director where he managed the financial and accounting operations of its buyout funds.

The Dental Support Organization provides a culture that dentists and partners can relate to. The organization has attained a record-breaking growth by believing that it can achieve its goals by partnering with like-minded professionals and offering them a platform to excel.

What You Need to Know About Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Famed Emmy award-winning producer and television host, Ryan Seacrest is one interesting Hollywood personality success story. Ryan started in Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up. He was born on December 24, 1974. He went ahead to study journalism at the University of Georgia where his career began. He is a co-host and executive producer for Live with Kelly and Ryan alongside Kelly Ripa. He became a permanent co-host on the show at the beginning of May 2017.

Seacrest has extensive expertise working in broadcast and cable television and also in both local and nationally syndicated radio. An entrepreneur himself, he is involved in the entertainment sector working with several media and entertainment companies.

Ryan’s Feet in Philanthropy

Ryan Seacrest is also a philanthropic man, aside from being a marvelous producer and businessman. He partners and contributes to initiatives working with the youth. In this way, Ryan is able to give back to society.

The Mind-blowing Resume

Ryan has an impressive resume. He is the host of the On Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show; the countdown show, Top 40 and the Los Angeles morning drive-time show on 102.7 KIIS FM. Apart from that, Ryan is the host and Executive Producer on the yearly New Year’s Eve show on ABC, the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He also hosts E! Live from the Red-Carpet award shows.


In 2006, he launched Ryan Seacrest Production. The production company is behind hit program, Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E!, E! Live from the Red Carpet, Shah’s of Sunset on Bravo, I Love Kelly Pickler on CMT and a drama series starring Jennifer Lopez on NBC, Shades of Blue. His most notable production, however, is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that won him an Emmy award.

His Entrepreneurship

Business-wise, he runs Seacrest Global group that carries out his investments. He also launched Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a men’s clothing collection and Polished, a skincare product business for men together with Dr. Harold Lancer. His most outstanding philanthropic project is the Ryan Seacrest foundation instalment of over ten media centers in paediatric hospitals.

Find out more about Ryan Seacrest: https://kellyandryan.com/uncategorized/ryan-bio/

Felipe Montoro Jens: The Financial Industry Master

Felipe Montoro Jens makes his name as a successful financial expert in Brazil. He is primarily noted as a consultant and infrastructure projects professional in his country, Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens also enjoys advising PPP (Public Private Partnerships), which is a business arrangement for the private industry and the Government of Brazil.

The respected financial expert has worked with Enel Group S.P.A’s project where he served at the development & structured finance department. Simply put, Felipe Montoro Jens is privileged to work with quite a number of giant companies in his career, taking of Paulo Oliveiro De Melo, and Luciano NitriGuidolin. The ambitious man has greatly benefited from his extensive working experience; he is an identified figure when it comes to infrastructure.

Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

In Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens controls numerous positions on multiple different companies’ boards. He does not only work as a consulting expert, but he also holds leadership positions at the:

  • ConcesionariaTravase Olmos & H2olmos
  • Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo
  • ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImobiliarios, Chairman.
  •  Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes S.A, Director.
  • Empresa de Generación Huallaga S.A.
  • ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 3 S.A, Executive Officer.
  • ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 2
  • AC Energia SA

The financial Industry master embarked on his career education in 1998. He enrolled at Oregon University. Later on, same year, Felipe Montoro Jens moved to the UC Santa Barbra. All the same, he holds a Spanish & History bachelor’s degree, Kinesiology & Health Promotion masters degree, Business Administration degree from the FundaoGetlio Vargas as well as a business Administration post-graduate degree from the American Garvin School.

Felipe Montoro Jens typical day starts with breakfast, gym, and then work. At work, he directs a minimum of 1 to 2 conferences with partners, financial institutions, external meetings, internal meetings, or potential investors. What excites entrepreneur Felipe is life, healthy foods, and informal dressing.

Click here to learn more: http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens


Benefits of Organo Gold coffee

Organo Gold is an amazing coffee and tea company that sells gourmet products some of which have mycelium, and other healthy ingredients. Many people gain improved brain clarity from consuming mycelium. Coffee gives that wonderful boost of energy in the morning that most people love. Combining the joyful rush from caffeine with improved brain function from mycelium is a wonderful way to start the day.

Organo Gold offers lots of healthy drinks. Grape seed oil is also added which is good for people’s respiratory systems. Both mycelium and grape seed oil help people flush out toxins.
This company also provides mango and peach flavored supplements which are good for regulating and improving physical performance. An increasing number of people are benefiting from mango and peach drinks.

Organo Gold also has an excellent hot chocolate. They do not sweeten it as much as most companies. This drink gives that morning caffeine boost in a more subtle way than coffee.
Tea is also beneficial to human health. The gourmet teas this company offers have many increments that are good for the body.

If you want to learn more about this company’s healthy products Click Here for more details about these products.

Many people want a morning boost of energy. They hope to rely on healthy drinks. Lots of cheap conventional coffee and teas give people boosts that aren’t as healthy or beneficial. Organo Gold has your health as the top priority with many drink products that will help you have successful days full of fun.

If you want to learn more, or have any questions about Organo Gold’s drink products Click Here. The company hopes to improve your health with its products soon, and wants to hear from you. Hopefully you have learned valuable information about the products offered by amazing company.


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Pratter, Mike. “Organo Gold’s Addition to the Coffee Culture.” Stone Mountain-Lithonia, GA Patch, Patch, 3 Dec. 2018, patch.com/california/san-diego/announcements/a/52469/organo-golds-addition-to-the-coffee-culture.

Organo Gold’s Twitter

Renovia’s efforts in helping women with pelvic floor complications.

Renovia Inc. now has enough funds to move on with some products developed for the treatment of pelvic floor. It happened after collecting an amount of money of up to $42 million in total. It happened in a session they called the Series B round, the second fundraising phase for the company’s growth.

Renovia Inc. is a medical technology company that has Marc Beer Renovia as one of its founders. The company has developed products such as Leva that aims at helpings lots of women by treating disorders such as urinary incontinence. The progress in this project was seen when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved some of the products in the previous months of the year.

Longwood Fund greatly aided the rising of finance. The Logwood Fund is primarily aimed at investing in companies that have their operations in the field of improving the healthcare system in the United States. The Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures were also part of the activity. With the funds, Renovia Inc. will be greatly aided in its further research of solutions to pelvic disorders experienced by millions of women across the United States.

Beer Renovia, Renovia Inc.’s CEO released a statement where he thanked the Longwood Fund for its support towards the project. He mentioned that the fund support would help in the development of modern digital products and devices that would benefit thousands of clients to gain information that would help them arrive at decisions that involve low cost but effective medical healthcare plans.

Marc Beer’s growth history in the career.

Marc Beer Renovia, together with Ramon Iglesias, established the Renovia Inc. in 2016 where the Series A funding activities were completed. Marc has been in the biotechnology for more than two decades during which he collected a great deal of experience in the field. Not only is he Renovia’s CEO but also the chairman of its board as well. Marc has also served in other companies such as ViaCell as its CEO and Erytech Pharma as one of its board members. He has also held several plays in the department of sales and marketing of Abbott Laboratories. Marc has had the pleasure of serving in Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and also the Biotechnology Industry Organization board.

Marc’s ability to lead can be traced back to when he was in college as captain of both colleges he attended. He has studied law at Lady Margaret Hall where he completed the course in the early ‘90s. Marc’s career began in the same university as a registrar and rose through the ranks for his effectiveness. The ACC Middle East Achievement Award, the UK Society Award for Excellence, and the UAE Customer Service Award, have gladly recognized and ranked him for his excellence. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer


Alex Pall: Building His Hollywood Dream House

Alex Pall is the one of the halves of the Electronic Dance Duo, The Chainsmokers along with his partner in creating mad music – Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers were first known for their first chart topper, and viral worldwide song “#Selfie”. The electronic dance craze song put the The Chainsmokers on the music map and made them a staple name for electronic dance music. The dynamic DJ duo are no strangers to reeling awards and topping charts – some of their massive hits include “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

With the success of the duo comes a lot of financial inflow, of course. The royalties will always cash in and this will keep Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart in a very comfortable lifestyle in more of the years to come.

Everyone dreams of having their own home. Moreover, a lot of us dream of living the Hollywood life and having a home right at the city of stars. For Alex Pall, this is no longer a dream, but already a reality.

Recently, Alex Pall has already built his dream home in Hollywood Hills and he has tapped one of the most popular designers to help him build his dream home – the one and only Peti Lau.

The grammy-award winning artist’s home is a nod to his hippy personality and his bright and energetic music. His home is nothing but luxurious – his home is described as a home defined by his moments – and Peti Lau made sure that all the features of the home were in direct reflection of who Alex Pall was – the fixtures, colorways, paintings and functions of every room were so well thought of and so aesthetically curated down to the finest, tiniest detail that it was very difficult to nitpick a mistake out of it.

Needless to say, the Chainsmokers, the Grammy award winning duo – Alex Pall and Andrew Taggard are yet to approach their full bloom and the future is brightest for the two. Alex Pall with his dream home is now officially living the dream of the Hollywood life – and right now every one is just excited for what is to come for the duo.



What Jason Hope Stands For

There many advancements in science and technology that can be used in medicine. What if there was an answer for those who would like to live longer? Entrepreneur Jason Hope believes it’s not all about treating problems, but how we can prevent them.

Although Jason Hope is what many refer to as a futurist, he is also an individual with a huge passion for preventing illness and aging. His viewpoint is that there are ways to prevent the illness and aging rather than treating it later. While treatments have always been touted as an answer, could it be that there is a better way?

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope chose to pursue his education at Arizona State University. His degree was in finance, and later he acquired his MBA. Little did he know then that he would embark on a journey to prevent aging. Over time, he no doubt looked around for ways that he could make a difference.

Although there are many ways to make a difference in the world, for Jason Hope, it was trying to figure out how he could contribute to making life better. He realized that everyone is affected by one disease in particular.

In addition to his passion to prevent aging, philanthropy is also important to Jason. He gave a half million dollars to the SENS Foundation with the understanding that living longer and having quality of that life go hand in hand.

Jason’s passion are numerous, including his love of technology. The development of technology with mobile, applications, software and gaming is important to his work and his future. This is why Jason is often described as a futurist. He looks for ways to make things better for everyone.

One of the greatest causes of all time for Jason is angel investing. His website indicates that he is willing to help senior high school students and college students through giving them a loans to aid in jumpstarting their business. All that Jason asks to be considered, is that you write up a detailed plan about your business or idea, so that he can see what it is that you wish to accomplish.

Everyone Deserves a Chance at a Happy Life

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) is a believer that everyone deserves to be loved and wanted including animals. Speaking in a tell-all she said that as a recovering addict she has gone through a lot of challenges and realized the importance of helping those around her when she began her journey through recovery. She now supports Best Friends Animal Society since people and animal are not that different as both want to be loved and feel wanted.

When animals are sent to the animal shelter they are sometimes killed as a way of dealing with animals no one is interested in. the Best Friends Animal Society does not support this practice.

The Best Friends Animal Society was established in the 80s. At the time animal shelters regularly put down dogs and cats that no one wanted as a way to deal with them. Usually, they killed the old and the sick ones first and then the other and 17 million animals died in this way every year.

It is then that a group of friends decided to take these animals in to heal. The animals they saved soon found loving homes and those did not be loved and cared for by people who loved them and the Best Friends Animal Society was born. Victoria Doramus supports this particular organisation as it believes animals deserve to love their age and health notwithstanding.

The organisation now serves as an animal welfare society that hopes a time is coming when animals will not be killed in animal shelters in America. This is another reason why Victoria Doramus supports the organisation. Animals also require someone to fight for them and Save Them All as the Best Friends Animal Society hopes to do.

About Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a self employed Director of Philanthropy. She attended the University of Colorado and graduated with a degree in Journalism and mass communication. She has worked at various firms including the Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, and as a personal Assistant for Peter Berg. She is currently focused on philanthropy and has been involved in various charitable organisations including the Best Friends Animal Society and Room to Read where she volunteers.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Many people get massages for the benefits, but they don’t always realize that you can get some of the same benefits from a massage chair. You’ll want to find one that’s high quality and has different settings, but listed below are just a few of the benefits you can achieve.


Reduce Back Pain

For starters, massage chairs help reduce back pain. This is one of the biggest benefits to most people and one of the biggest reasons people get a massage chair. Not only can it help get any kinks out, but it can also help posture. This is a big thing because bad posture is one of the leading causes of back pain. You won’t be slumped over and you’ll be sitting straight up more. Another reason why it can help with this is because massages actually increase the serotonin in your body!

Blood Flow Improvement

It’s essential for your body to have good blood circulation. There are many reasons for this, including: less healing time from injuries, flushing out any bad things from your body and helping increase blood to areas of the body that help produce serotonin. In addition, not having good blood flow can result in you developing medical issues, which can end up putting you in the hospital or possibly even death. Since massage chairs require you to sit upright, it can help your blood get to hard to reach areas of your body easier.

Posture Improvement

Besides pain, bad posture can also cause other medical issues. An example would be a misaligned spine. This happens after long periods of time where you don’t sit or stand the way you should be. It can also cause you to get pinched nerves or sore muscles in areas like the neck and shoulders. Having a massagechaircompare and using it a few times a week can help your posture and even fix some of these issues!

Minimize Stress and Anxiety

They can also help minimize stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety is something that a huge percentage of the population deals with. Not only can it be inconvenient, but it can also be debilitating. Using a massage chair regularly can help increase the oxygen and serotonin levels in the body, which can help alleviate these things. It can also help decrease blood pressure, which has been known to make people stressed and anxious. Some of the other things that cause stress and anxiety, such as salivatory cortisol levels, have been shown to decrease after using the massage chair.

Better Sleep

Finally, a massage chair that is used regularly can help you have better sleep. To begin with, massage can help minimize fatigue, which can make you overly tired and give you a hard time trying to get good sleep. It also helps relax your entire body and put you into a state of calm and content. All of these things can put you into a deeper sleep and help you get sleep that is good quality.

As you can see, you can actually get some pretty good benefits from massage chairs. It might cost quite a bit up front, but you’ll save money in the long run because you won’t have to keep paying for a professional massage!

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Is Taking A Well-Crafted Approach To Inclusion

In an effort to raise famed pizza giant Papa Johns from the ashes of its recent public relations nightmare, newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie is stepping up to redeem the beleaguer company.

Tolerance, diversity, and foundational basics of service are the main tenents of his campaign to restore confidence in the beloved pizza chain.

In an open letter pinned to the company’s website that some accused of missing the mark, Mr. Ritchie expressed deep concern over the company’s reputation, but lacked sincerity, compassion and what most were looking for: an apology for previous actions.

Adjusting focus back to millions of loyal customers, he then tweaked the letter, making sure to the most crucial ingredients as is customary with company’s business model- empathy and truthful awareness of the situation at hand. Emotionally intelligent and sensitive to the nature of customer loyalty, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s then laid out a series of ‘to-do’ for Papa Johns going forward including, but not limited to a strict and firm assessment of company culture geared towards strengths and weakness analysis; initiating open feedback dialogue with franchisees and their employees in order to restore trust in senior management; and to cultivate transparency and accountability moving forward. He also highlighted that company’s success hinges on the success of all those who

dedicate their lives in service to the company’s objectives. Wisely distancing himself from former leadership, the embattled CEO promised to prioritize diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) recent quagmire should be an exploratory lesson on the dangers of insensitivity in business, especially within executive boardrooms. Regardless of the situation, corporate social responsibility will become even more relevant as time goes on. Companies large and small, new and old, can no longer afford the tax of detachment from reality. The learning curve can be steep, but manageable as seen with the efforts of Steve Ritchie.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17045820-steve-m-ritchie