HCR Wealth Advisors Elevates Retirement Process for Retirees Quality Well-Being

When a person plans their retirement, the emphasis is generally focused on their financial portfolio. It is a critical component to having a sustainable retirement as well as continuing the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. However, the focus on emotional, psychological, physical, and intellectual adjustments during retirement are just as critical. The significance of these non-financial aspects should be an active measure for those who are considering retirement, a current retiree, or a partner of a retiree.

The “New Retirement” is an opportunity to focus on the transition from the workplace to retirement and examine challenges that are the result of issues such as the loss of identity and changes in a structured routine and the social aspect of the workplace. HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, represents clients from all types of socioeconomic levels and has measured the effects that the challenges have on retirees.

According to the investment firm, because no one escapes the transitions and uncertainties of life, there needs to be a sound approach to help retirees benefit from their retirement and sustain a quality level of well-being. HCR Wealth Advisors helps retirees with securing a brighter financial future, while also integrating comprehensive measures that take into consideration an array of challenges.

Typically, people will spend 15 to 20 years on average of serious time for planning their financial future during retirement. HCR Wealth Advisors found that many of those same people spend far less time on any of the non-financial elements of retirement. In many cases, a retirement can also be involuntary, which cannot allow for financial planning or any other planning. However, a voluntary and happily-anticipated retirement can quickly turn from a joyous occasion to something that is filled with grief, boredom, frustrations, low self-esteem and even depression. Not unlike many things in life, when expectations fall short, people tend to become discouraged.

In an article from nasdaq.com, HCR Wealth Advisors suggests that retirees consider the changes and transition of retirement, assessing how the loss of a career and workplace benefits will affect them during the “New Retirement” as well as their personal wellness and personal development.

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Richard Dwayne Blair is a Financial Planner Who Helps Take the Worry out of Money

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions is a financial planner with a great deal of expertise in helping families, individuals, and small business owners. His ability to craft excellent long-term plans for wealth management and retirement planning allows his clients to have peace of mind regarding financial matters. He is located in Austin, Tx. and serves the surrounding areas as well.

The natural aptitude for finance that has driven Blair’s career was the catalyst for him to found Wealth Solutions in 1994. He wanted to make a significant difference in the financial lives of his clients. His professional advice which is personalized to each client’s situation is based on his many years of experience and outstanding credentials.

The Three Pillars approach is how Richard Dwayne Blair develops custom plans for his clients. The fact that it’s comprehensive gives them confidence that they will be prepared for life’s many milestones. It involves analyzing their current financial picture and assessing retirement needs.

The First Pillar has at its core the development of a financial roadmap that is unique to the client. During this phase, Blair develops a good working relationship with the client as he determines their goals and tolerance for risk. He also pinpoints likely opportunities for growth that the client is comfortable with.

The designing of an effective strategy for long-term investing is of critical importance and makes up the Second Pillar. Richard Dwayne Blair is an active portfolio manager who is able to handle all market conditions. Maximizing portfolio performance is something that he excels at during good market conditions. But, he’s always prepared for the next market downturn and is able to minimize losses. Furthermore, it’s all done in accordance with the client’s needs for liquidity and risk tolerance parameters.

Implementation and monitoring of the well-designed plans are what the Third Pillar is all about. He compares the performance of his client’s investments with their expectations and historical market data. There are other comparisons as well.

Richard Dwayne Blair has found inspiration from the teachers in his family. Several close family members have a passion for educating and he takes that same impulse and applies it to the financial world.

Sightsavers Million Miracles Campaign Goal Reached

In a news article from Sightsavers’ website, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, spoke about the Department for International Development’s Aid Match scheme. The article mentioned that many leaders of international development organizations attended the influential reception including Sightsavers CEO, Dr. Caroline Harper. The article discusses how the United Kingdom government will match donations that that are donated by the public of Great Britain for certain causes under Aid Match. In 2017, Sightsavers’ Million Miracles campaign was chosen. This was a big deal for Sightsavers, as they have been trying for three years to raise enough money to accomplish the goal that was about to be met.


The article mentions that due to theses momentous donations, Sightsavers was able to raise enough money for a million cataract operations throughout Africa and Asia. This has made such a huge impact on so many people’s lives. Restoring people’s sight during this amazing Sightsavers campaign is such a big deal. According to the article, Sightsavers had been trying since 2014 to make this happen and finally with the help of Theresa May and Aid Match their dream became a reality.


Sightsavers is proud of what they were able to accomplish, as cataracts are the main cause of blindness throughout the world today. Sightsavers was able to help restore the vision of a million people with the help of Aid Match. Although an amazing feat, Sightsavers efforts do not stop there, according to CEO Caroline Harper. The article discusses that there are so many people suffering from cataracts today and that there are millions more people in need of this operation. These cataracts are preventing many people from living their normal lives due to extreme vision loss. Sightsavers wants to pull even more resources together to double their efforts and help even more people get these life changing operations.

Dr. Jim Toner Can Help Make Your Dream of Having a Child Come True

he majority of couples have no problem conceiving, but shockingly, one in 10 couples in the U.S. experience fertility issues. According to an article in The Bump, most doctors feel that there’s no serious need for concern until you’ve tried to conceive for at least a year.

After a year with no success, couples should consider consulting a physician who will usually conduct fertility tests on both partners to ensure there are no physiological issues. If this is the case, you need to keep trying, if there are issues, the physician can recommend medical procedures or suggest fertility options.

Age May be a Factor:

The older each partner gets, the more difficult it can be to conceive.

According to yourfertility.org, “Age is the single most important factor affecting your fertility and your chances of having a child.”


  • Women are born with eggs, they don’t ever replenish, so around age 32, the chances of conceiving decrease. By age 40, the chances of conceiving naturally have decreased by about 50%.


  • Age is not just a key factor for woman. As men age, there is a decline in semen and sperm mobility.

Dr. Jim Toner, Ph.D., Fertility Specialist:

For those couples that have tried unsuccessfully to conceive, Jim Toner, MD, Ph.D. and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility board-certified specialist at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) has a lengthy and distinguished record in reproductive studies and has garnered numerous medical awards.

Dr. Toner’s practice treats infertility and frequent miscarriage. He has extensive training in psychology, so he understands the emotional needs of couples struggling with infertility.

Some treatment plans may include:

  • In vitro fertilization
  • Egg freezing
  • Embryo and sperm cryopreservation, and other treatments

Dr. Toner has received numerous accolades for his treatment. Some recent comments include:

  • Dr. Toner is very caring, honest and realistic.
  • Dr. Toner was amazing.
  • Dr. Toner took time to explain everything to us. Step by step as to what we would be looking at as treatment.

To reach Dr. Toner, call 770.928.2276 or visit the Website, for more information.

Alexandre Gama’s Claim To Ad Fame

     Alexandre Gama is a leading name in advertising in Europe, North America, and South America, though the bulk of his work is and has been concentrated in his home country of Brazil.

In 1958, Mr. Alexandre Gama was birthed to two working-class parents in the heavily-populated city of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro. After working two jobs throughout high school and later moving onto a handful of low-rate factory jobs, Mr. Gama decided that he must upgrade his career by going to a university.

Mr. Alexandre Gama did just that, earning a degree from the private school known as the best across all of Brazil, the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. After graduating in 1982, Mr. Gama was able to distance himself from all the low-paying work that he had settled for throughout the entirety of his life up to this point by moving to New York City to work for Standard Ogilvy & Mather as part of its foreigners’ hiring program.

Malcolm Casselle and His Digital Leadership

OPSkins, which is led by CIO Malcolm CasSelle, is currently the world’s leading bitcoin merchant. And while it is a perfect candidate for decentralized protocol, it is the top centralized marketplace for virtual assets anywhere. Making it decentralized definitely makes sense for them since do so significantly lessens the limitations.

OPSKins operates a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (or WAX). It is currently the world’s top trader in buying and selling video games. This platform is set up in such a way as to allow for the maximum efficiency in virtual asset trading. In addition to being OPSkins CIO, CasSelle serves as the president of WAX.

CasSelle began his adult life by earning Computer Science degrees from MIT and Stanford University. It was also during these years that he learned and became fluent in Japanese and Mandarin, a skill that would greatly assist him during his future business ventures in Asia. He has had a long career of leading startups in the digital industry. In 1995 he co-founded and helped lead NetNoir, which was among the first media companies to focus on Afrocencentricism Some of his most notable investments and leadership projects have included MediaPass, Xfire, Groupon, Facebook, and Zynga.

Although he has had many changing roles, he has maintained his position as CEO of MediaPass since 2013. Many of his business projects took place in Asia. He particularly values his time as he cofounding leader of PCCW, a Hong Kong-based publicly traded telecom. Prior to joining the OPSkins team, CasSelle served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of SeaChange International starting in 2015. He then served as the president and CTO of new ventures at Tronc, Inc. And in 2017 he accepted his present positions with WAX and OPSkins. CasSelle shows no signs of stopping his now revered position in international technological leadership.


Biggest Inspiration Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest is an honor winning innovative business visionary and holds prevalent positions as a host and maker in broadly syndicated and nearby radio, and also in communications and satellite TV. Ryan Seacrest is the host of the notable music arrangement rivalry, American Idol, as it comes back to TV for its first season on ABC in 2018 spring. American Idol, with another season. The demonstrate that broadly dispatches yearning vocalists into superstardom grasped an entirely new search for season 16 with an elegant cast of judges, including Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

At the point when FOX chose to cross out in the spring of 2016 American Idol, Ryan Seacrest had no real option except to close the part on his 15-year run that propelled his profession in media outlets. As the American Idol host, he had the pleasure of declaring every champ and delegated a portion of America’s most noteworthy craftsmen including Ruben Studdard, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. In the wake of FOX’s cancellation, Seacrest went on a spirited inquiry to make sense of his following stages, when he was given a first open door from his companion Kelly Ripa to be a co-have on her day by day television show on ABC, Live. After tolerating the offer to be Kelly’s first perpetual co-have, the show was retitled Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Seacrest’s outstanding resume left an early enthusiasm for radio and a solid devotion to achieving his objectives. Brought up in a professional class family, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) took in the estimation of diligent work from his cherishing guardians, Connie and Gary Seacrest. His mom, Connie, was a housewife who dealt with the obligations at home while his dad, Gary, was an exceptionally active legal advisor. As a young tyke who was overweight, wore huge glasses and was regularly prodded, Seacrest wanted to mind his own business and remain inside the house tuning in to the radio for a considerable length of time. With interest with communication and significant creative ability, he tuned in to the radio hosts discuss everything under the sun and imagined he was one of them – presenting and sharing amusing stories, big names, and playing great music.

Know the rest of Ryan Seacrest’s history: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/

Nick Vertucci is Taking His Message For Success Beyond Real Estate Endeavors

For author Nick Vertucci, his book Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed, provides a plethora of valuable information for readers who want to know what it takes to invest in real estate and utilize mentors. Nick Vertucci’s memoir includes six fundamental building blocks and a thorough discussion about what approaches to take to make a success of oneself in business.

Nick Vertucci’s book includes 350 pages with a discussion concerning the critical steps involved in the creation of a foundation due to his philosophies. This philosophy allowed Vertucci to gain financial freedom while building a secure business enterprise.

Vertucci is the CEO of The Nick Vertucci Companies, a firm that is located in Irvine, California. After hatching a successful real estate company, Vertucci went on to create the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This academy provides current and future business people with the resources necessary to become real estate investment professionals who can have lucrative careers.

Because of Vertucci’s knowledge base and skill sets, which have helped him succeed in property investing, he has been able to invent an investment-based system. Vertucci’s system assists other investors that are contemplating purchasing, rehabbing, and renting properties.

Before becoming a successful real estate investor and author, Nick Vertucci worked for 18 years in law enforcement. After Vertucci retired from law enforcement — a profession that placed him in situations where he put his own life on the line — he transitioned to a role where he works to save other individual’s financial lives with his many resources.

Vertucci remarked that a part of his philosophy focuses on the point that one’s future in this life is not determined by what mistakes or circumstances happened in the past. Vertucci life exemplifies a true rags-to-riches chronicle. Vertucci recalls the ups and downs he had early in his life. He remarked that his father died when he was ten years old and that he lived out of a van when he was 18. Vertucci considers the lowest point of life to be the period of time when he was living out of his van.

Vertucci was able to create a computer-based business, selling computer parts until the dot-com crash of 2000 changed his life. Vertucci lost all of his money due to this crash in 2000. Vertucci was not prepared for the financial turmoil, and he lost all his money, except for his house. He also had a wife and kids at the time when all his money evaporated. Luckily, he had the collateral of his home, when he was introduced to the world of real estate investing thanks to a friend. After a 3-day real estate seminar, Vertucci’s life changed.

The extends achievements that OSI Groups has achieved over the years

Over the past years that OSI Group was launched it has been able to grow in becoming the largest in the value-added when it comes to food supply. Now the company has grown to 17 countries and it has more than 65 facilities, which they have employed 20,000 employees. When it comes to the ranking of largest private owned company in United States OSI is one of them and the services that the company offers is that they deal with the food related organizations. For the brands that they have in retail and restaurant chains then the capabilities that OSI Group has is that they will globally produce the food products that add value.

For the OSI firm they have the access to the world supply chain, with that then they give their clients products that fit their operations because they can secure good prices, match the culinary profile of the clients and ensure that they food they offer is safe. The OSI food are formulated in a way that they will satisfy tastes that are of great range and the vast reach that the company has is to ensure that they will satisfy the plates that clients may need.

The result that OSI Group has gained due to the fact that they put the clients first and having to deal that challenges that will be brought along, has given OSI Group the chance of being in the list of American’s Top 100 Food Companies. The main thing that OSI Group is involved with is that processing of meat of the retail and food industry. Recently, the decided that with the help of other companies it would help a lot. That’s the reason why they made plans of acquiring companies and facilities too. Among the companies that they have acquired include Baho Food and Flagship Europe.

The companies they have acquired include Flagship Europe and Baho food. In addition, they have purchased a warehouse and a facility in Chicago that would deal with the processing of meat that previously was owned by Tyson. In 2015, that’s when the facility was closed due to the fact that they had issues with efficiency. The benefit that each company will get from the acquisition is that they will get a great access to any resources that they may need. For Baho Food and Flagship Europe they deal with the production of food. They both deal with the producing of meat products in the form of retail.

For More info: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Matt Badiali Insightfully Solicits Business Opportunities, That Make Banyan Hill Ahead of other Competitors

The most urgent of all needs of investors is getting insightful information in their market trends. This is to help them make well-informed choices at all stages of their businesses. So many publishers have come in to bridge the gap, soliciting information from business expertise to respond to the needs of their subscribers. However, there is no publisher to compare with Banyan Hill Publishing, which is currently skyrocketing with outstanding investment advice which they deliver to at least 400,000, readers daily, who rely on opportunities sourced by Banyan online expert. Their expert offer wide range of knowledge in the domain of investment. Visit the website mattbadialiguru.com to learn more.

A Look at Badiali

Banyan Hill was coined back 1998 as a Sovereign Society but developed into a top organization dealing with investment and property protection globally. Banyan Hill pegs its operation on self-reliance and empowering people to be open-minded. The website demonstrates key strategies revolving in the domain of investment. Banyan Hill prowess is highly skewed the presence of passionate researchers who have dedicated all their time to sourcing for existing opportunities worldwide like Matt Badiali.


Matt Badiali is ever on a constant journey throughout the world to source, sieve, analyze and present business opportunities in his area of specialization, resource based investment. Matt has not only networked with resource companies but also analyzed all their data to present well-thought ideas to his clients. He believes that it is inevitable to analyze all the situation if one has to discover his/her environment.

Follow: https://twitter.com/MattBadialiGuru

More on His Roles

Matt Badiali is a geologist that places him ahead in finding red flag discoveries that must be done as an individual like identifying the duration that can be taken by a crew to drill a hole. He has blended the geological experience and his investment training to unfold massive opportunities with huge gain where he has interacted with the numerous powerful world’s investors and key leaders of investment companies.

The Outline

Prior to joining Banyan Hill, the business explorer was a constant in an environmental organization in addition to being a geologist in a drilling company. Matt is graduated with B.Sc (Earth science), university of Penn State. He did musters at North Carolina University as well as Duke University where he studied Geology. He has incorporated all the skills to identify vast opportunities in Banyan Hill, hence placing him at the center of the organization’s business success. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.