How Does A House Work Better With Gooee IoT Technology For Lights?

The Gooee IoT lights that most people use for their offices can be used in their homes, too. It is very easy for them to set them up in all the right places, and they can make it so that they can help everyone read and be comfortable. Comfort is the only thing to consider in a house, and that is why people have to be sure that they have used the right lights. Gooee makes the best IoT lights because they can be put on a track that works really easy. There are many who are going to want to have them installed today, and each room can get its own program.

The program for the bedroom likely is not on until the nighttime, and the programs for the living room and kitchen likely are on all day. This is a matter of people trying to make sure that they can get the light going when they are using certain rooms, and it prevents them from using the light switches all the time. That means the people who come in the house get the lights right away, and they do not have to worry about the lights not working. They have a lot of good options, and it is very easy for them to get them set up.

The installers who work on these lights know how to manage their tracks, and they can set up all the rooms the right way. The Gooee IoT lights make a house easy to walk in after a long day of work.

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Be Bold and Healthy With Hippeas

hippeas in a line hippeas

It is becoming a new trend to take better care of your body and treat your health as a high priority. Lots of people want to see themselves eating more organic and whole foods. However, everyone is different. Some do it for one reason, some for another. When Livio Bisterzo (an Italian entrepreneur who lives in Los Angeles) decided to offer a healthy snack made of organic chickpea puffs called Hippeas, he knew he was on to great things.

In 2015 Bisterzo launched his new business Green Park Holdings which specialized in innovative snacks with an organic twist. Green Park was intended to appeal to the social and health conscious customers of today. When Livio invented this new and stylish, healthy snack, he had more than one goal in mind. Livio stated that he wanted to create a product that was affordable, better for the consumer, and at a premium grade. But that’s not all, the CEO also believes that you can have a snack that “tastes good” and “do good” at the same time.

What do you think? Are you presently undecided about whether you ought to try this new delicious sensation or not? To assist you and to put things in focus, consider these three points in favor:

Supporting Farmers In East Africa

When Bisterzo said “do good” he could have been referring to Hippeas partnering with Farm Africa, which thoughtfully supports chickpea farmers in East Africa. By supporting farmers, he will be contributing to the natural process of growth. Guaranteeing that his products will remain gluten free and all vegan.

Packed With Nutrients

Or maybe “do good” is a statement focusing primarily on the snack and how it is packed with nutrients, fiber, and 3 grams of protein. Not to mention Hippeas have only 100 calories a serving and are gluten free. Call that a deal any day.

At Over 75,000 Locations In U.S.

Either way, this delicious snack is a brand new addition to Starbucks and is available at over 75,000 places in the United States. And now you have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh hot cup of coffee with a 100 calorie snack at your convenience.

If accessibility, healthy living, and a bold new flavor is what you want, then Hippeas is the snack for you.

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High-Tech Crime Fighting by Securus Technologies

America’s jails are thought to be places where inmates go to serve their punishments and become rehabilitated. However, the unfortunate reality is that when many prisoners go to jail they not only continue their devious behavior but also engage in new crimes. Policing this criminal activity within our nation’s correctional facilities is easier said than done. Gang activity is rampant in prisons, and most gang members are able to reconnect with their associates once incarcerated.


Dallas based Securus Technologies is now introducing new technology to help law enforcement control prison criminal activity. The company has released JLG Technologies’ Investigator 4.0, which includes a searchable voice feature. The main feature of this software is its ability to take voice samples from ingoing and outgoing phone calls to the correctional facility it is installed in. This will enable police officers to pinpoint who exactly is calling an inmate and vice versa. In addition, the searchable voice feature is able to be linked with other features within Investigator Pro 4.0. Features such as voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging are also included in the new software.


Securus Technologies is certainly no novice to the for-profit prison technology industry. With 30 years of experience, the company has seen the various trends in criminal activity within jails evolve into a high-tech enterprise. Currently the company serves approximately 3,400 jails and prisons across the United States. To better serve correctional facility officers in the field using the company’s technology, regional offices have been opened in Atlanta, Carrollton, TX and Allen, TX.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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Easy Hair Care From Wen By Chaz

Hair care is complicated in many ways. Women need to have hair care that will allow them hair that is great looking no matter what they are doing. Women today have specific individual needs when working on their hair. Some women have hair that is curly and can get tangled. Others have hair that is straight but can look really limp if it is not taken care of in the right way. Today’s woman needs hair care products that have been designed to help her overcome such problems and get hair that is going to look good but not require too much effort on her part.
Today’s Woman, Today’s Hair

Women today are also busier than ever. This is why they need to hair care that understands this fact. They need hair care that is above all easy to use. This is where turning to Wen By Chaz can be the ideal solution to their problems today. Chaz Dean studied hair care closely and decided on the best way to help make any woman’s hair care routine easier and less stressful. With their help, a woman today can reach for a single WEN hair product in her bathroom and have no worries for the rest of her day.

A Single Solution

The answer to her problems is one that they have come up with. A single group of products. No need to go looking for a separate conditioner and then a separate shampoo and another product as well when a woman washes her hair. Instead, she can grab their products on eBay (or on and use them well. She can be assured that she’s using hair care products that are all about ease of use and allow her to get her hair clean. A quick process of using a single bottled item and she’s done already. Follow Wen hair on Twitter for more info.


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Changing the World like Jose Manuel Gonzalez

There are a lot of people who want to change the world around them. However, often times this requires more work than people are willing to put in. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a great example of a person who has done well in life. Starting and running a successful business in Venezuela is hard enough as it is, but he has been able to take things to a new level. If you are someone who wants to impact the world around you, working hard and taking risks are essential. When he was young, he had to step out and start his company with no guarantee for the future. This is something that a lot of people are worried about. If you are someone who wants to take the next step in your life, start working hard today to build something great.

Political Office

Jose Manuel Gonzalez recently announced that he was going to enter the race for governor in Venezuela. This is a prestigious position that he will do well in. With all of his life experience, he can really help the country along the right path for them. There are a lot of people who want to take their life to the next level. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a great person to follow in this area. He has never been satisfied with his success in life, and he continues to drive himself towards that. There are a lot of people who have a desire to be in politics, but few have a plan for how to get there like Jose Manuel Gonzalez does.

Final Thoughts

Over the past couple of years, Jose Manuel Gonzalez has done a great job of helping other people get to where they need to be in life. He is someone who has always had a passion for helping others, and he shows this passion in a variety of ways. Venezuela is struggling financially right now, and he wants to help the country get to the next level quickly. If you are someone who wants to accomplish your goals in life, you should mimic the actions of Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

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Fabletics – Kate Hudson Commercial

You know her as Goldie Hawns daughter, and as a fabulous actress in her own right. Now you get to know Kate as a director. With her company Fabletics she has directed a new ad for them using her as spokesperson in a very social media behind the scenes way. By using her very own iPhone, Kate wears the great styles offered by Fabletics while doing the things she would do at home. It’s a fun and easy commercial that is like a glimpse at what you would see if looking at Kate’s Instagram. It shows her fun and athletic side while showcasing how stylish the brand is.

Fabletics was started in 2013 and with Kate Hudson as one of the co-founders it has really become a new way for girls and women to update their wardrobe without leaving the house. For a $25 VIP membership you start an actual subscription to a monthly outfit that is delivered right to your home. If you love it, you keep it and wait for the following months outfit on Kate continues to see the opportunities made by social media and how she can reach her customers right through the internet.

The athleisure wear is trendy on Facebook and made with the finest quality products at a very affordable price point. It is sized to fit women of all shapes and sizes and once you become a VIP member and let the stylists at Fabletics know your likes the outfits are customized to fit your style. The best part is that you can send it back or cancel a month if you need to catch up on some bills. Its a great way to update and increase a small closet with some great pieces. When you see Kate’s commercial you can see some of the great separates Fabletics offers like swimsuits, skirts, jackets, shorts, sports bras, and great stretchy pants, to name a few.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Political View

The deputy to the National Assembly, José Manuel González, announced in San Juan de los Morros, his willingness to be a candidate for Governor of Guarico State in the primaries of February 2012 and in the elections of October in the same year.

In an act supported by most of the parties that make up the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), González highlighted the fight against insecurity as a central part of his Governor campaign. “Get ready because here, we will have a better police service, they will be better equipped and better trained here in our state, to reduce delinquency” said the candidate, citing a press release.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez promised to revive the food production sector, taking advantage that, in Guárico costs are the lowest in the country. He remarked the rise of the unemployment rate in the region by the stoppage of Tinaco-Anaco railroad, “which was delivered to the Chinese empire, which is inexcusable.”

“I pledge to work tirelessly for the candidate who wins the presidential primaries on February, to become the new head of state,” said the aspiring governor and thanked the support of the parties that were present”

The event was attended by deputies of the National Assembly of Accion Democratica, Edgar Zambrano, Carlos Prosperi, Angel Medina, Freddy Marcano; of Un Nuevo Tiempo Alfonso Marquina, Carlos Vargas, La Causa R, Luis Mata, Miguel Pizarro, Podemos, and independent deputy Maria Corina Machado and Miguel Cocchiola and Fedeagro ,Vice President Carlos Albornoz, and senior regional political leaders.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez was born in Venezuela in the town of Las Mercedes his father Martin Tovar was a Painter, he is an agronomist engineer, he is former president of FEDENAGA, former president of FEDECAMARAS and in 2010 was elected deputy of the national assembly.

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Bustle Magazine Documents The Results Of One Online User Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a reliable hair care solution for all hair types. You can manage the strength of your hair and the volume with a product that costs under $40, see for Wen products. Most women say it is a genie in a bottle and gives you wonderful locks that shine and flourish. Your hair is your crown and deserves the best treatment and maintenance for less. You can find an effective solution through the extensive WEN by Chaz products. Each product comes with the proper amount listed on the bottle and you never have to worry about using too much or too little. Get the proper amount you need each time.
Wen by Chaz can easily be ordered online or by speaking to a friendly representative online. A recent Bustle news article decided to document a first time user that promised to give her actual testimonial. She purchased Wen by Chaz online on Amazon and had it conveniently sent to her door. She loved the packaging and opted for the all-in-one conditioner. She decided to use it for a week and noticed far less breakage at the end of that week. She also noticed her hair was easier to manage and to maintain under the harsh elements.

Say goodbye to nightmare hair care solutions and beauty products that don’t work. Wen by Chaz is all natural and you can use products like the green tea oil and extract. Their most popular product is their all-in-one conditioner. Thousands of clients across the globe have used Wen by Chaz and have never looked back. Taking your hair in the right direction is possible with an effective solution that is dubbed a genie in a bottle. Take back your hair today with the benefits of Wen by Chaz. Hair care solutions that really work for you right away.

Learn the Wen secret:


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ConnectUs by Securus Is Revolutionary, And Needed More Than Ever

Correctional facilities are overcrowded today, pure and simple. This overcrowding leads to an overabundance of paperwork that takes many man hours to complete. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year which could have been saved with simple technological upgrades. Until now, there’s been no cohesive way to recoup that loss, but Securus Technologies has just released a new platform that will very likely change that for the better.

Established in 1986, Securus Technologies has provided information technology solutions for law enforcement and surrounding areas over thirty years. Since its inception in the 80s, Securus has expanded to provide help to over 2,600 corrective facilities. Among those facilities they cater to some 1.2 million inmates every year. Securus has also recently received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; and with thirty years’ successful, useful service, it’s easy to see why they deserve every bit of it.

The most recent innovation of Securus is ConnectUs Automated Forms. This platform provides features and applications of almost unlimited variety, and is certainly more all-encompassing than any options that have ever been available to incarcerated individuals. But with that exceptional spread of features comes great security responsibility. Securus understands this, and so has given customizability and control to the administrators of their new platform per facility. Specific limitations can be set which ensure that no inmate has access privileges they should not, and that they are accessing the information they need to at the right time of day in the correctional facility’s regular cycle of things.

Without the need to file and categorize physical paperwork, correctional facilities can devote the expanded budget to more rehabilitative measures of correction over time. Money is saved, inmates are treated with greater humanity than they could have been before, and Securus is able to look to the next big innovation. Indeed, ConnectUs is revolutionary.

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ClassDojo’s App Redefining School Communications

ClassDojo has penetrated the classroom walls and revolutionized the way teachers, students and parents engage with each other.


ClassDojo has developed an app that seeks to cut the time a parent spends in a meeting with teachers. It also seeks to minimize the time teachers spend seeking information about the performance, both academic and behavioral, of specific students.


 The ClassDojo app was developed by a tech developer from Wales that came to America on a tourist visa. He met up with the co-founder and begun their work in Pal Alto in the summer of 2011. The app was developed from scratch in a small apartment where they were sleeping and working from opposite corners.


Their Silicon Valley dream came alive when they received money from investors based on the app’s valuations. The company reports that there are millions of people using the app with the exact number being a trade secret. The company reports that there are times they experienced over 500000 downloads in a day.


The app is credited with harmonizing the relationship between teachers and students as they can constantly interact with each other. This is because the app offers a communication platform where the teachers and parents can discuss the performance of a student without having to schedule meetings.


The app has been mainly developed as a social media site where school groups can be created and allocated a private area. The teachers can then post the work of students as a video clip or an image on the specific school group. Parents can then view the students’ performance and even react to it if they are amused.


The app also features a tool that helps parents to monitor the behavior of their children. The tool works in cooperation with teachers so that if a student behaves well, the teacher updates the system by giving him or her credits. If the student behaves badly, then the teacher reacts by taking away credits.


By being able to credit or discredit a student based on performance, the teacher can maintain a rating for each student. Parents, on the other hand, can look up the teacher’s ratings of their children and be able to know if they are progressing in the right direction.


The App, therefore, can be said to create a harmonized community of teachers, students, and parents that work together to create a positive culture in the classroom and at home. It has helped inspire a ground-up change of the way teachers, students and parents engage.

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