Tony Petrello is one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessmen in the United States. This did not happen by accident. He has spent many decades building a career that few other professional can match. He started his career in 1979 working as a corporate lawyer in New York City. He also dabbled in taxation law. He worked his way up the ladder at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie to eventually become a senior partner. He was one of the most respected legal minds in the city. However, Tony was becoming restless in his position at the company. He wanted to have other challenges in his career.

A spectacular opportunity was presented to Tony Petrello  in 1991. He was offered one of the top positions at Nabors Industries. This company is the biggest land-based oil production company in the world. The company has a revenue of more than $6 billion in 2014. Needless to say, Tony jumped at the chance to play a big role in such a huge company. He quickly handed in his resignation at the law firm. It did not take very long for Tony to take over the role of President of the entire company.

Petrello’s strategy helped Nabors become even more successful than they already were. This made the Board of Directors approve Petrello to the position of Chief Executive Officer. He has thrived in this role. He is now one of the highest paid executives in the world. He currently lives in the Houston area.

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Keeping Corrections Officers Safer with Securus Technologies

My job in the local jail as a corrections officer is perhaps the most dangerous in the country. It doesn’t matter the day, there is always an incident between inmates and officers where we are put in serious danger time and time again. These inmates have nothing but time on their hands, and if they can find a way to game the system, they are going to exploit it.


We have a number of things we do on a daily basis to try and make the jail safer for us all. We carefully screen any person that comes to visit the inmates, and if they are found trying to pass any contraband to the inmates, they risk arrest and jail time themselves. The issue here is many gang members do not fear going to jail in an effort to help their brothers, so they will try anything to be able to pass something to those gang members.


Even if the contraband makes in into the jail, we do surprise cell inspections around the clock. Even when we make a score, we know that the inmates still have a number of ways to hide things they do not want us to find out about.


Lastly, I monitor inmate calls, but in the past this has been an issue because the inmates can talk in code and keep important details from getting to us. We have been able to really put a dent in the gang operations in the jail with the help of Securus Technologies. CEO Rick Smith of Securus Technologies says his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees are dedicated to one objective, making the world safer.


With the new inmate phone system in place, when we monitor calls now, we can get tipped off to chatter that concerns drugs, weapons, or orders to commit a crime in the jail.


Success Academy Initiates Strong Academic Foundations to Scholars with Special Needs

It is no secret that education is the foundation for a prosperous future and eventually the society. Education is a vital channel for acquiring knowledge and life skills. Although it solely begins at home, institutions offer a stable and resourceful environment for the facilitation of education. Such is the platform that Success Academy has provided for many students who can now invest in career advancement.


Success Academy was established in 2006. The charter of schools is among the highest performing schools in New York City. Success Academy does not discriminate against students and welcomes all races as well as children with special needs in addition to those who are not native English speakers. When it comes to the services Success Academy offers, it has diversified its capacity to the point of catering to over 14,000 students. The academy operates 41 schools across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. To better the education of most students, Success Academy has standardized costs that can accommodate 76% of students who come from low-income families. 8.5 % students are English learners and current speakers while 15% of the students have special needs.

Success Succeeds

As proof of the best provider of education in New York City, in 2016, approximately 29% of the students in Success Academy became good English speakers. 35% of the same students became math proficient. For the school, the rates of proficiency were 64% for English and 94% for math. Most of the Success students in poorly networked environments outshone kids from better networked and wealthy suburbs. According to the performance standards, had the network been single, Success Academy would be a top performer in a state of 3,560 schools.


From the point scholars are admitted to Success Academy in junior school, the management is committed to their success. Not only is the journey viable in elementary school but also in college and life. The group of schools operates as an open combined system. As students advance their study, teachers, as well as school leaders, synergize their efforts in developing each student’s academic potential as well as social and emotional welfare. This is initiated to ensure that students have a smooth transition in life and society. The management tailors their approach across all schools to educate scholars on the benefits of knowledge as well as critical thinking.

You Can Still Change the World with Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences

No matter what your career stage, Wessex Institute of Technology conferences can enhance your professional growth. Wessex Institute of Technology conferences focus on a wide range of topics relating to technology, the environment, and how they interact with humanity. In 2017 highlight concerns related to sustainability, transportation, and natural resource preservation.

Exciting venues including Spain, UK, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Rome afford you the opportunity to see the world as you hope to better it. Such spectacular vistas are beautiful backdrops for stimulating conversation and networking with your professional colleagues and consulting with the foremost minds working toward a better world through the technological, environmental, and sustainability sciences.

Wet Dog Food By Beneful

When we feed our dog, we want to make sure she has the best food possible. Beneful has several varieties of wet dog food that come in resealable containers. These are convenient as she doesn’t always eat an entire meal at one time, so I can just put the lid back on the dry dog food before storing it in the refrigerator for a later time.


These are small bites of wet dog food that are ideal for my puppy as she is small in size. When I open the container, I can see the pieces of carrots in the beef and wild rice meal. It has the protein that she needs for growing muscles and energy. Real beef is used along with tomatoes that are chopped into small pieces.

Beef Chopped Blends

This is another variety of wet dog food that has small pieces of real food instead of processed meat that other brands contain. The beef and barley meal has peas, slices of carrots and barley. The aroma is enticing for my dog, and I know that she is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that she needs for her growing body. There is a small bit of sauce in the Beneful dog food so that the meal is moist.

Romana Style Medley

I haven’t seen a wet dog food with these flavors before. There is a hint of Italy in this brand that includes chicken, pasta and spinach. It’s a filling meal in a small container. Small pieces of meat and vegetables are used along with a thicker sauce.

Turkey Chopped Blends

I enjoy this meal for my dog as a special treat. Not only does it have turkey that is high in protein, but it also has sweet potatoes for a nice treat. Brown rice and spinach are also used in the meal. The potatoes are bright orange and can easily be seen in the container.

Why Jason Hope Is Invested In The Internet Of Things

What exactly is this “internet of things” that we keep hearing about, and why do people seem to be getting so excited about something as vague as “things”? While the term is misleadingly vague, it’s actually referring to one of the digital domain’s biggest and exciting concepts-one in which the internet can be used as a tool with infinite possibilities, thanks to the technology of connections.

And no one is a bigger proponent or educator on how these technologies can be harnessed than Jason Hope. Through various media outlets, Hope has educated businesspeople and everyday consumers alike on why it’s not just cool that street lights can talk to each other, or that equipment can track and log its own maintenance. Developing this ability not only makes everything from computers to coffee makers run more efficiently. It also reduces waste both in terms of time and the type that puts a strain upon resources. Hope has indicated that he’s so convinced that the Internet Of Things is with us to stay, that consumers would be wise not only to acquire these “things”, but to invest with companies that produce them as well.

And Hope’s passion for connectedness doesn’t just apply to smartphones or cars. He recently pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization that employs advanced technologies in medical research. Hope’s donation will allow Dr. Aubrey deGrey to apply nanotechnology experiments towards the effects of aging and diseases associated with it, such as Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. Hope’s donation was singled out for praise at a recent “Breakout Philanthropy” breakfast.

And in addition to philanthropy, Hope continues his work as a “futurist“. Under Hope’s tutelage, the public will continue to be educated and provoked as to the many possibilities of the internet. The results will be faster, safer, and more environmentally responsible technologies and products for all to benefit from.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Offers Excellence to the Mortgage Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a post-closing document provider that works with retail mortgage companies, lenders and others involved in the mortgage business. They are the leading assignments provider and lien release company in the world. Eight out of the top ten retail mortgage companies rely on Nationwide for their closing documents.


Nationwide can reach into every county in the nation to order the proper records for any mortgage closing purpose, which accounts for over 3,600 locations. The proprietary technology that allows this has been developed after years of hands-on experience in the industry and maximum investment in the effort.


Headquarters for Nationwide is in Palm Harbor, Florida and the company has over 600 employees stationed in three different States. In Dallas, Texas a large data center backs up all of the systems of the company just in case an emergency should occur, there will be no gap in the coverage and the delivery of the product to the customers.


Wessex Helping Students Succeed

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is helping UK people become better professionals. Wessex is located in the New Forest National Park. Wessex understands that many students like to discover technology. The Wessex Institute of Technology has an office in Boston, Massachusetts. The office helps U.S. residents learn about what the institute has to offer. Professor Carlos Brebbia helped get the Wessex Institute of Technology going after working in Argentina. Professor Brebbia also worked at the University of California, Irvine. Professor Brebbia helped at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories. Brebbia’s goal is to bring high-quality education to people internationally.

If you want to learn more about what the Wessex Institute of Technology does, remember to check out their course page. Wessex likes to encourage recently graduated Ph.D. researchers to help their careers. Wessex Institute worked on a Reactor Model. The Reactor Model will guide the design of systems that improve industry. Another valuable contribution of Wessex Institute of Technology is analyzing the electromagnetic field of the human eye. WIT worked on a risk assessment of pharmaceutical products. This assessment will show the threat that certain products pose to food and the environment. Wessex also looked at the integrity of pipelines to assist the European Union in planning.

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Wengie’s Awesome Hair Hacks

It seems these days that no matter what it is there is always a hack to do it better. Youtube darling and overall fashion guru for the lazy and chronically late, Wengie, published her latest vlog to help everyone find the perfect hair while not even braking a sweat or hair tie.


Famous for her colorful and beautiful hair, Wengie let subscribers in on a few of her secrets to maintaining luscious looks without a team of stylists at the stand by.


Repurpose Magnetic Strips


By far the easiest and most useful hack for those that cannot keep bobby pins from getting loose and running free, Wengie solved the mystery of the disappearing bobby pin making even Benedict a bit envious.


Simply place a magnetic strip, you can often find ones with an adhesive backing to make this easier, against your beauty basket or drawer and stick all of your bobby pins to it. The magnent will do all the heavy lifting and always keep a bobby pin where you need it most and not in between your sofa cushions.


You Are What You Eat


If you are constantly battling against dry hair and endless stream of conditioners, masks, and oil treatments do nothing to quench your hair’s thirst it is time to look to an easier solution. Often dry hair lacks essential vitamins needed to maintain moisture so start picking up foods high in vitamins and say goodbye to the frizz.





The Lung Institute Provides A New Lease On Life

The Lung Institute was founded to give individuals suffering from chronic lung and respiratory illnesses an opportunity to live a healthier and happier life. Some of the chronic lung diseases studied by The Lung Institute include: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease known as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

Patients of The Long Institute are treated with autologous stem cells. According to The Long Institute, autologous stem cells are blank cells that have not be assigned to any function yet. These special cells have the ability to renew and heal themselves. By using autologous stem cells, patients can heal from their body’s own cells. These healthy cells not only ease the symptoms of lung disease, but also work to stop the progression of the disease.

Traditional respiratory treatments only targeted the symptoms associated with the respiratory disease; as opposed to treating the disease itself. Patients treated for respiratory illnesses often suffered for years due to a lack of knowledge and research on properly treating the progression of the disease. Patients of The Lung Institute have access to great tools for education and empowerment. The Long Institute continues to lead in adult stem cell research for chronic lung diseases; offering articles, advice and resources to enrich the lives of those suffering from lung disease.

The Lung Institute ensures that every patient is screened thoroughly and is treated with a unique approach. The Lung Institute focuses on using current condition and medical history from the past to make sure that each stem cell treatment gets the best possible results.

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You may visit the Lung Institute’s Twitter page and YouTube channel to get a variety of available resources to help you understand how you may benefit from stem cell therapy.