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Waiakea Water is Making a Splash Around the World

At any given time, one has a myriad of choices when it comes to bottled water. There are companies who just rebottle filtered tap water, ones which claim to get their water from pure springs, and water that has added vitamins and minerals to optimize health. With so many choices, it can be hard to know what is best to purchase. Fortunately, there is a water that stands out above the rest.

Waiakea Water is based in Hawaii. Waiakea literally means “broad waters”. Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 and has made quite a splash. Their water is Hawaii volcanic water. This means the water they sell has been filtered by going through porous volcanic rock located at the Mauna Loa volcano. The volcanic rock is approximately 14,000 feet, so that is a lot of filtering!

Not only is their water excellent, they also have been working on developing a biodegradable water bottle. In 2018, they are going to be using bottles that have been made from 100% recycled plastic and that are designed to break down in only 15 years. To put this in perspective, a normal water bottle can take 1,000 years or more to break down. In addition to their use of biodegradable bottles, all of Waiakea Water’s vehicles are low-emission. As an added bonus, a week’s supply of clean water is donated to people in Malawi every time a liter of Waiakea Water is purchased.

Given the known questionable practices of many bottles water companies, it is refreshing to find on which cares so much about the environment while offering a superior product to their customers. When you buy Waiakea Water you are getting water that has been naturally infused with minerals and electrolytes, as well as Waiakea Water pH being naturally at 8.8, which is ideal for the human body. This means that there are many volcanic water benefits for customers. Waiakea Water is way ahead of the competition both in quality and in environmental and social initiatives.