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Paul Mampilly: The Investment Magician

Paul Mampilly is one of the world’s greatest financial investment advisors. Scratch that, Paul Mampilly is one of the worlds greatest investors period. Starting off in a measly position on Wall Street, Paul eventually moved his way up to partner at several major banking institutions. Does the Royal Bank of Scotland ring a bell? Paul Mampilly worked there for some time. While working with banks, Paul Mampilly was also simultaneously sitting at Kinetics Asset Management. He helped rise Kinetics up to a $25 billion net worth, an incredible feat. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Not only has Paul worked with major institutions and helped the business grow their assets. He is a personal investor. Paul’s portfolio is, quite frankly, ridiculous. His insight into market trends is hard to match. He has invested in several key companies during that ever-so-precious infancy stage and has made a horde of money doing it.

Let’s go over a quick list of companies that Paul Mampilly invested in during their infancy stages

Netflix (640% return on investment)

OLED Universal Display Corporation (264% return on investment)

Stratasys (696% return on investment)

Sarepta Pharmaceuticals (2,500% return on investment)

Among many many more. His total combined return from investing in just infancy stage companies is around 6,200%. If that doesn’t convince you that Paul Mampilly is a mastermind in the finance market, then maybe his publications will.


Paul grew tired of Wall Street and retired at the age of 42. Paul was being watched throughout his career by the folks at Bayan Hill. The moment he went off the map, Bayan Hill came in with an offer. Paul was offered the ability to write and relax as his new career. Relaxing has never really been Paul’s motto. Paul now has his members-only publication that has over 90,000 readers called Profits Unlimited.

Profits Unlimited has been getting rave reviews from readers of the publication. Every day, reviews pour in about people making money using Paul Mampilly picks, picks which are 64% above S&P as a whole. These amazing results show that Paul Mampilly is not only a great personal investor he is a great investing advisor. If Paul Mampilly keeps up this investment streak over 90,000 members are going to be very, very happy. Meet the experts on