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Stephen Murray’s legacy at CCMP

CCMP is an international private equity firm that specializes in buyouts and growth equity investments. The company which has its headquarters in New York was established in 2006. CCMP operates both in the United States and Europe. The company was initially known as JP Morgan Partners before the investment professionals split in 2006 and CCMP was established. However, to date, CCMP continues to handle the private equity portfolio JP Morgan Partners. CCMP stands for the firm’s heritage organizations which include: C-Chemical Ventures, C- Chase Capital, M- manufacturers Hanover capital/ JP Morgan, and P- Partners.

The company which has invested over $12 billion in growth capital and leverage buyout transactions has employed more than 50 employees all over Wall Street, New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Since its establishment the equity firm has performed exceptionally well and ranked among the top equity firms in the world. Until a few months before his unfortunate demise Stephen Murray was the president and chief executive of CCMP. Mr. Murray took a health related leave of absence before passing on in March 2015.

About Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CMP Capital was a graduate from Boston college in 1984.Mr. Stephen Murray took the reins from Jeff Walker who was the initial founder of CCMP. His positive contribution to the accelerated development of the firm is owed to his rich background in private equity. He brought on board years of expertise that enable him to steer the CCMP team in the right direction. Murray’s key role in the firm was evident as most investors the firm gained owed their willingness to invest to their trust in the president as a great deal maker. He was able to gunner multi-million dollar commitments from big names like Aramark- a food vendor company, Quiznos – a sandwich shop chain and Cabela’s Inc.- an out-door gear retailer. Having Mr. Murray as the top executive handling their money, the investors were confident of the safety of their investments. The firm’s chairman Mr. Greg Brenneman took over as the acting CEO as the firm looked for a suitable replacement for Stephen Murray. Before taking his leave of absence, Mr. Murray had made $36 billion for the firm’s funds. He typically led the team to hit targets of $100 million investment to 4500 million of equity in every transaction. Stephen Murray leaves behind a legacy that is admirable to emulate and shoes that will be a little difficult to fill.