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The Story Of The Trabuco Weapon Of War

Most weapons from ancient times are not something that we spend a lot of time thinking about or examining these days. However, that is not the case when it comes to the Trabuco. That is an ancient weapon with origins in China that we still exam frequently.

The purpose of the Trabuco was to fire projectiles at the other side. It could fire up to four shots within one minute. That was an incredibly fast pace for the time. One could be forgiven for thinking that such a weapon would be something stayed around for a long time. The truth though is that the Trabuco is a weapon that has seen its best days behind it.

The last time that a Trabuco was used as a weapon of war was all the way back in the eleventh century. That is because it was taken off the battlefields when it was realized that it just required far too much in term of on the spot calculations. It was a requirement that a lot of human beings were working in tandem to get the shots to fire off just right.

Although this is something that is known for having been used in war in the past, today a lot of people use it for other purposes according to Mostly, people want to use it just to experiment with or learn about concepts such as potential energy and other calculations. Many schools use them for this purpose. They want to help their students to learn about such things.

Counterweights are an important part of the Trabuco structure on If you plan to use one for any purpose, at least make sure that you have the right number of counterweights to make things work out. You will need to calculate how much weight you need to counter what you are trying to launch.

The Crusades saw these weapons used frequently, but they have not been used against since at least the eleventh century according on That being said, they are perhaps more influential than almost any other weapon from that time period in terms of what they teach us about history.

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