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Investment Banking Firm: Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, which is one of the leading international investment banking firms, provided an analysis of the hedge fund M&A for the year 2015. The annual analysis and overview of hedge funds by Madison Street Capital revealed that 42 hedge funds were closed or announced in the year 2015. This figure was an increase from the previous 32 in the year 2014. Despite the fact that the performance of hedge funds seem to be wanting, institutional investors are not backing down. They have increased their allocation to the asset management sector.

Hedge funds that are smaller in size are facing hard times in raising capital and are consequently operating below optimal portfolio capacity. The management system of these hedge funds is also spending a lot of money on operational costs. These current circumstances are pushing hedge fund managers to consider other business strategies to save the hedge funds from collapse. The common tradition of mergers and acquisitions is slowly fading away since transactions have taken the form of revenue-share stakes, incubator deals, PE stakes and PE bolt-ons. According to Madison Street Capital, the hedge fund industry will continue experiencing these consolidation strategies and opportunistic partnerships. This detailed analysis is on

Madison Street Capital is one of the well-known investment banking firms in the world. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The company has been designed to deal with middle-size businesses and has offices spread out in the United States, North America, Asia and Africa. The bank’s primary areas of specialization are capital restructuring, valuation services, financial advisory opinions, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, solvency services and private placement advisory services. The firm incorporates the use of technology into its delivery of services and products. The customer service offered by Madison Street Capital is high class and has seen it win the hearts of many investors globally.

It has also won awards due to its high-end provision of services to its clients. The awards are such as the M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award granted to its Chief Operating Officer. The investment bank heavily relies on its team’s analytical and research skills and thus possessing these skills are a must have for any potential Madison Street Capital employee. The firm boasts of having top notch clients such as Fiber Science and Central Iowa Energy. One can find Madison Street Capital on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through its website one can find more information about the firm and what it has to offer.

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Investment Banking Helps People Succeed!

Investment Banking is basically what it says, when you use an investment banker you are making an investment through a bank. Banks act as middle men between companies who want to issue new securities and the buying public. It can be a great idea to use investments like these to grow your wealth.

Investment Banks also help with Mergers & Acquisitions advising on the value of businesses, helping with negotiations, pricing and structuring of transactions, procedures and the execution of the deal.

Banks assist in the matching up or trading (buying and selling) of securities as well as buying and selling the securities the bank owns itself.

Some investment banks have also gotten into commercial banking which used to be seen as less than ideal business for them.

Mergers & Acquisitions are kind of shown off and front end and some things are done more behind the scenes at the bank. Some of the behind the scenes functions are risk management, financial control, corporate treasury, corporate strategy, compliance, and technology.

A good investment banker gives his or her client good advice on what securities each client might be interested in to try and grow their money for retirement or other purposes. Like any investment the client assumes some level of risk to grow the money but a good advisor can tell you how much risk you can afford to take.

Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment banks and the CEO at Lustgarten, Martin in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. If you are looking for advice or to make some investments he can definitely guide you in the right direction.

Martin is active in the community and has a keen interest in helping his clients build wealth and grow their portfolio’s. It takes someone with experience as there are so many options for investments these days. In addition to his investment banking career Martin loves everything vintage and is a collector of all things beautiful, always curious, a juggler and he is a Vintage watch trader.