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Securus Technologies: A Pioneer in Payment Processing Services

Securus Technologies recently acquired GovPayNet; a company that specializes in payment processing to government agencies. The acquisition will broaden the payment services of Securus. Securus is located in Carrollton, Texas and provides services to thousands of government agencies and millions of inmates across the United States. Securus provides a wide range of services to law enforcement, corrections and public safety agencies to ensure they have the support they need to keep the nation safe.


GovPayNet was founded in 1997 by a former law enforcement official to help law enforcement agencies with payment processing. Since then, the company has broadened its services to assist the government with a wide range of payment and monitoring services to include: restitution, towing, child support and traffic fines. The company supports thousands of government agencies in the United States.


The acquisition of GovPayNet will increase the payment processing of Securus to over 40 million per year. The company hopes to continue to grow and expand to gain a bigger share of the market. They currently operate in the majority of states and would like to expand to every state eventually. Securus has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This should help Securus continue to expand the business and instill confidence in their customers.

Securus Technologies Providing Highly Advanced Investigative Services at Reasonable Price

For years, the correctional world has not seen much action even though many other industries continued to develop and advance due to the technological revolution. However, thanks to modern and futuristic technology companies like Securus Technologies, the correctional world has finally seen some movement regarding technological innovation. Securus Technologies has developed and introduced some of the most advanced correctional technologies, which are useful for the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates.


The inmate communication services like phone services, video services, money transfer services, photo sharing services, and more, have helped in revolutionizing the inmate communication sector. The company also focuses on providing a very attentive and responsive customer service that the customers can depend on. The charges of the services offered by Securus Technologies are kept reasonable so that the inmates do not have to face the economic burden to stay connected with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies has for years been providing not only advanced inmate communication services but also investigative services that are used by the law enforcement agencies. These investigative services make it easier for the law enforcement agencies to collect evidence and data needed to put the criminals behind the bar. The company believes in staying ahead of the competition, and it does by innovation, research, and development.


It has a specialized data and research center in Dallas, Texas, where the company focuses on researching advanced correctional technology. The technology developed by Securus Technologies for law enforcement agencies have been useful in putting many dangerous criminals in prison and stopping the supply of contraband in and out of prison. Many other illegal activities in prison were put to check with the help of investigative services offered by Securus Technologies. Shortly, the company also plans to introduce many investigative services to help the law enforcement agencies to perform better.


Keeping Prison Guards Safe with Securus Technologies

In order to keep me and my fellow prison guards safe each day, we have to work tirelessly to keep them from getting their hands on contraband. Anything the inmates can use to give them an advantage over my staff has to be taken out of the prison, and we work hard to intercept the flow of drugs and weapons each day. Even something an innocent as a toothbrush could be sharpened and used as a stabbing device in the wrong hands.


One of the things that we do each day is set up stations in the visitor center to scan and inspect every person that comes into the jail. These visitors are warned about bring anything inside the jail, but they will often bend the rules just to accommodate their friends or family. Even with a huge police presence, things get by and into the hands of the inmates.


We have a team each morning deployed to different cells around the prison were we do surprise inspections to see if the inmates have weapons or drugs hiding anywhere. Despite all these efforts, we have to rely on another resource that has been helping us stop the flow of contraband even before it gets into the hands of the inmates.


Securus Technologies installed a call monitoring system me and my fellow officers use to listen in when the inmates are making calls. The LBS software is able to identify certain verbiage that can alert us to issues we need to address immediately. When we hear an inmate talking about selling drugs to other inmates, asking family to bring drugs, or instructing family how to hide drugs, we take the time to shut down those efforts before it becomes a problem. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we have seen a steady decline in the instances of drug use in our facility.


Keeping Corrections Officers Safer with Securus Technologies

My job in the local jail as a corrections officer is perhaps the most dangerous in the country. It doesn’t matter the day, there is always an incident between inmates and officers where we are put in serious danger time and time again. These inmates have nothing but time on their hands, and if they can find a way to game the system, they are going to exploit it.


We have a number of things we do on a daily basis to try and make the jail safer for us all. We carefully screen any person that comes to visit the inmates, and if they are found trying to pass any contraband to the inmates, they risk arrest and jail time themselves. The issue here is many gang members do not fear going to jail in an effort to help their brothers, so they will try anything to be able to pass something to those gang members.


Even if the contraband makes in into the jail, we do surprise cell inspections around the clock. Even when we make a score, we know that the inmates still have a number of ways to hide things they do not want us to find out about.


Lastly, I monitor inmate calls, but in the past this has been an issue because the inmates can talk in code and keep important details from getting to us. We have been able to really put a dent in the gang operations in the jail with the help of Securus Technologies. CEO Rick Smith of Securus Technologies says his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees are dedicated to one objective, making the world safer.


With the new inmate phone system in place, when we monitor calls now, we can get tipped off to chatter that concerns drugs, weapons, or orders to commit a crime in the jail.


Securus Technology Going for the Gold

In the field of correctional facility technology, Securus is out to prove that they are the best. A challenge has been issued to GTL, Securus’ main competitor, for what is being called a “technology bake-off”. This is due to accusations that GTL has been spinning facts to appear comparable to Securus in services and products.

Securus is proving to be the superior company beginning with their in-house tech training programs, proving they want top quality people in the field as opposed to contracted companies outside the company. They also offer a domestic call center staffed with their own trained employees instead of using an outsourced call center, allowing 600% better performance over the competition.

Securus cites better business practices such as turn-around investments, constantly updated technology, and new acquisitions. They also point to a section of their customer base that has left the competition to join Securus.

Some of Securus’ more advanced options that push them into the forefront include:

Video call visitations

Inmate job assistance

Text payments

Inmate self-help applications

Superior calling platforms

Company staffed field services

Parole monitors

These are just a few of the advanced client services they are bringing to the table. Securus is asking for a neutral technical judge to weigh the benefits of both companies and declare the top contender. This is an excellent idea. It presents an unbiased, and fair way to compare both sides, but for now GTL has not accepted the challenge, remaining extremely silent.

If silence is said to be golden, surely this shows Securus’ services to be gold as well. The gold medal goes to Securus. To see all their top services, visit:


Securus Video Visitation Technology Portable For Kids And Christmas

Portability is what makes Securus Technologies video visitation so special. The technology is so easy to use that a video chat can happen on just about any device. Any electronic device equipped with speakers, a display, a microphone and a video camera can be used. Just about every device has this functionality these days.


A family member can take their inmate anywhere they want. In this video here, you can see a child talking with his father from the inside of his own bedroom. If the child wanted to, he could virtually take his father over to the Christmas tree to see his gifts. He could take daddy outside for a snowman contest if he wanted to. There is no end to the possibilities with video visitation.


This can have a huge impact on a child’s life. That same child could take his video visitation over to the desk for help with homework. The child could later take his chat inside of a closet for privacy to ask about girls. It is an incredibly discreet form of communication for the child.


Just think about it, the child doesn’t have to suffer through a physical visit. They don’t have to load into an icy, cold car for a hours-long drive to the prison on Christmas day. The family doesn’t have to pay for parking or gas. The young child is spared the intimidating process of the security screening. And the child doesn’t have to wait in a cold, hard, sterile prison for his handcuffed father to emerge.


Instead, the child can enjoy a conversation in the warmth of his pajamas. And children are getting much more accustomed to technology these days. Video chats are incredibly normal between young friends, and this technology brings them the same satisfaction. Video visitation feels like an incredibly normal part of life to a young child.


This can literally be a life saver. Research shows that losing a parent to prison as a similar psychological effect to losing a parent to death. Impressionable children everywhere are spared the indignity of our criminal justice system because of this wonderful technological innovation.


If you are not moved by the effect this technology can have for kids, perhaps you’ll be moved by the public safety argument. Technology like this reduces recidivism. Inmates that talk to their loved ones regularly are less likely to commit future crimes when released from prison.


High-Tech Crime Fighting by Securus Technologies

America’s jails are thought to be places where inmates go to serve their punishments and become rehabilitated. However, the unfortunate reality is that when many prisoners go to jail they not only continue their devious behavior but also engage in new crimes. Policing this criminal activity within our nation’s correctional facilities is easier said than done. Gang activity is rampant in prisons, and most gang members are able to reconnect with their associates once incarcerated.


Dallas based Securus Technologies is now introducing new technology to help law enforcement control prison criminal activity. The company has released JLG Technologies’ Investigator 4.0, which includes a searchable voice feature. The main feature of this software is its ability to take voice samples from ingoing and outgoing phone calls to the correctional facility it is installed in. This will enable police officers to pinpoint who exactly is calling an inmate and vice versa. In addition, the searchable voice feature is able to be linked with other features within Investigator Pro 4.0. Features such as voice identification confidence ratings and high-interest group tagging are also included in the new software.


Securus Technologies is certainly no novice to the for-profit prison technology industry. With 30 years of experience, the company has seen the various trends in criminal activity within jails evolve into a high-tech enterprise. Currently the company serves approximately 3,400 jails and prisons across the United States. To better serve correctional facility officers in the field using the company’s technology, regional offices have been opened in Atlanta, Carrollton, TX and Allen, TX.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.