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A Brief Overview of George Soros’ Comprehensive Plan To Solve The Asylum Crisis

George Soros isn’t happy with the way the European Union is handling the asylum chaos that is currently going on. That’s why he has come up with his own comprehensive plan that consists of six key components.
In an article by George Soros and published on, the six components of the plan are explained in great detail. With this article however we will quickly break down the most important aspects of each component.

Component #1 – Adequate Financing

Over the next several years the European Union is going to need to be able to accept a minimum of one million asylum-seekers. To do this adequate financing is extremely important.

Soros suggests on nybooks raising funds to provide and care for asylum-seekers by issuing long-term bonds. This can be done via the EU’s AAA borrowing capacity that is currently largely untapped.

Component #2 – Funding Must Be Provided To Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey

In order for things to start getting better, the European Union must lead the way and ensure Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have enough funding to care for the four million refugees currently living in those three countries. So far these three countries have just enough money to take care of the basic needs of refugees.

Component #3 – A Single EU Asylum and Migration Agency Must Be Built Immediately

Currently there are over 25 different asylum systems in place. Not only is this inefficient, but its expensive and the procedures being used are wildly inconsistent. Having a single asylum agency that everyone must go through will streamline the process and ensure everyone’s rights are being respected.

Component #4 – Asylum Seekers Must Have Safe Channels To Travel Through

It is very important asylum seekers have safe channels to travel through. It all starts with moving them from Italy and Greece and getting them safely to their destination countries.

This is extremely important as it will reduce the level of panic. It will also reduce the number of migrants who crossover via the very dangerous Mediterranean.

Component #5 – Global Standards For Treatment Must Be Established

The European Union has already established operational and financial arrangements with various countries. Those same arrangements must be used to establish global standards as far as treatment goes. This will ensure every refugee is treated the right way.

Component #6 – The Private Sector Must Be Mobilized

With so many immigrants making their way into different countries, its going to take more than the government to absorb the influx. That’s why the private sector must be mobilized. Churches, local businesses and NGO’s must all come together to help.

About George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. After surviving the Nazi occupation he fled to England in 1947. While in England he attended and graduated from the London School of Economics.

He would later move to the United States where he would settle in and build his fortune. Since 1979 he has been very involved in philanthropic activity through his Open Society Foundations charity network.

To learn more about Soros visit his website at