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Oncotarget Treatment Insight through Weekly Publications

Presently, science offers the best platforms for finding treatment to diseases. From attracting donors to finding committed researchers that focus on finding treatment for life threatening diseases, scientific research continues to evolve in various beneficial ways. To find treatment methods that can work for most of these diseases, research scientists have come together with the aim of establishing viable channels. That is the story of Oncotarget, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that seeks to distribute vital information concerning diseases and there cure.

Research Work

Being a research scientist, there is more than just working in a laboratory when conducting research. It boils down to finding useful journals that can facilitate the research process. That is what Oncotarget does. The journal comes in a detailed subscription that offers access to vital information when it comes to treating diseases. A good example is how Oncotarget has been useful in the fight against cancer. For years, this journal has been disseminating valid scientific information concerning the fight against cancer. While most scientific journals are useful information on diseases and their treatment, the packages come at a significantly expensive cost. Oncotarget is affordable and can be accessed at any time.


Oncotarget can be accessed through authoritative news channels. Depending on the field of study, a research scientist can submit their proposal concerning recent findings in a certain medical field. The submission goes through experienced, medical research scientist that has been in the field for long. One such researcher is Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail is an editor for Oncotarget. Mikhail understands the importance of distributing vital medical data to the public. Towards this end, he has ensured that the information published on Oncotarget is as relevant as it can be. From cell biology, cancer, age and the diseases that accompany aging, Oncotarget is always updated on the relevant treatment.


Oncotarget is definitely a healing journal to many. What is more, the journal can be ordered for printing at any time. With the weekly publications that it offers, many have been able to find treatment for cancer. That is why there is a steady growth in finding cure for many diseases.

Maggie Gill: Focused Approach On Quality Healthcare Services

Maggie Gill, the President, and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health medical center is known for driving high-quality healthcare and medical services within the institution. She oversees top to bottom of the operations and activities of the institution to ensure that it has no misses in the excellent service and professionalism. The Savannah-based medical center also is providing excellent medical education through Physician Residency Programs and Pharmacy Residency Program. It is providing high-quality research option for the young physicians through various research programs as well.

Maggie has played an important role in making the institution known across the U.S. with its committed services. Gil focuses on introducing the latest innovation in technology and development in treatments at the medical center. She adopts a policy that the best healthcare experience should be given to each patient. She encourages the physicians to proceed with their research as she believes that staying updated and research would enhance the knowledge of them and that would ultimately help the patients. As the CEO, she is directly taking care of government relations, Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP), physician relations, internal audit, the Heart & Vascular Institute, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, corporate communications, financial assistance, facilities management, etc.

Maggie joined the institution in 2004 as Vice President and was responsible for finance and managed care. The very next year she promoted as Chief Operating Officer of the medical center. It was in 2011; she became the President and CEO of the organization. Her more than a decade of service in the institution has helped it to shape its long-term and sustainable vision. During her tenure, she introduced many programs and training that are aimed to improve the quality of the service in total. She collaborated with other institutions to provide world-class service to its patients. She is instrumental in different campaigns including Anderson Cancer Institute Campaign, Premature Newborn Awareness Month, Wellness Wednesdays Radio, etc.

Before joining Memorial Health, she worked with Tenet Healthcare as Chief Financial Officer. During the period, she has won Tenet Outstanding CFO Award for 2001, 2002 and 2003, for her excellent and dedicated service. Regarding her education, she completed the graduation in English language and literate from Florida State University. Later, she did her MBA from Saint Leo University. She is interested in various volunteering activities and serves as the board member of Georgia Hospitals Association. She is also a board member of Union Mission, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and Mercer University.