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Pioneer of Bundle Payments Deirdre Baggot Transforming Healthcare

America’s healthcare system is broken, there’s no doubt about that. But as broken as it is, there is still a small army of healthcare professionals, doctors, and business strategists that would like to fix the broken healthcare system.

No one is more dedicated to this mission than Deirdre Baggot, a renowned healthcare business strategist committed to providing quality healthcare for patients. Her innovative bundled payments strategy helped two advisory firms in the healthcare field save nearly $5 million in revenue. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram for more updates.

Deirdre Baggot has an extensive career in the healthcare industry. After receiving her bachelor’s in nursing from Southern Illinois University, Baggot began working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, working as a staff nurse and resource coordinator.

Later Baggot would move on to the University of Michigan Health System serving as a business analyst as well as an administrative manager. Her work during her tenure here, Baggot received awards for her outstanding leadership skills.

Most notably Baggot has received national recognition for her groundbreaking work on bundled payments. Throughout the years, Baggot has written no less than twenty papers on the subject of health care reform, bundled payments, and payment transformation.

Her bundled payment work has been developed and implemented in over 200 hospitals.

The results of which have been phenomenal, patients have reported an increased satisfaction in care, and healthcare providers enjoy decreased costs.

In addition to her work with bundled payments, Baggot has served as an expert reviewer and panelist on broadcasts such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition of National Public Radio. She was also invited to participate in the National Bundled Payment Summit, which strives to find solutions surrounding some of the toughest healthcare issues.

Baggot’s work with payment reform and bundled payments has helped transform the healthcare system. While not all of the problems with healthcare are fixed, Baggot is paving the way for both patients and healthcare providers to find a balance between cost and quality healthcare.

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Dr. Jim Toner Can Help Make Your Dream of Having a Child Come True

he majority of couples have no problem conceiving, but shockingly, one in 10 couples in the U.S. experience fertility issues. According to an article in The Bump, most doctors feel that there’s no serious need for concern until you’ve tried to conceive for at least a year.

After a year with no success, couples should consider consulting a physician who will usually conduct fertility tests on both partners to ensure there are no physiological issues. If this is the case, you need to keep trying, if there are issues, the physician can recommend medical procedures or suggest fertility options.

Age May be a Factor:

The older each partner gets, the more difficult it can be to conceive.

According to, “Age is the single most important factor affecting your fertility and your chances of having a child.”


  • Women are born with eggs, they don’t ever replenish, so around age 32, the chances of conceiving decrease. By age 40, the chances of conceiving naturally have decreased by about 50%.


  • Age is not just a key factor for woman. As men age, there is a decline in semen and sperm mobility.

Dr. Jim Toner, Ph.D., Fertility Specialist:

For those couples that have tried unsuccessfully to conceive, Jim Toner, MD, Ph.D. and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility board-certified specialist at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) has a lengthy and distinguished record in reproductive studies and has garnered numerous medical awards.

Dr. Toner’s practice treats infertility and frequent miscarriage. He has extensive training in psychology, so he understands the emotional needs of couples struggling with infertility.

Some treatment plans may include:

  • In vitro fertilization
  • Egg freezing
  • Embryo and sperm cryopreservation, and other treatments

Dr. Toner has received numerous accolades for his treatment. Some recent comments include:

  • Dr. Toner is very caring, honest and realistic.
  • Dr. Toner was amazing.
  • Dr. Toner took time to explain everything to us. Step by step as to what we would be looking at as treatment.

To reach Dr. Toner, call 770.928.2276 or visit the Website, for more information.

Dr. Jim Toner: Making Huge Steps to Combat Infertility

Dr. Jim Toner is one of the best fertility doctors in the United States today. He has been helping couples suffering from infertility, and through the treatments that he offers inside his clinics, couples can get past through the challenges of infertility, and they begin to conceive their child. Dr. Jim Toner is aware that infertility rates in the United States are climbing up in the past decades. The rise in the number of infertility among couples is blamed on the unhealthy lifestyle of Americans, coupled with the changing global climate and the continued rise in air and water pollution. Dr. Jim Toner stated that the only way to fight back the symptoms of infertility is to adopt a lifestyle that does not include any chemicals in food or pollutants in the air and water.

However, since most of the couples affected by the rising rate of infertility reside in the city, Dr. Jim Toner could no longer advise them to change their lifestyle because their jobs would be in jeopardy if they would transfer to a cleaner place to live. Dr. Jim Toner has a genuine heart to assist those who are in need, and what he did to help couples struggling to have a baby is to do extensive research as to how infertility happens and if there are other ways on how to treat it. At first, he relied on the information that is readily available in books and other publications. Then, he searched for answers online and asked his previous patients about their experiences in being infertile. Right after compiling information that he extracted from his resources, he concluded that infertility could be reversed by doing certain things.

The first one is that couples should try to stay away from vices. Smoking alone has the chance of making a man infertile, and for a woman, they could develop cancerous tumors inside their body if they do not quit their bad habits. These vices tend to destroy the body, and it increases the instance to become infertile. Another reason that he provided is that female’s ovaries tend to change over time, and in rare cases, it mutates far from what the DNA has programmed it to become. To combat infertility, Dr. Jim Toner provides a treatment that would focus on the woman’s ovary. He claimed to have treated hundreds using the special method that his clinic offers, and many people are backing up his claims. News about his treatment quickly spread all over the country, and there is a slight increase in the number of appointments that Dr. Jim Toner had to attend to. He stated that it is difficult, but he will do everything to serve the people. Follow Dr. Jim on today.

Maggie Gill: Focused Approach On Quality Healthcare Services

Maggie Gill, the President, and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health medical center is known for driving high-quality healthcare and medical services within the institution. She oversees top to bottom of the operations and activities of the institution to ensure that it has no misses in the excellent service and professionalism. The Savannah-based medical center also is providing excellent medical education through Physician Residency Programs and Pharmacy Residency Program. It is providing high-quality research option for the young physicians through various research programs as well.

Maggie has played an important role in making the institution known across the U.S. with its committed services. Gil focuses on introducing the latest innovation in technology and development in treatments at the medical center. She adopts a policy that the best healthcare experience should be given to each patient. She encourages the physicians to proceed with their research as she believes that staying updated and research would enhance the knowledge of them and that would ultimately help the patients. As the CEO, she is directly taking care of government relations, Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP), physician relations, internal audit, the Heart & Vascular Institute, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, corporate communications, financial assistance, facilities management, etc.

Maggie joined the institution in 2004 as Vice President and was responsible for finance and managed care. The very next year she promoted as Chief Operating Officer of the medical center. It was in 2011; she became the President and CEO of the organization. Her more than a decade of service in the institution has helped it to shape its long-term and sustainable vision. During her tenure, she introduced many programs and training that are aimed to improve the quality of the service in total. She collaborated with other institutions to provide world-class service to its patients. She is instrumental in different campaigns including Anderson Cancer Institute Campaign, Premature Newborn Awareness Month, Wellness Wednesdays Radio, etc.

Before joining Memorial Health, she worked with Tenet Healthcare as Chief Financial Officer. During the period, she has won Tenet Outstanding CFO Award for 2001, 2002 and 2003, for her excellent and dedicated service. Regarding her education, she completed the graduation in English language and literate from Florida State University. Later, she did her MBA from Saint Leo University. She is interested in various volunteering activities and serves as the board member of Georgia Hospitals Association. She is also a board member of Union Mission, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and Mercer University.