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Eric pulier: Journey to become a technology entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a brilliant US entrepreneur and philanthropist who has done a lot to impact the lives of people in the world. Eric who was raised from a humble background, attended Teaneck High School and went ahead to join the Harvard University. He graduated in 1988 as a magna cum laude with degree in English and American literature. Ever since completing her university education Pulier focused his energy on helping the economically disadvantaged members of the society while at the same time creating technology companies that addressed technological problems faced by the people. One area of his charity work that he is known for is in helping children with chronic diseases and conditions. He has also focused his innovation work into solving the challenges that people go through on daily basis.

One of Eric Pulier contributions while in the university was his publication in the Harvard Crimson. He used to write articles meant to elicit humor as well as insight on some serious issues during his time. It is after completing the university that he founded his first company People Doing Things (PDT) in I991 at the Los Angeles. The company offered technological solutions in the fields of education and health care. PDT was later adopted by another company and Pulier went ahead to start another company called the Digital revolution, in 1994. This was an interactive agency. It also later folded up and joined ranks with US Interactive LLC in 1998 to form a merger. Eric Pulier also participated in ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century’ technology exhibit held in Washington DC.

In the area of technology, the contribution of Eric Pulier has been critical. Has founded and co-founded about 15 companies in the field of technology. He has also founded and co-founded capital ventures such as MediaPlatfrom, SOA Software, US Media Interactive LLC and Desktone. Through these establishments, he has been able to earn millions of dollars for himself and for the companies he has founded or co-founded. Eric was in 2014 named by the VAR Business entrepreneurs as one of the people likely to prosper in near future. He also acts as a speaker in technology forums and conferences. Eric Pulioer as well holds various positions in different organizations. He is the executive director for Enterprise Leadership Council and has served in the Clinton Global Initiative.

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