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Majeed Ekbal Creates New Crowdfunding Pages For Nepal

The massive earthquake that hit Nepal has caused billions of dollars in damage, and the people in Nepal were put out of their homes or members of their families were killed. This article describes the crowdfunding pages started by Majeed Ekbal. Majeed is a Chicago businesses man with a heart for philanthropy, and he wants to give something back to the people in Nepal.

#1: He Has Used Two Pages

Majeed has chosen to use two different pages to raise money for Nepal. He has pages at GoFundMe and Crowdrise. The two pages include written statements from Majeed, and the pages are open for anyone to give money. The pages are helpful for reaching people around the world, and the pages give Majeed a chance to raise money without starting his own nonprofit company.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

#2: How Much Is Needed?

Millions of dollars in aid are needed to help the people of Nepal, and Majeed has open goals on his pages. He plans to keep the pages open as long as he can, and the money that he raises will go straight to the people of Nepal once the pages are closed. These crowdfunding pages are easy for everyone to use, and Majeed is shining light on the fact that anyone can raise money for a cause they deem worthy.

#3: What Does Majeed Do?

Majeed is an entrepreneur who works in the grocery industry. He sells groceries for delivery to customers around the Chicago area, and he has built a business that charges better prices than his larger competitors. Majeed is a brilliant businessman who is using his knowledge of business to offer better funding for people in need. He may run his business during the day, and the crowdfunding pages he started will continue to raise money for as long as possible.

The crowdfunding done by Majeed Ekbal is something that anyone can do when they have the desire. Crowdfunding pages are easy to start, and the pages will raise money for as long as it possible. Anyone can help the needy with just one webpage that raises money in perpetuity.