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Robert Deignan : Automation preparedness

Robert Deignan, Co-Founder, and CEO of ATS Digital Services was born in Fort Lauderdale Flordia. His educational accolades consist of a degree in Organizational leadership from Purdue University. In the 90’s Rober Deignan would go on to utilize the skills learned to work for the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Soon after Robert Deignan began to build his career with his first business venture, Fanlink Inc. Today Robert and his family reside in Miami/Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Does automation spell a doom for the working class?

In a recent interview, Robert Deignan was approached about sharing his opinion on the anxiety by many in the workplace in regards to automation technology potentially wiping out hundreds of thousands of jobs. Robert comments how it’s understandable to have anxiety and distrust towards this new movement, however, fighting automation is not the answer instead he encourages people to obtain skills that will make them indispensable. Robert Deignan further comments that we shouldn’t worry about this as recent predictions conclude that the “takeover” of automation technology will most properly not happen for another 150 years, and even that is a bold prediction. Furthermore, the scientist pushing this conclusion does not have the real world experience in the workforce that Roberts’ 20 years plus has given him.

To add on to your peace of mind, data suggest that most automation technology can never compete with the human touch. Occupations such as sewing, packaging, essentially any job that requires repetitive moment might be affected. What won’t however be taken over include jobs that require intuition, such as a therapist or social worker, even occupations such as a driver because that would require too much data.

Robert Deignan has not taken part in this paranoia of the upcoming automation technology because he understands that the results of making decisions while paranoid can only lead to made choices. Therefore he states, the world needs to evaluate this change and teak our daily lives to it.

Whats Buzzing With Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was considered amid the year 1989. An alum of Southern University, she is the CEO accountable for the conspicuous Bumble application. She is in like manner the prime supporter of the dating application Tinder. Added to BI’s Most Successful Women under 30 of each 2014, she is a real pioneer. She would continue to place on the Forbes list all through the accompanying couple of years.

Whitney Wolfe has been on the front of different magazines and earned her way to the TIME 100 once-over in April 2018. She filled in as VP of advancing for the Tinder application. Her undertakings provoked the application exploding with downloads in school grounds and moreover unique markets. In December 2014 Whitney Wolfe had progressed to Austin, Texas and set up the Bumble application. This was inventive in light of the way that it gave females more control while using the dating application. This would empower women customers of the dating application all over. Inside one year of putting it the market, the application saw in excess of 15 million dialogs and 80 million matches.

Bumble has in excess of 30 million enrolled customers. Forbes reports that the application is worth more than $1 billion. The App shifts from traditional dating applications in the manner in which that females must begin the correspondence contact to the individual. Features, for instance, this has gigantically decreased baiting cases and reports. The association’s headquarters is arranged in Austin Texas and has the appellation The Hive, as it ought to be. With in excess of 80 staff people, 85% of those work people are females. The base camp working environments considers it’s workers in the hive. Versatile work hours are set up and what’s more the ability to pass on adolescents to the work environment if essential.

Whitney Wolfe starting late joined Imagine Entertainment as a board part. This association releases incorporate movies, TV programs, and distinctive other programming. With the development of Whitney Wolfe, their association, Imagine Entertainment is sure to grow its authoritatively genuine reach and effect. Wolfe is without a doubt a visionary and pioneer. Her vitality to empower people and females particularly pushes her step by step to simply ahead and progress. Consistently she appears, apparently, to be more viable than the past so this exceptional year should be the same.

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From A Bank Teller To The President Of The Bank, Luiz Trabuco’s Career

Following the retirement of the 91-year-old second president of Banco Bradesco since its founding in 1943, Lazaro Brandao, a few changes are being made to the bank’s executive list. The position of the President is set for the now former Chief Executive Officer to fill. As Luiz Carlos Trabuco become takes on the office of the president, he leaves a tight race among the company officials from which his replacement will be elected.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s journey in Banco Bradesco
Having graduated from high school earlier than his age mates, at the age of eighteen Luiz was already a holder of a degree in philosophy from the Sao Paolo University. At this time is when he got employed at Banco Bradesco S.A as a teller in1969. While working at this position, Luiz portrayed impressive leadership skills that landed him a promotion to a clerk and later clerical supervisor. His work continued to impress his superiors so much that they would trust him with tasks beyond his job description. He decided to seek out further education and temporarily left the bank and enrolled in the Sao Paolo University to take on a postgraduate sociology degree.

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Luiz Carlos rejoined the staff at Banco Bradesco after the hiatus and was hired as the director of the marketing department in 1984. He performed his roles so impressively and made an impact on how the bank related and reached out to its clients that are in effect up to date. His strategies helped the bank attract more clients and increase its profitability. He introduced the bank to the concept of segmenting and targeting that has since then been adopted by many other institutions in Brazil according to He played different roles in the company including that of the head of the bank’s insurance segment, a job which he also crushed.

In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed to become Banco Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President after serving as the vice president from 1999 and managing director from 1992. When the retirement of Lazaro was made public, there was no doubt that Luiz would take over since he has proven himself worthy time and again. Luiz’s career is has been so impressive that he is one of the highest paid bank executives in the country commanding respect of the entire industry.

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Robert Ivy Awarded For Achievement

All too often, people find themselves asking what do you give the man who has everything? Well, the real question to ask is what do you give the man who has done everything. If the last question has your interest peaked, then there is one individual in particular worth mentioning.

His name is Robert Ivy, and he has a lifetime achievement award, not to mention responsibilities as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for the American Institute of Architects. These matters of fact deserve just a little bit of explaining. The first detail to go with is the name of the award being bestowed to Ivy. It is the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. It is given through the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

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Perhaps, the best part of this event is the fact no other architect has ever had the distinguished honor if being an awardee. Ivy now joins the a circle that includes, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price, Shelby Foote and Walter Anderson. And according to MIAL President, Nancy Laforge, he has done and continues do to good for the good of mankind and the field of architecture according to This is on top of his works as a writer and author.

Of course, the AIA President has just as many accolades to voice in the ceremony. Ivy is maverick, pure and simple. And, there is plenty of evidence that clearly points to his earning the award, such as the services he performed as Editor in Chief for McGraw-Hill. Architectural Record has seen record success thanks to the leadership Ivy showed while his hand stayed on the wheel. Naturally, the AIA enjoys record membership levels due to the plans and actions of it’s esteemed CEO. This is not the first time an institution has had to let the world know that he is worthy of note. Alpha Rho Chi also has him on record as an honoree being Master Architect.

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Shervin Pishevar: A Man Of Many Words

No one would say that Shervin Pishevar holds his tongue when he has a thought or idea. In fact, he tends to go after it and share everything that is thinking and feeling about a particular subject. Thus, it was no surprise to long time followers when Shervin Pishevar emerged once again on Twitter to talk about the goings on in the world.

Shervin Pishevar has seen that people are interested in what he has to say, and he has capitalized on that. He helps them try to understand the world from the prospective that he sees things in as well.

One of the first things that Shervin Pishevar wanted to share with his followers was his belief that the stock market is headed for a crash. He believes that a twenty percent or bigger drop in the market is highly likely. He also believes that policies coming out of the White House are to blame for it.

You might chop this up as just another partisan who does not care for the current administration except for the fact that Shervin Pishevar is actually someone who just cares about making money and making the best choices to reach those goals. He has proven this by making an early investment in AirBnb that paid off handsomely for him. By taking a calculated risk on that deal, Shervin was able to make some good money for himself. He did not want to leave others behind though, and that is why he now shares his viewpoints about the world in general with an audience that is often wrapped up in every world that he shares.

It is a treat to read the commentary from a person like Pishevar as he talks about the world. He can learn for example from him that he believes that startups are difficult to do anymore given how much protection is afforded to the largest companies in America. It is something that troubles him and makes him believe that there have to be better solutions to this problem. He tweets about that and explains why he thinks that this is the case. That along with other big ideas from him are plenty enough reasons to start following the man.

Jed McCaleb Reveals Stellar Development

In an interview, Jed McCaleb, the Chief Technology Officer of Stellar expressed his views on a number of things about doing business. is a company that is dedicated to connecting people to low-cost financial services so that they can fight poverty and develop their individual potential. In the interview, McCaleb revealed certain things about the background of Stellar’s initial development, his concept of entrepreneurship and some of the people that impact his approach to doing business.

With regards to the development of Stellar, McCaleb revealed that he was inspired by the potential of Bitcoin, meaning he must have been encouraged to create his company from the success being enjoyed by this crypto currency. However, he explained that his company is more focused on connecting siloed financial organizations by using their open source financial network. This aspect essentially differentiates them from Bitcoin which is primarily used to transfer value or money from one individual to another.

Stellar, on the other hand, can link different institutions to one another, and that includes Bitcoin. McCaleb added that his system uses open source financial networks to connect siloed and disparate institutions so they can move money cheaper and in a seamless way. He also revealed that Stellar is already being implemented by businesses and non-profit organizations in third world countries as their financial infrastructure.

When asked about a significant failure that he had experienced as an entrepreneur, McCaleb said that he has experienced many failures in business. But he also said that it is not really a matter of overcoming these failures, but it is a matter of not allowing these failures to stop him. His advice to entrepreneurs is that they need to be tenacious and be able to take large doses of punishment, while waiting for that inevitable break that will lead them to success.

As for the people that have influenced his thinking, McCaleb revealed that Daniel Kahneman is one of them. Kahneman is the author of “Thinking Fast and Slow.” He is also a psychologist. He also mentioned an organization that influenced him. This is the Center for Applied Technology. McCaleb said these resources explore the reasons why people (and businesses) fail and how their biases led to their failures.

Why Joel Friant and The Original Habanero Shaker Is The Best Pepper Spice In The Industry

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who believes that business success lies in providing your customers with top-notch quality in whatever you do. He started out with a restaurant he opened that delivered on the novel concept of Thai food served like fast food. This was a hit and the restaurant did very well. His one issue, though, was that he couldn’t find a Habanero Shaker that really delivered on the promise of a spicy/sweet taste that he was looking for.

During this time Joel Friant took some international trips, such as to Jamaica, so that he could personally sample habaneros and which farms had the best ones. He eventually built a supply chain of the best habaneros and released the Habanero Shaker to the public. It was a hit in the grocery store chains he had partnered with. However, after a few years, he needed to take a break in order to attend to his real estate business.

When the 2008 financial crisis hit the real estate market was flattened. Joel Friant decided to use this as a sort of opportunity to reintroduce his Habanero Shaker. He decided that this time he would combine his love of habanero peppers to his love of technology. He took some courses on modern-day ways of selling products on eCommerce websites since when he originally created the Habanero Shaker the internet wasn’t nearly what it has become today.

Joel Friant now sells the Original Habanero Shaker on Amazon. It consists of 100% flaked hot habanero peppers he sources from the best farms in the world. They are sun-dried at the farm itself and then ground down before being shipped to him. He says that his version is clearly the top of the class when it comes to these types of products and the type of high-quality product he loves to sell.

The Original Habanero Shaker is delivered in a convenient bottle. Because of its format it can keep for months in the pantry without losing any of its flavor or heat. He is so convinced that people will love it that he offers a 100% full money back guarantee.

Tony Petrello: Chairman of Nabors

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, and is one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. The chairman earns $15,372, 429 in 2016 because of both salary and stock options, as his company is active in the oil and gas industry. He graduated Harvard law school in 1979, when he joined the firm Baker and McKenzie, until 1991, as the Managing Partner of the firms’ New York office. This firm had a client, Nabors Industries, who extended a job offer to Tony Petrello, where he became president and chief operating officer. By 2003, he had become the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries, becoming CEO in 2011, headquartered in Bermuda and Houston, Texas.

Founded in 1952, Nabors Industries has a discovery well in Prudhoe Bay Field as well as having acquired a number of large drilling operations under their name. Nabors gives automated drilling equipment, advanced downhole tools, drilling software and other technologies used in an oil field. Drilling software enhances the drilling operation. During Hurricane Harvey, Petrello offered his employees paid time off to go help out. He also matched relief donations with what his employees donated. $ 3 million in education scholarships have been donated to the children of Nabors employees as well.

Petrello also has a B.S. degree and M.S. degree from Yale University, in addition to his law degree. Petrello donates to cerebral palsy organizations because he found that there were gaps in the research being conducted on the condition in the present. He helped to fund the Neurological Research Institute to alleviate this gap. Also, he started an endowment of $150,000 awarded as an annual prize at Yale University, commemorating his mentor at Yale, Serge Lang who taught him mathematics before passing away in 2016. The prize is for excellent students who have studied mathematics.

Petrello is truly the highest paid CEO in the United States. Petrello is one man who criticizes Wall Street’s greedy tactics, while he is refreshing to those who serve him, having a moral code based on respect and fairness. He is the sort of CEO that has helped create thousands of jobs in the United States. Originally from Newark, New Jersey, he comes from a place where lying is shunned and hard work is the norm. There are no shortcuts to success for Petrello, who manages to donate money to many charities each year.

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The New Age of Craft Breweries with Eli Gershkovitch

It’s an afternoon of rest and relaxation! We fire up the BBQ grill and head to the fridge to grab a beer. However, in this day and age, we are no longer limited to the domestic brew that we grew up knowing ( If you are Eli Gershkovitch, you may reach for a craft beer instead, because now we are enriched with the varieties of craft beer: Ale, Lager, Stout, IPA, etc. The endless list of craft beers engages our taste buds to the depths of our souls.


We have entrepreneurs and visionaries like Eli Gershkovitch to thank for leading the way to a land of craft beer bliss. Craft beers and Micro-breweries are now the norms for beer enthusiasts all over the world. Canada comes in on the top 20 best beers in the world according to Aphrodisiaque comes in on the list at number 20.


In 1995, when mass-market domestic breweries were leading the charge in beer sales, Eli was establishing Steamworks as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver. Allowing him the opportunity to dream big for the future of craft beer. Steamworks has grown into a Vancouver staple by ingraining itself into the culture of everyday living. Eli’s motto is to “expand to meet demand”, so with the growing demand for craft beers, he will have his work cut out for him.


Craft beer has given the world color in an age that was once only black and white with domestic beers. How about the color red with a British Columbia Red Racer Pale Ale (BeerMeBC)? Then, there is another top 20 great with Glutenberg Belgian Double from Montreal. Weissbier wheat is another great option to include in the fridge for that BBQ dinner. Eli and Steamworks have given the world an opportunity to arouse the taste buds and indulge in the delights of brewery mastery.