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Squaw Valley Shows Its Commitment To Visitor Safety During Water Issues

The Placer County Environmental Health official Wesley Nicks recently announced Squaw Valley Ski Resort is winning its battle to restore the drinking water to its previously safe levels in an isolated region of the mountain. Affected areas of Gold Coast and High Camp have had their supplies of water cut off to the public as Squaw Valley hopes to maintain its record of not having any health issues associated with the outbreak of E.Coli and Coliform that were caused by an unprecedented level of rainfall; Squaw Valley has explained the water supplies will remain turned off in the Upper Mountain area until Environmental Health officials from Placer County give the water the all clear.


Wesley Nicks explained the contaminated water had been identified and limited to four wells serving the Gold Coast and High Camp areas, despite the popularity of these areas Squaw Valley officials have closed restaurants and are offering complimentary bottled water to those choosing to ski the slopes that remain open from top to bottom. Liesl Kenney, Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, explained Squaw Valley’s own impressive testing procedures had resulted in the contamination being identified before any contaminated water could be offered to the public; in fact the procedures put into place by Squaw Valley officials have been so effective no medical problems have so far been linked to the isolated and contained outbreak.


The water problem began at Squaw Valley with a rainstorm of unprecedented proportions that inundated the four affected wells with rain water contaminated with E.Coli and Coliform. Squaw Valley officials have already reported they had upgraded the well water supply system in the previous Summer in a bid to avoid issues with contamination and point to the lack of health issues as a sign of the success their improvements have had for visitors and staff members. Squaw Valley officials are already reporting the combination of Placer County Environmental Health officials and independent water quality experts employed by the resort have managed to remove E.Coli from three of the four wells and lower Coliform levels in the same number as the battle over water quality is seen to be being won by the resort.

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