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Kyle Bass Thrives On Deception

It’s easy to stab somebody in the back and take their money. The hard part is getting away without getting caught, and this is where Kyle Bass’ true talent lies. His Wall Street tactics are nothing short of cutthroat. They’re underhanded and exploitative to an astonishing level. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This organization preys on the sympathies of individuals who are sick, as well as their friends and family. Through petitions, lawsuits, legislation, and any means necessary, Bass uses this pseudo-humanitarian group to force big-ticket pharmaceuticals into devaluing their medicine, decimating its cost on the market. The end result is a similar loss of stock value on Wall Street. When the drop hits, Bass short-sells his holdings and makes millions. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies he’s hamstrung have to curtail funding to departments which don’t yield regular quantifiable ROI (Return On Investment), like R&D (Research and Development). Without R&D, cures and treatments of the successful kind just on the horizon may be indefinitely suspended. In the end, the sick Bass lets on to represent have been served worse than had they done nothing at all.

Useful Stooges just mentioned in their article, Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler,  is also involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner has given Argentina the double-default, economically, in only thirteen years. That’s impressively bad leadership–how can Bass support her? Yet he does.

With these things in mind, when Bass has said that China’s economy is headed for a collapse based on a debt-bubble implosion within the next three years, and that there’s a forty-to-fifty percent chance of that implosion happening in 2016, understand that he’s playing an angle. In a recent Bloomberg article, Bass was quoted saying that, should China devaluate their currency in a way that is “material”, Asian investment could be historically good. How can that be, if the Chinese economy will be forced into a buyout vis-a-vis 2008’s Great Recession between now and 2019? It can’t be, Bass is vacillating. What he’s really saying is: “China could do good or bad.” But what he’s making it sound like is: “You’d better pull out your investments.” Some people will, too; which may end up collaterally diminishing China’s economy.

Global Tel Link up to No Good, Securus Says

Law enforcement agencies invest millions of dollars a year in companies that provide tech solutions they need in order to meet the demands of an increasingly connected world. This covers many needs, particular that of communication. Given the responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and their public and private partners, integrity is something that is always at the forefront of their minds when considering a contractor to help them establish communications. And when that company fails to meet the threshold for reliability it can cost everyone a great deal of money and trust.

Securus Technologies seems aware of this circumstance and has turned attention towards Global Tel Link, who they’ve claimed have abused the trust of law enforcement and local governments in a breach of integrity that the public should be aware of.

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, has announced that his company has engaged in an investigation of Global Tel Link’s business practices after learning of possible lapses in business ethics and outright unlawful behavior. The results of which can be found on their site.

From the course of their investigation, Securs uncovered a report compiled by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. The report was the result of a separate investigation in Global Tel Link’s business practices after being contracted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections to establish outbound telecom services. What the Public Service Commission uncovered was a host of unwarranted and unlawful practices carried out by Global Tel Link that allowed them to overcharge the Louisiana Department of Corrections. At the end of their time with Global Tel Link, taxpayers in the state were charged some $1.2 million in charges that were not authorized to be carried out.

Smith has called the findings shocking and Global Tel Link’s business practices shameful. There are more findings that Securus plans to release over the course of the next six months, and encourages the public to visit Securus to learn more.

Sanjay Shah: Super Businessman, Philanthropist and Father

Sanjay Shah is respected in business circles as the founder of Solo Capital, a successful, international boutique financial services house based in London, but he’s also known for other incredible achievements.

Mr. Shah is father to son Nikhil who was diagnosed with autism, and in his never-ending quest to improve his youngest child’s condition and help find a cure, he established the globally popular Autism Rocks charity organization. The money raised goes to funding autism research, something Mr. Shah strongly believes in.

The well-respected businessman recently sat down with radio host Eric Dye on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. During their discussion, they touched upon starting one’s own business and all the fine details that go with it, including the money needed up front and hiring experts to handle the complicated challenges that can develop.

Mr. Shah suggested that anyone can own a business, but making it a successful venture is another thing. That’s what Solo Capitol does perfectly, provides the right financial services in agency brokerage, investment management, securities lending and safeguarding.

Mr. Shah was also excited to talk about Autism Rocks and the upcoming 2016 Autism Rocks Fest jam-packed with family fun and amazing musical performances by Flo Rida and Tyga. The invitation only concert always features a superb line-up of talent and has become the ideal way to bring global attention to autism and the one in every 68 children a year who are diagnosed with the condition. The fest takes place in London with a lot of VIP guests in attendance who are more than happy to donate to this most worthy cause.

According to Mr. Shah, Nikhil was diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011 at the age of 4. The closely-knit family of five keeps the public up to date on social media all year long, with Twitter and Instagram updates.