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Everyone Deserves a Chance at a Happy Life

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) is a believer that everyone deserves to be loved and wanted including animals. Speaking in a tell-all she said that as a recovering addict she has gone through a lot of challenges and realized the importance of helping those around her when she began her journey through recovery. She now supports Best Friends Animal Society since people and animal are not that different as both want to be loved and feel wanted.

When animals are sent to the animal shelter they are sometimes killed as a way of dealing with animals no one is interested in. the Best Friends Animal Society does not support this practice.

The Best Friends Animal Society was established in the 80s. At the time animal shelters regularly put down dogs and cats that no one wanted as a way to deal with them. Usually, they killed the old and the sick ones first and then the other and 17 million animals died in this way every year.

It is then that a group of friends decided to take these animals in to heal. The animals they saved soon found loving homes and those did not be loved and cared for by people who loved them and the Best Friends Animal Society was born. Victoria Doramus supports this particular organisation as it believes animals deserve to love their age and health notwithstanding.

The organisation now serves as an animal welfare society that hopes a time is coming when animals will not be killed in animal shelters in America. This is another reason why Victoria Doramus supports the organisation. Animals also require someone to fight for them and Save Them All as the Best Friends Animal Society hopes to do.

About Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a self employed Director of Philanthropy. She attended the University of Colorado and graduated with a degree in Journalism and mass communication. She has worked at various firms including the Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, and as a personal Assistant for Peter Berg. She is currently focused on philanthropy and has been involved in various charitable organisations including the Best Friends Animal Society and Room to Read where she volunteers.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Is Taking A Well-Crafted Approach To Inclusion

In an effort to raise famed pizza giant Papa Johns from the ashes of its recent public relations nightmare, newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie is stepping up to redeem the beleaguer company.

Tolerance, diversity, and foundational basics of service are the main tenents of his campaign to restore confidence in the beloved pizza chain.

In an open letter pinned to the company’s website that some accused of missing the mark, Mr. Ritchie expressed deep concern over the company’s reputation, but lacked sincerity, compassion and what most were looking for: an apology for previous actions.

Adjusting focus back to millions of loyal customers, he then tweaked the letter, making sure to the most crucial ingredients as is customary with company’s business model- empathy and truthful awareness of the situation at hand. Emotionally intelligent and sensitive to the nature of customer loyalty, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s then laid out a series of ‘to-do’ for Papa Johns going forward including, but not limited to a strict and firm assessment of company culture geared towards strengths and weakness analysis; initiating open feedback dialogue with franchisees and their employees in order to restore trust in senior management; and to cultivate transparency and accountability moving forward. He also highlighted that company’s success hinges on the success of all those who

dedicate their lives in service to the company’s objectives. Wisely distancing himself from former leadership, the embattled CEO promised to prioritize diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) recent quagmire should be an exploratory lesson on the dangers of insensitivity in business, especially within executive boardrooms. Regardless of the situation, corporate social responsibility will become even more relevant as time goes on. Companies large and small, new and old, can no longer afford the tax of detachment from reality. The learning curve can be steep, but manageable as seen with the efforts of Steve Ritchie.

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Achievements of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the new C.E.O and the managing director of OSI Group a firm that specializes in processing and manufacturing of food products and top high-quality meat. This firm is based in Aurora in Illinois. Osi Group supplies meat products to food services sectors and the retail industry in the area. Lavin joined this food firm as an outsider, but in the late 1970’s he was actively involved and concerned in the firm’s operations. At that time the firm was known as Otto and sons company and it was managed by Otto and his three sons.

In 1975 this firm had a lot of potentials. It was the largest company that was supplying hamburgers and other food products to the McDonald company. The bad news is that otto company was financially depressed and could no longer supply to McDonald company. This is the time Sheldon Lavin was hired as financial manager of the firm. He was devoted to seeing the company achieve its objectives including securing funds from banking and financial institutions.

In 1978, this is the time when  Lavin began to be involved actively in the management of the firm. He assisted the company to source investments and businesses opportunities overseas. During this time Mr.Otto was old and he was no longer productive, he retired from the business. Sheldon Lavin partnered with Otto’s sons to run the affairs of the business. Due to change in partnership, the name of the firm was changed to OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin assisted the company to realize a wide clientele base. The firm supplied its food products from Illinois to most parts of the world such as Europe, Australia, South Africa, North America, Asia, Philippines, and even Japan.

Lavin played a key role in the expansion of OSI Group in the whole continent. He has been able to manage and to change the mentality of how people around the world view processed meat. Sheldon Lavin is good at specializing in large operations which has enabled the firm to manage the complicated supply chain.

In conclusion, his achievement has come as a result of cooperating with a sound minded team of people to build his success. He believes in working as a team and he has enforced a culture of collaboration in the organization. Therefore the employees turnover rates are minimized. This gentleman is clever, sharp and he knows how to adapt to changing factors such as technological changes.


HCR Wealth Advisors Offers a Range of Services for Investing

HCR Wealth Advisors is perfect for your insurance and investment needs. This company has been known for helping clients from early investment stages as they go about building a better portfolio to improve their financial standing for the golden years.

HCR Wealth Advisors has people in place that can help to give you a solid foundation when it comes to building the type of portfolio that is realistically going to make your golden years better. A lot of people that are investing are below the range of what they were need for their retirement years. They have high expectations about the amount of money that needs to be saved, and many of these investors will find this to be inadequate.

It is much better to consider the benefits of a company like HCR Wealth Advisors for long term goals. These are the people that give you a better idea on just how much you will need based on your life expectancy and the amount of money that you will spend in your golden years.

HCR Wealth Advisors has a team of professionals that have credentials that are suitable for building portfolios that can help you meet your financial goals. They have professionals that know the market well. This company focuses on several different factors in order to build a better solution for both individual investors and businesses.

The employees that are part of this organization provide financial services, business services, consulting and insurance services. There are a ton of people that are interested in getting better financial plans for their lives and HCR Wealth Advisors offers a multi-step process. This involves reviewing your investment strategies and monitoring your portfolio growth very closely. It is also a good idea to look at your future objectives and HCR Wealth Advisors has advisors that will walk you through this entire process.

Insurance planning and life insurance matters are also handled by HCR Wealth Advisors. There are long-term care and loss of value coverage plans that these advisors can also assist you with. Many investors get their investing and insurance needs handled directly through this company. Visit Ideamensch to know more about their CEO.

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Heather Russell Joins TransUnion As Its CLO And Executive Vice President

Heather Russell is an experienced legal executive who will be joining the team at TransUnion as the company’s Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President. She brings with her more than two decades of experience working in a diverse range of areas in the global financial services industry. She has worked in data privacy and security, mergers and acquisitions, financial services, Fintech, and regulatory compliance. She will report to Jim Peck, who is the CEO and President of TransUnion and will serve in a legal capacity.

Jim Peck commented that he believes that Heather Russell will make a great addition to the team at TransUnion and that her experience is something the company needs. Russell commented that TransUnion is a leader in the information solutions sector and that she is excited to add her experience and point of view in order to help it grow and better serve the public. She came over from Buckley Sandler, LLP., a law firm and also worked with Fifth Third Bank as its Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary.

Heather Russell earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree while studying at the College of William & Mary and went on to earn her Juris Doctor with honors while attending American University’s Washington College of Law. She worked with Bank of New York Mellon in the past serving as its Managing Director and Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs and also worked with Bank of America as its Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President. TransUnion expects that she will do a wonderful job and is glad that she will be taking over for John Blenke who announced he would be retiring this year. If her track record is any indication of her talents, then TransUnion will be in the very best of hands. She also also an Assistant Professor of Mathematics.


HCR Wealth Advisors: Addressing the New Retirement Approach

HCR Wealth Advisors addresses the retirement issue in a very broad perspective. In most cases, people plan for retirement by looking only at the financial planning. This is never wrong; however, there is a need to address the likelihood of emptiness either emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, and physically. These are non-financial matters, but they are equally important to be considered when discussing retirement. The new retirement focuses on the non-financial transition that happens after employment leading to identity loss, work disengagement, daily socialization changes, and elimination from daily schedules. It focuses on the changes relating to family life and personality. To different extents, it looks into the aging aspect, health, social preferences, leisure choices, and personal development.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that specializes in making individual strategies to help clients reach their financial goals. The firm also helps clients plan for retirement, in both a financial sense and beyond.

The fact is that retirement is a good thing when it is planned for. Lack of planning can bring a nightmare in one’s life after retirement. It may cause depression, boredom, frustration, fatigue, poor feelings, poor health, and low self-esteem when among peers. It is good to plan for the retirement financially but is equally important to plan in the line of non-financial factors. The new retirement is to focus on making informed decision and plan in advance beyond the usual financial ranges. Some of the elements of retirement include transition and change. It is a change coming your way. Professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) suggest that clients plan for these changes in advance, so they don’t come as an unpleasant surprise later.

According to Crunchbase, transition involves engaging your psychological aspect in adjusting to a new situation. It is essential to make a difference positively. Some consider change as a stressful and challenging thing, and for others, it is an exciting and thrilling moment. The other significant element to look into is career and work advantages. For some, it gives status and other benefits. Know your passion and hobby to link to it when you retire so that you can continue enjoying. Personal development is another element that makes one come to the point of self-actualization. This can help people manage their retirement. It is a way of activating new interests and helping you to keep being involved. Another critical thing to address is the relationship dynamic. It is crucial because you will be in a position to know what connections to hold and cut. In general, new retirement is a fresh start and an opportunity to retire joyfully.

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Hussain Sajwani: An Arab Success Story

It seems almost noble whenever an individual who grew up as a regular person and was able to work their way to the classes of the elite begins to show an interest in helping to better the world. Hussain Sajwani has managed to create an incredible amount of success for himself through his property development company DAMAC Properties. He has not just used this success to live a lavish lifestyle, however. He is a well-known entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

He originally went to the United States as a young adult in order to receive an education from the University of Washington. He majored in industrial engineering and economics and was able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. In order to attend the University, he had been awarded a scholarship by the government of his home country the United Arab Emirates when he was a child. This education helped immensely in his business endeavors, and he has paid back the world for the help he had in achieving his success.

Most recently Hussain Sajwani has donated over $2 million in order to fund a clothing campaign that would help to provide clothing for needy children around the world. He believes that it is important to give back to those who are in need.

Today DAMAC Properties is a publicly traded company, and it is one of the first Arab real estate development companies to become publicly traded. DAMAC Properties has managed to build itself a reputation for being associated with high-end property developments and unique marketing techniques. One of the most high-profile projects that they have undertaken is the construction of a golf course for Donald Trump.

It may not seem like it fits with the rest of the company, but there is still a part of the DAMAC Properties operations that serves food. It still exists and runs as a reminder for Hussain Sajwani as his first business endeavor. When he first started his own business, he catered food to the American military. To this day he maintains a reputation as an excellent caterer and has received recognition for his food service to the American military.

Ronald Fowlkes Is A True Believer That Mentorship Is Important:

Ronald Fowlkes is a St. Louis, Missouri area businessman in the tactical gear field. He has years of experience using tactical gear from his days in the military and police. These experiences served him well in giving him a great basis in the use of tactical equipment as well as a great base in physical training. These days, when he is not busy working as a business development manager, Ronald spends his free time working with youth in the sport he loves, the sport of hockey. He is a true believer that mentorship is a vital thing for society. Ronald Fowlkes is a man who takes great pride in being able to pass on the knowledge he has gained over the years to young people that he instructs. He is the off ice trainer and equipment manager for the Triple-A team for the St. Louis Blues. Ronald’s son plays for the team which shows what a family affair the sport of hockey is in the Fowlkes family.


Ronald Fowlkes is a real, certified American patriot and he served in the United States Marines from 1989 until 1993. This term of duty saw Ronald serve in the Gulf War as well as being twice promoted on merit. During his military career, Robert was a member of the Marine Corps Special Ops and also attended the United States Army Parachute School. When his service to his country concluded, Ronald wanted to continue to serve and so he entered the law enforcement field as a way to continue making a difference in the world. Ronald served on both the St. Louis County and St. Louis Metropolitan Police departments for a total of thirteen years. When you combine his military service with his police work, it is easy to see how Ronald became the perfect fit for a career in the tactical gear arena. Robert’s life experiences have seen him in many situations where tactical gear was used in life and death situations. Because of this, he has special insight into the use of this type of equipment and that makes him the perfect fit for his role as Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited. Ronald knows how to explain these products to the customers that come to Eagle Industries from the sporting world, police and military. He also trains the sales representatives that work for the company. Ronald Fowlkes has become a great asset to this company that has been operating for over 30 years.


Ronald loves giving back to his son’s hockey team and really enjoys teaching the team members the importance of proper maintenance of equipment. His career has taught him the lesson that properly maintained equipment is often the difference between winning and losing and life and death. At the end of the day, Ronald Fowlkes just loves passing his knowledge onto the next generations of Americans.


Ryan Seacrest Inspiring The Young Generation Through Media

Ryan Seacrest is one of the famous radio and TV personalities in our modern entertainment industry. He has featured in several radio and TV shows and his known to many for his engaging talk shows and hilarious stuns. Ryan, was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. He is an alumnus of the Dunwoody High School where he discovered his passion for media and especially radio. He later attended the University of Georgia and during that time he was also working as an intern at the Atlanta Radio Show. It was at the radio station that Ryan got his first encounter with the radio media.

Soon after studies, Ryan Seacrest moved to Los Angeles, California where he started his on afternoon radio show Ryan Seacrest for the ride home. He later on proceeded to host other radio programs including On air with Ryan Seacrest and the American TO 40.

Ryan has also featured in several TV shows with his first shows being Click and Radical Outdoor Challenge on ESPN. His first major Television breakthrough come in 2002, when he was given chance to host the now famous American Idol until it come to a close in 2016. Seacrest has also been an anchor on the E! News Television cable until 2011. In addition, Ryan also got the opportunity to work with Dick Clark on the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

In 2012, Ryan got into a deal with NBC Universal that would keep him in front of the cameras. This deal saw him be part of the team that covered the 2012 London summer Olympics games and host of NBC’s game show The million second show. Furthermore, his TV adventures have seen him produce famous reality shows such as Kourtney & Kim take New York and Keeping up with the kardashians.

Ryan Seacrest is not only involved in studio matters alone, he is also actively involved in charity work through his Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He established the foundation with the aim of mentoring the youth and using media as a tool to inspire them. The foundation reaches out to children in hospitals and local journalism students to try and make them connect and get that first hand experience with media world.

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Giving their customers the products they desire is the mark of a great business. The company will earn the respect and loyalty of the customers they serve. For most customers, what they need from a financial company is, to get the funds they need to meet their professional and personal goals.

Equites First is a company, that was founded by Al Christy Jr, in the year 2002 in the state of Indiana, in the city of Indianapolis. The company was establish to give the customers the chance to obtain the loans they need to carry out their venture.

They provided the customers, loans that they could use their stock and shares to secure, offered them easy to qualify terms as well as low interest rates to make the repayment easy and fast.

Equities does it’s business from five countries, they hope to open more branches in more countries, as their popularity grows.