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Discover The Benefits Of Award Winning Makeup Options


Can you imagine a purple or pink haired girl rising to the occasion of being named female entrepreneur of the year? Doe Deer started out in Russia selling novelty tattoos to her friends in school, but not before becoming popularized herself by wearing them. The trend caught on fast and she learned the concept of being an entrepreneur and making money. She also loved making her friends happy and building their confidence. Shortly after, by 17, she lived in New York City and would become a part of a music band and learn the art of marketing from this experience.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Is Born


Doe Deere didn’t remain a rockstar because other endeavors were meant to be her calling and she was never afraid to go with her unconventional way of thinking. Deere married the soloist, left the band, and improved her marketing skills. She was tired of the traditional dull colors of the late 90’s and decided that makeup needed a facelift. She was determined to create bright and vibrant colors that would soon captivate other women alike. Doe Deere started formulating and creating her own makeup and Lime Crime was quickly born.


She creates colors that dare women to be brave and make a statement with their makeup. Lime Crime offers a unique blend of makeup options that work well for busy professionals, celebrities, and everyday makeup wears. Her products are formulated with a velvetine matte base that goes on smooth and dries to a perfected mold on your eyelids or lips. Her line of products offers eye shadows and lipsticks. PR Newswire reports that their metallic colors have been one of their most popular releases of the year. Best of all, her products are waterproof, but you won’t have any problems removing them when you’re ready to take off your makeup.


You can order their products and have them conveniently shipped to your door. They offer free shipping on all purchases over a certain amount and their members are guaranteed several promotional offers that gives them the opportunity to try new products. Discover the boldness of Lime Crime as a makeup option you’ll love.

Wen Keeps Hair Looking Stylish

Wen is the type of company has inspires a lot of women that are trying to find a better look for their hair. The shampoo and conditioning market has become flooded with an assortment of products. Wen has become the product that has managed to stand out as a leader in all-in-one conditioners. The majority of people that are using these products from Wen are recognizing that this brand is the best for tangled or frizzy hair. This is the brand that has surfaced as the all-in-one conditioner that even attracts celebrities.

There are working class people that try Wen products every day. Few people ever hear about the end results of the working class though. Fortunately, there are people like Emily McClure that have made a very strong commitment to letting people know what Wen is all about. People are going to take what she says to heart because she is not a paid celebrity endorser. Instead, McClure is one of the people that will become a regular user of the Wen product. She is a hair stylist so she truly wants to know if the product does as stated. This makes her job easier if there is truth to what Wen advertises.

Emily McClure has used the product several times, and McClure has discovered that her hair is easier to manage by using Wen. Her experience with the product will make people take notice of what this all-in-one deep cleansing conditioner can do. The brand has been around for a while, and a good number of people have heard about the ingredients for this product. The deep cleansing aspect of the Wen conditioner has made people take interest in what this product can do. Even Emily McClure has stated that Wen has worked well on her thin hair. Watch the Wen infomercials on QVC and YouTube to learn more about the product.


Bustle Magazine Documents The Results Of One Online User Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a reliable hair care solution for all hair types. You can manage the strength of your hair and the volume with a product that costs under $40, see for Wen products. Most women say it is a genie in a bottle and gives you wonderful locks that shine and flourish. Your hair is your crown and deserves the best treatment and maintenance for less. You can find an effective solution through the extensive WEN by Chaz products. Each product comes with the proper amount listed on the bottle and you never have to worry about using too much or too little. Get the proper amount you need each time.
Wen by Chaz can easily be ordered online or by speaking to a friendly representative online. A recent Bustle news article decided to document a first time user that promised to give her actual testimonial. She purchased Wen by Chaz online on Amazon and had it conveniently sent to her door. She loved the packaging and opted for the all-in-one conditioner. She decided to use it for a week and noticed far less breakage at the end of that week. She also noticed her hair was easier to manage and to maintain under the harsh elements.

Say goodbye to nightmare hair care solutions and beauty products that don’t work. Wen by Chaz is all natural and you can use products like the green tea oil and extract. Their most popular product is their all-in-one conditioner. Thousands of clients across the globe have used Wen by Chaz and have never looked back. Taking your hair in the right direction is possible with an effective solution that is dubbed a genie in a bottle. Take back your hair today with the benefits of Wen by Chaz. Hair care solutions that really work for you right away.

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Lime Crime Rises Right To The Top

Each day, I have about a hundred things to do. I need to rush off to my job, then pick up my kids and then think about dinner. Twice a week, I go to school to get my master’s degree. So I’m a very busy woman. I don’t always have the time to go looking for makeup. In the last few years, I’ve developed a beauty routine that I stick to each day. Part of that beauty routine is buying makeup from Lime Crime through Urban Outfitters. Lime Crime is an online ordering service. I find ordering through this company easy and quick.

Saving Me Time

As a busy woman, my time is at a premium. I need to be aware of what I’m doing at any given time of day. This is one of many reasons why I have chosen to work with Lime Crime. The makeup site is easy to navigate. I can just logon when I have a spare moment. My list of prior makeup items is right in front of me. I can see what I’ve ordered in the past and easily order things I’ve run out of. The makeup will get to my house a day or two later, saving me the trip to the mall. Plus there’s tons of websites to keep up to date with new colors as they come out, like

New Products

Pinterest users say another great thing about ordering from Lime Crime is that they always have new products on hand. I like to look professional at work. I also like to look in touch with what’s going on right now in the world of fashion. This helps me look young. When I get on the Lime Crime site, I know I can always count on them to have a new list of items that I might like. Each month, the site has a list of new products in brand new colors. I know that the site’s owners take their cue from what is fashionable at any given moment. When I get to order their items, I’m going to get items that are totally in fashion. I can be confident at work knowing that the image I am projecting is one of complete modernity. Follow Lime Crime on social media like Twitter and even Facebook for more on their product lines, and what Doe Deere is doing with the brand next.

Lime Crime Takes to Instagram

The beauty industry is being shaken up by changes happening in the social media world. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, @limecrimemakeup, are changing the way products are marketed today, and those who are in the know are taking advantage of these changes in very clever ways. One of the beauty companies at the forefront of all of this is Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Lime Crime is the brainchild of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, a Russian emigre who grew up in New York City but who now manages her beauty company out of trendy Los Angeles.

Going Bold

One of the keys to the appeal of Lime Crime is the way Doe Deere uses color. Her color line is bold and very unique, with lipsticks in shades that go from glittery pink to deep red to purple, orange, electric blue, green and yellow. Yes, it’s offbeat, but somehow it really works. The proof is in the over 2 million followers Lime Crime now boasts on Instagram.

Lime Crime has been very smart in its use of social media, going beyond just promoting products on sites like Instagram. On their blog Lime Crime encourages its product users to be interactive and to send in photos of their beauty ideas using Lime Crime products. The followers of Lime Crime on Instagram are highly inventive in their use of color and shading, with the result that the Lime Crime page is a riot of color and ideas, with many of the photos created by the line’s followers themselves.

With a full line of gorgeous lip colors and shadows, priced at reasonable levels yet with a quality that’s comparable to higher priced products, Lime Crime is having a breakthrough in the beauty industry. This line is paving the way in its use of social media, and the results are frankly beautiful. See the full line on Urban Outfitters.