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ClassDojo – Release Fact

What Is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an app designed for efficient communication amongst students, teachers and parents. The app provides users the ability to share documents, photos and messages and updates on students’ progress. Furthermore, it is an empowering strategy that enhances users to work as a team to share classroom concerns and ideas that can be inspired in classrooms and homes. While using this app users can see the overall convenience and usefulness of this ClassDojo.

✎ Build a positive culture

✎ Gives students voice inspiration

✎ Share memorable moments with parents


The classroom is where all the learning and empowerment takes place and it is generally, where teachers and students create their classroom culture. Users can select skills, value, creativity and teamwork and exchange feedback on the overall progress and achievements with their peers. Moreover, Classroom is the easiest and effective way for teachers and students to interact to create an extraordinary classroom atmosphere together.


The messages settings are particularly useful and great for instant insight on your child’s class progress. The messages enables teachers, parents and school executives a convenient and simply platform to instant message, without the need to share phone numbers or contact details. Another great advantage is messages can be translated into thirty-five different languages.

Although, messages can be forwarded at anytime, there is a setting for “Quiet Hours” which allows teachers to have downtime with their students or other classroom tasks. When this setting is selected, an indication of unavailability will be viewable to indicate to users that this particular user is unavailable.


Vibrant and colorful stories consistently update the streams with pictures and videos from the school day. All classes, schools and students each have their very own unique story that can be shared home with parents that are connected to the students class. The Student Stories helps students to visualize, learn and create fun stories or timelines on what they have achieved in their classroom.

Big Ideas

The Big Ideas provides teachers and parents simple and hassle-free access to view or retrieve original content. The original contact helps and inspires students to learn about essential concepts and social-emotional skills.