Everyone Deserves a Chance at a Happy Life

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) is a believer that everyone deserves to be loved and wanted including animals. Speaking in a tell-all she said that as a recovering addict she has gone through a lot of challenges and realized the importance of helping those around her when she began her journey through recovery. She now supports Best Friends Animal Society since people and animal are not that different as both want to be loved and feel wanted.

When animals are sent to the animal shelter they are sometimes killed as a way of dealing with animals no one is interested in. the Best Friends Animal Society does not support this practice.

The Best Friends Animal Society was established in the 80s. At the time animal shelters regularly put down dogs and cats that no one wanted as a way to deal with them. Usually, they killed the old and the sick ones first and then the other and 17 million animals died in this way every year.

It is then that a group of friends decided to take these animals in to heal. The animals they saved soon found loving homes and those did not be loved and cared for by people who loved them and the Best Friends Animal Society was born. Victoria Doramus supports this particular organisation as it believes animals deserve to love their age and health notwithstanding.

The organisation now serves as an animal welfare society that hopes a time is coming when animals will not be killed in animal shelters in America. This is another reason why Victoria Doramus supports the organisation. Animals also require someone to fight for them and Save Them All as the Best Friends Animal Society hopes to do.

About Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a self employed Director of Philanthropy. She attended the University of Colorado and graduated with a degree in Journalism and mass communication. She has worked at various firms including the Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, and as a personal Assistant for Peter Berg. She is currently focused on philanthropy and has been involved in various charitable organisations including the Best Friends Animal Society and Room to Read where she volunteers.

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