Neurocore is a National Authority in Applied Neuroscience and can Treat Your Depression

Neurocore is a brain performance center specializing in providing data received through brain-based assessments. They have become a national authority in applied neuroscience. Eight brain performance centers are now located within Florida and Michigan. At their clinics they specialize in training programs to help adults and children manage their stress, get appropriate sleep, improve their concentration and manage depression. Read more about Neurocore at

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. It has been noted to begin in adulthood with occurrences being higher in women, but it can happen to anyone at any age. Depression is a completely curable disorder, one that if treatment is sought, patients can experience a full recovery. The problem is about two-thirds of people suffering from this disorder do not seek medical attention.

The stigma surrounding depression is said to be the main cause people do not seek help. Public awareness is necessary so this idea is erased, and those needing help can seek it without fear of ridicule. Mental Health Awareness Month during the month of May was created in hopes the general public can be educated and understand that depression is not a personal weakness and not something to be shrugged off.


There are eight facts concerning depression that show what an impact it has on a person:

  • Depression can come from outside influences
  • There are more than one type of depressive disorders
  • You cannot always see symptoms of depression
  • Depression causes physical toll on body
  • Suicide can often result from depression
  • Depression can lead to disability
  • Funding is needed to further research depression
  • Even severe depression can be treated

Neurocore treats people suffering from depression symptoms. They offer a medication-free depression treatment to all types of depression and no matter how severe. They understand the different situations that can trigger depressive emotions and are able to treat even chronic and debilitating cases.

Using EEG brainwave mapping technology, Neurocore also conducts a clinically validated rating of your symptoms and along with other diagnostic measures will come up with a customized program to heal your symptoms. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

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