Highland Capital Makes a Bold new Move

International markets do not need to compete with each other for resources, when the nature of their purposes is to help as many people as they can. There are several different examples of this in action, and a good one to look at is Highland Capital Management’s actions in Korea, due to its relatively recent occurrence, scope and sheer size. Medicine is big business, because of advances made in modern day societies across the globe. This translates to people not being afraid to live longer, stronger and healthier lives than before. And, Highland Capital is ready to roll up its sleeves to get down to business. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

To this end, they have a healthcare fund deal with S Korea NPS Shiwen Yap that’s just about worth 147 million dollars. This is actually being done by an affiliate of Highland which goes by a similar name. These are serious commitments that are sure to yield just as serious results, as far as helping along the business side of anything in the medical field, where Korea comes and goes. The good part of the focus on this deal should be on the National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea. This is because they are the anchor investor for the fund. Its Origins date back to 1988, and today it is valued somewhere at 499 billion dollars.

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This deal is kind of a herald and usher for more international trades between the Unitec States, China and Korea. Perhaps, one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of this deal is that it happens to be Highland’s first venture in Asia. As such, it’s going to take its cues from Stonebridge Capital which is a Korean private Equity Capital firm. Truth be told, these two organizations are co-managing the fund, just to make sure that things go smoothly. Asian investors seem to be particularly interested in this type of investing, although their methods do vary between direct and multi-purpose funds.

In this particular case, the vehicle for driving business will be the middle level of health care companies marketed in North America. But, this will also include areas and Asia as well. Things are looking up, as Highland Capital has plenty of assets under management in these perspective fields. The heads of both firms are more than ready to see just how well things can go over the next half a decade or so. Deals like this require expert timing and management, but when executed correctly they are a sure bet. Read more at bloomberg.com.

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