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Shiraz Boghani Given A Series Of Awards For His Success In Different Sectors

The success of the Splendid Hospitality Group has been achieved through the diligent and innovative leadership of the Chair of the brand, Shiraz Boghani. The Chair of the brand has often explored different industrial and retail sectors but has found his greatest successes in the development of a hotel group moving from limited services to five-star accommodation across much of the U.K. The ability of Boghani to find success with the hospitality group has been rewarded with the 2016 Hotelier of the Year Award at the U.K.’s Asian Business Awards.

The path to success has been a long one for Shiraz Boghani after he began his career in the U.K. in 1969 when he moved from his birth country of Kenya to London to pursue a career as a chartered accountant. Not only did Shiraz Boghani achieve his initial aim of becoming an accountant but has become one of the most respected financial experts in the U.K. with roles at the U.K.’s accountancy organizations over the course of a career beginning five decades ago.

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In his career, Shiraz Boghani began to focus on the hospitality industry and the Splendid Hospitality Group in the 1990s when he pioneered the use of limited service hotels in the city centers of the U.K. The establishment of these limited services hotels helped create a base for the growth of the Splendid Hospitality Group which would lead to the development of a new area of business including some of the most high-profile hotels in the country. At the time of winning the Hotelier of the Year award in 2016, the Splendid Hospitality Group operated 19 hotels in locations across the nation under the leadership and business plan of Shiraz Boghani.

Winning the Hotelier of the Year Award showed the level of respect Shiraz Boghani has developed in the hospitality industry and the Asian community as a whole who he represents with a leadership role with the National Council of the Ismaili community in Great Britain. As the success he has achieved has continued to grow so has the ability of the Kenyan-born business leader grown within the philanthropic community of the U.K. largely because of his work with the Aga Khan Foundation to bring greater levels of education to children and adults across the planet.


Jed McCaleb Reveals Stellar Development

In an interview, Jed McCaleb, the Chief Technology Officer of Stellar expressed his views on a number of things about doing business. is a company that is dedicated to connecting people to low-cost financial services so that they can fight poverty and develop their individual potential. In the interview, McCaleb revealed certain things about the background of Stellar’s initial development, his concept of entrepreneurship and some of the people that impact his approach to doing business.

With regards to the development of Stellar, McCaleb revealed that he was inspired by the potential of Bitcoin, meaning he must have been encouraged to create his company from the success being enjoyed by this crypto currency. However, he explained that his company is more focused on connecting siloed financial organizations by using their open source financial network. This aspect essentially differentiates them from Bitcoin which is primarily used to transfer value or money from one individual to another.

Stellar, on the other hand, can link different institutions to one another, and that includes Bitcoin. McCaleb added that his system uses open source financial networks to connect siloed and disparate institutions so they can move money cheaper and in a seamless way. He also revealed that Stellar is already being implemented by businesses and non-profit organizations in third world countries as their financial infrastructure.

When asked about a significant failure that he had experienced as an entrepreneur, McCaleb said that he has experienced many failures in business. But he also said that it is not really a matter of overcoming these failures, but it is a matter of not allowing these failures to stop him. His advice to entrepreneurs is that they need to be tenacious and be able to take large doses of punishment, while waiting for that inevitable break that will lead them to success.

As for the people that have influenced his thinking, McCaleb revealed that Daniel Kahneman is one of them. Kahneman is the author of “Thinking Fast and Slow.” He is also a psychologist. He also mentioned an organization that influenced him. This is the Center for Applied Technology. McCaleb said these resources explore the reasons why people (and businesses) fail and how their biases led to their failures.

Why Joel Friant and The Original Habanero Shaker Is The Best Pepper Spice In The Industry

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who believes that business success lies in providing your customers with top-notch quality in whatever you do. He started out with a restaurant he opened that delivered on the novel concept of Thai food served like fast food. This was a hit and the restaurant did very well. His one issue, though, was that he couldn’t find a Habanero Shaker that really delivered on the promise of a spicy/sweet taste that he was looking for.

During this time Joel Friant took some international trips, such as to Jamaica, so that he could personally sample habaneros and which farms had the best ones. He eventually built a supply chain of the best habaneros and released the Habanero Shaker to the public. It was a hit in the grocery store chains he had partnered with. However, after a few years, he needed to take a break in order to attend to his real estate business.

When the 2008 financial crisis hit the real estate market was flattened. Joel Friant decided to use this as a sort of opportunity to reintroduce his Habanero Shaker. He decided that this time he would combine his love of habanero peppers to his love of technology. He took some courses on modern-day ways of selling products on eCommerce websites since when he originally created the Habanero Shaker the internet wasn’t nearly what it has become today.

Joel Friant now sells the Original Habanero Shaker on Amazon. It consists of 100% flaked hot habanero peppers he sources from the best farms in the world. They are sun-dried at the farm itself and then ground down before being shipped to him. He says that his version is clearly the top of the class when it comes to these types of products and the type of high-quality product he loves to sell.

The Original Habanero Shaker is delivered in a convenient bottle. Because of its format it can keep for months in the pantry without losing any of its flavor or heat. He is so convinced that people will love it that he offers a 100% full money back guarantee.

AvaTrade Review- A Featured Currency Broker

AvaTrade- is a forex brokerage, internationally traded and regulated. It has powerful platforms and high leverage. It also offers educational platforms and expanded trading – enabling you to learn about trading and become better in the markets. They have business class customers service. It is an introduction to Contract For Difference- and you can use AvaTrade. The AvaTrade leverage makes it easy to trade and convenient- and you can take strong positions in the market. Leverage Trading can magnify profits, and also can magnify losses.

Contracts For Differences can help trading Spreads, this means the liquidity of the market is important. With AvaTrade you get a little start of $250. Competitive rate swaps and shorting of pairs and you get around the clock service and support in 14 languages. New technology helps. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and have trading risks. They are not physical coins and are electrically traded, so this is different from physical spot trading. Bitcoin was the first ditigal coin- and then Litecoin and these are both highly traded coins and currencies. There are also highly traded coins on the market. Portfolios can adopt these currencies. Bitcoin cash was also created by Bitcoin. Etheruem differs from being a currency- think of more of a computer that responds to technical requests and has attracted these from global financial institutions. Ripple can be described as a system of networks and was setup to engage financial networks. The crypto-currency has exploded in recent times going up 71%. Monero distribution (XMR)- focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability. Other currency includes NE0 and IOTA. ZCash is another cryptocurrency, that has stakeholders. Qtum is another one.

Cryptocurrencies are therefore in demand and have made a big impact on the currency markets- these will be a big player in the future.

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Four of the Oxford Club’s Tips in Beating the Stock Market

The Oxford Club is an international network that is run by investors and entrepreneurs. The one thing that makes them unique is that they design themselves to stay ahead of the stock market. They give recommendations on everything from stocks and bonds to crytocurrencies. Their success is due to combining practicality of principles with strategies. Even though investments are never guaranteed to succeed, the Oxford Club always has some great advice on what to do to increase your chances of becoming more financially abundant by receiving higher returns regardless of what happens in the market.

The Oxford Club is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. They currently have over 80,000 members in over 100 countries. A few of their other company perks include newsletters, financial seminars, and investment research.

On February 1, 2018, Brian Harris posted an article about four of their top strategies on Release Fact:

  1. Keep your investments well-balanced. A lot of people think that this means to invest in numerous and various stocks but this isn’t quite so. Instead, the proper way to keep your portfolios diversified is to consider the kinds of stocks that they have whether it’s Blue Chip, common, cyclical, etc. Foreign stocks should also be considered as they tend to increase when U.S. stocks decrease.

Many people also make the mistake of believing that they should stick with just equities. In reality, you’re better off considering also mutual funds, alternative investments, and commodities, etc. to your portfolio. If any of your investment returns are expected to be high, you’re better off going by risk.

  1. Plan an exit strategy. Knowing when and how you’re going to sell takes out a lot of the guesswork. And you save yourself a bunch of grief.
  1. Position sizing. Never base your investments exclusively on your emotion or intuition. Instead, determine how and when you want to re-size and re-balance your stocks.
  1. Keep your investment costs as low as possible. This means avoiding things like surrender penalties, front- and back-end loads. Also, don’t give the IRS any more of an incentive to tax it by avoiding things like rapid turnovers, maximizing on your capital losses, avoiding short-term capital gains, etc.

Revitalize your space with Siteline Cabinetry

When choosing a cabinet, what comes to many customers’ minds is customization, warranty, speed and the methods of production. If you are such a customer, then you should now check Siteline Cabinetry. Unlike other dealers, it has taken a notch higher by giving its customers a wide variety products that enables you make your favourite choice.
The firm produces attractive and stylistic cabinets which accommodates different premises decor. Quality and durability are the company’s primary priorities. The ability to merge the modern architectural design and traditional touch in their transition between the contemporary and the old-fashioned has enabled siteline become best choice in the market.
Uniqueness comes in customization and the firm has more than 289 materials and finishes. The options range from stains, wraps, glazes and laminates. The results are evident as seven out of ten buyers request their furniture’s based on the company’s provided options. Due to customers’ desire in touch of nature, Kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors are getting lots of popularity. Siteline has more than 45 styles that bring satisfaction to prospective buyers. For those who need a feel of cherry, red oak, walnut, maple and therm of oil then a visit to the firm is a guarantee of nothing but the best.
Professionalism and speed set apart the best. The company’s location is strategic in an area where staffs have sufficient knowledge about machine operations. It occasionally trains the staff to ensure they are at par with the newest industry trends. In matters time and speed, Siteline Cabinetry has a manufacturing system which ensures swift assembly and product delivery.
Remodelling for most homeowners is always an arduous event and breeds much fear of disorientation or overhauling of the available space. But Siteline graces and transforms many bathrooms, kitchens, closets, storage, and laundry rooms with much ease. Siteline Cabinetry revolutionized the industry through the revitalization of these spaces. In the long run, the styles are just a reflection of customer’s personality. The tastes are unique from the texture to the color, finishes, and designs.
A choice is always right with Siteline cabinetry.

Learn About Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is successful as both an entrepreneur and a licensed surgeon. Tulane University Medical School is where he earned his degree. After graduating he began practicing medicine alongside his father.

Although he is quite accomplished in the medical world, Dr. Mark McKenna has also delved heavily into the world of real estate. McKenna Venture Investments is a boutique devopment firm that he founded. The fact that he was able to build a real estate development firm, while keeping up with his medical practice simultaneously is quite impressive.

Many of Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate prospects, however, were located in New Orleans, Louisiana. On August 29, 2005, the city was victim to of the worst hurricanes in recent American history. During the storm, unforeseeable amounts of damage were caused. As a result of this damage, most of the properties that he had his sights on were wiped out well beyond repair. Even though McKenna’s real estate firm took significant losses after Hurricane Katrina, he was among the most active in helping to rebuild the city after the damage by helping to develop new housing for victims.

Dr. Mark McKenna started his new company, OVME, in 2017 and is also the company’s CEO. The name, OVME, is actually pronounced “of me,” which is intended to reflect its focus. OVME focuses on medical aesthetics that uses technology’s vast reach to focus first and foremost on the consumer.

The reason McKenna cited for launching OVME was that he wished to change the medical aesthetics industry, in which he was working, and find a creative and helpful way to expand his medical aesthetics practice.

Although he took massive losses after New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina, McKenna wasted no time in raising well over $4 million to help with OVME’s launch. Soon, the company had clinics in both Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. OVME’s innovative mobile app has also helped to attract new clients.

Dr. Mark McKenna info:

Let TMS Health Solutions Alleviate Your Treatment-Resistant Clinical Depression

Clinical depression can be a debilitating illness. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that between 14% and 17% of adults suffer from clinical depression or Major Depression Disorder (MDD) at least once in their lifetime.

Clinical depression can lead one to feel worthless and often produces thoughts of suicide. According to the CDC, as many as 40% of patients have treatment-resistant clinical depression and don’t respond to traditional treatments like “talk therapy” or medication. The medical profession has been looking for alternative treatments to help alleviate symptoms or clinical depression.

According to Mayo Clinic, a new treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation is being used to effectively treat those that are resistant to other treatment modalities.

What is TMS Therapy:

TMS therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that can be done without anesthesia in a physician’s office. The process involves placing an electromagnetic coil against your scalp. The coil uses repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS or TMS) to deliver pulses that stimulate nerves in the brain that controls mood and depression. It activates regions of the brain that have gone dormant in those suffering from clinical depression.

The entire process takes only about 40 minutes and can pick up on your normal daily activities immediately following the treatment. The best results are done on those that have four or fives sessions a week for at least four weeks.

What to Expect:

In a large majority of people, TMS treatments will reduce or often, cause the symptoms of depression to dissipate completely. There are relatively few side effects, those commonly seen include:
• Headaches or lightheadedness
• Tingling or twitching of facial muscles
• Scalp irritation

Where to Go for TMS Therapy in San Francisco:

One of the leading providers of TMS therapy Union Square, SF is TMS Health Solutions. Their team of dedicated clinicians has studied mental health conditions and the newest methods to treat clinical depression. They offer individualized treatments for all sorts of mental health issues and are experts in caring for those with Treatment-Resistant Depression. TMS Health Solutions offers some of the most innovative solutions available.

Clinical depression usually doesn’t go away on its own. With the help of the dedicated team at TMS Health Solutions, you can get your life back with transcranial magnetic stimulation.

You can learn more from their Website or can set up an appointment.

Making Educated, Informed Decisions on Prostrate Cancer with Dr. David Samadi

Three prominent politicians have undergone prostate cancer surgery. Colin Powell, John Kerry and Mitt Romney are thankful that they have not had any recurrence since they had their surgeries and are hopeful for continued good health. In their experience, it is important to find a urologic oncologist that has been board-certified and experienced to help the patient during their treatment journey. As a result, the patient would be able to make informed decisions, get educated on the disease and learn to cope with side effects, which help a great deal to recover quickly both psychologically and physically. To find out whether a specialist is good enough for the patient, the patient should consider looking at the specialist’s experience in terms of the number of successful surgeries, recurrence cancer levels, sexual function after surgery and urinary continence.

Dr. David Samadi advises his prostate cancer patients to go for surgery as opposed to radiation. In his experience, it becomes harder to treat a patient that had undergone radiation only to realize later that the disease had spread outside the prostate gland. In addition, Dr. Samadi points out that patients who go for radiation tend to develop secondary cancer on residual areas near the prostate glands, including the bladder and rectum. He points out that removing the prostate during surgery guarantees almost a 100 percent chance of survival without recurrence.

On the other hand, patients who choose radiation end up not living more than five years once cancer recurs. Nonetheless, Dr. Samadi sees it as his duty to advise his clients on the pros and cons of the different treatment methods before they make decisions because either of the treatments has a significant effect on the patient’s life.

Dr. Samadi has performed over 7,000 prostate cancer surgeries in the last decade only and at least 90 percent of these patients have not had any recurrence. He has also pioneered his invention, the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART). Dr. Samadi is known for his empathy with the pain and fears of his patients. He has been named in New York Magazine’s Best Doctor’s List and the Castle Connolly America’s Top Doctors due to his success in surgery.

He is also well experienced in the treatment, detection and diagnosis of urologic disease as well as the bladder and kidney cancer. He is one of the few doctors that have training in advanced minimally invasive treatment, oncology and open surgery.


Highland Capital Makes a Bold new Move

International markets do not need to compete with each other for resources, when the nature of their purposes is to help as many people as they can. There are several different examples of this in action, and a good one to look at is Highland Capital Management’s actions in Korea, due to its relatively recent occurrence, scope and sheer size. Medicine is big business, because of advances made in modern day societies across the globe. This translates to people not being afraid to live longer, stronger and healthier lives than before. And, Highland Capital is ready to roll up its sleeves to get down to business. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

To this end, they have a healthcare fund deal with S Korea NPS Shiwen Yap that’s just about worth 147 million dollars. This is actually being done by an affiliate of Highland which goes by a similar name. These are serious commitments that are sure to yield just as serious results, as far as helping along the business side of anything in the medical field, where Korea comes and goes. The good part of the focus on this deal should be on the National Pension Service (NPS) of South Korea. This is because they are the anchor investor for the fund. Its Origins date back to 1988, and today it is valued somewhere at 499 billion dollars.


This deal is kind of a herald and usher for more international trades between the Unitec States, China and Korea. Perhaps, one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of this deal is that it happens to be Highland’s first venture in Asia. As such, it’s going to take its cues from Stonebridge Capital which is a Korean private Equity Capital firm. Truth be told, these two organizations are co-managing the fund, just to make sure that things go smoothly. Asian investors seem to be particularly interested in this type of investing, although their methods do vary between direct and multi-purpose funds.

In this particular case, the vehicle for driving business will be the middle level of health care companies marketed in North America. But, this will also include areas and Asia as well. Things are looking up, as Highland Capital has plenty of assets under management in these perspective fields. The heads of both firms are more than ready to see just how well things can go over the next half a decade or so. Deals like this require expert timing and management, but when executed correctly they are a sure bet. Read more at