The New Age of Craft Breweries with Eli Gershkovitch

It’s an afternoon of rest and relaxation! We fire up the BBQ grill and head to the fridge to grab a beer. However, in this day and age, we are no longer limited to the domestic brew that we grew up knowing ( If you are Eli Gershkovitch, you may reach for a craft beer instead, because now we are enriched with the varieties of craft beer: Ale, Lager, Stout, IPA, etc. The endless list of craft beers engages our taste buds to the depths of our souls.


We have entrepreneurs and visionaries like Eli Gershkovitch to thank for leading the way to a land of craft beer bliss. Craft beers and Micro-breweries are now the norms for beer enthusiasts all over the world. Canada comes in on the top 20 best beers in the world according to Aphrodisiaque comes in on the list at number 20.


In 1995, when mass-market domestic breweries were leading the charge in beer sales, Eli was establishing Steamworks as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver. Allowing him the opportunity to dream big for the future of craft beer. Steamworks has grown into a Vancouver staple by ingraining itself into the culture of everyday living. Eli’s motto is to “expand to meet demand”, so with the growing demand for craft beers, he will have his work cut out for him.


Craft beer has given the world color in an age that was once only black and white with domestic beers. How about the color red with a British Columbia Red Racer Pale Ale (BeerMeBC)? Then, there is another top 20 great with Glutenberg Belgian Double from Montreal. Weissbier wheat is another great option to include in the fridge for that BBQ dinner. Eli and Steamworks have given the world an opportunity to arouse the taste buds and indulge in the delights of brewery mastery.


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