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Organo Coffee Enhancers Dominate Industry

Coffee is endlessly fascinating, but Organo, formerly known as Organo Gold takes this internationally favorite drink to new heights.

Founder, Bernardo Chua once felt if we gave coffee a little more attention and care it could become a specialty drink, with a meteoric rise, and he was right. His journey began ten years ago to enhance coffee, creating a superior drink. Chua added several ingredients, starting with Ganoderma Lucidum, a medicinal fungi, complimenting the arabica beans with grape seed oil and green tea. Many quickly dismissed the drink, but as more and more scientists performed studies on ganoderma lucidum and green tea, Organo coffee and teas became widely popular. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Recent research has confirmed the findings of traditional medicine in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, India), but is also compatible with European insights in herbal medicine. Medicinal plants can treat a host of specific diseases. For example, Ganoderma Lucidum is known to strengthen the immune system, and have an homeostatic function. The fungi is also regarded as being a natural remedy for stress and having an anti-aging effect on the body. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

One of the other ingredients in Organo products are green tea. Green tea contains a lot of polyphenols, and are among the antioxidants that can trap free radicals in our body and protect us from diseases. Studies have also shown that green tea is not only good for your metabolism, and helps to lose weight, but it protects your heart and can help improve blood pressure. Add up all these advantages to the body and it’s not difficult to see why Organo Gold products have become so popular around the world.

Organo recently launched a free app, available now on Google Play for Android devices. The app will feature news and updated information for product distributors. This will also make it easier to track sales, and product updates.


Lifeline Screening Continues to Help Patients

When Lifeline Screening first started, they made a point to give attention to people who needed their help. In fact, they needed to make sure they were doing that in every way possible because it was such a huge part of their business. Their point was to make sure customers knew as much as possible about their health and knew they would be able to make sure they were getting the treatment that would protect them in every way possible. For Lifeline Screening, this was a big part of their business and it gave them the inspiration they needed to keep helping people.

Even though people could easily get the screening they needed from their doctor, it was not as comprehensive as what Lifeline Screening was offering. In fact, they were able to give even more options to people who were trying to make things better on themselves because of the way they had come up with tests and new ideas for success in each of their patients. The easiest thing they could do as a company was make sure they were giving their patients the help they needed to start feeling better about the things they had to offer.

For Lifeline Screening, this was a big part of the business. They knew they would always be able to continue as long as they were looking at different screening options. By putting these options into place, Lifeline Screening was giving their customers a taste of what they could do to start feeling better. It also gave them the inspiration they needed to show others how things would get better and how things would change if they looked at their health in a positive way. Those who learned more about their health would have a longer life expectancy and would be able to be healthier while they were going through each of these things.

Once people have the screening done at Lifeline Screening, they will be able to talk about what their health issues are. They will also be able to find out who they can use to help them fix their health issues. All of these things will make it easier for Lifeline Screening to continue helping their patients. They know they can make all the right choices in the business and with the people who were a part of the business in different areas where they could screen for health.

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Malcolm Casselle: A Digital Pioneer of the Modern Era

The Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), is a decentralized platform that enables consumers to manage virtual commerce across a plethora of online video games. Simplifying the overall process of virtual exchange, by creating a more readily available economy, this platform allows for the encouragement of small business and successful trading; the exchange of virtual assets like skins for weapons, armor, and power ups, is already a billion-dollar industry, further exemplifying the potential importance of WAX.
As the president of WAX, Malcolm Casselle is a successful entrepreneur, and he is also the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, the largest marketplace of Steam skins. Prior to his successful career in the digital world, Malcom Casselle achieved a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, both in Computer Science. Casselle has led various startups, ranging from MediaPass to Xfire, and he was also involved with a Groupon joint venture in China; Malcolm fluently speaks both Mandarin and Japanese, which makes his efforts abroad especially significant. In addition to his work in China, from 2006-2013, he managed investments into the development of web companies in Hong Kong. Also in this region, Casselle was able to co-found Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW, a Hong Kong based information and communications technology company that operates all across the globe and has an estimated value of over $35 billion.
It is evident that Malcolm Casselle is one of the most influential and prominent individuals in an era of digital transactions and virtual currencies. Casselle continues to develop and manage companies that are changing the way in which people interact with their digital assets. With his efforts, the online gaming community is especially grateful for Casselle’s ability to create essential platforms that decentralize power from specific gaming companies, giving more of that trading power to the individual gamer themselves. In a world full of greed and corruption, it appears as if Malcolm Casselle actually cares about the communities that have given him his own wealth.

James Dondero helping improve the Dallas community

James Dondero has become one of the country’s most influential philanthropist and entrepreneur. James Dondero is based in the Dallas, Texas region and works to help grow the community through a variety of ways. He recently contributed some money to the Dallas Zoo, to help bring back the beloved hippos. In 2001, the Dallas Zoo shutdown the hippo habitat for a variety of reasons. People contacted the zoo demanding that they bring back the hippos, after a while the Dallaz Zoo management caved but faced a massive $14 billion cost to bring back the hippos. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero contributed $1 million dollars to the zoo, so that the Dallas community and visitors could once again bring their families to the zoo and see the hippos in their lively habitat. Part of the new habitat was named in honor of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero’s firm. James Dondero’s contribution was used to create a pavilion that allowed guests to hold private events at the new exhibit. The new exhibit features two hippos named Adhama and Boipelo.

James Dondero continues to help to improve his community and has even offered financial assistance anywhere in the community that needs a little push. James Dondero and his firm have contributed funds to Education is Freedom charity and the Perot Museum of Natural Science and also to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


James Dondero began his lengthy financial career at JP Morgan Chase & Co and later at American Express. He earned multiple degrees from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. James Dondero established Highland Capital Management in 1993 and continues to work with private individuals who need help with their hedge funds and equity accounts. James Dondero continues to contribute to the Dallas community and gives to a variety of local charities. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Mighty Fortress Church: Built On The Bible Alone

The main emphasis in this church is placed upon the teachings of the Bible itself. The Senior Pastor of this church, Dr. Tom Williams, believes that the Bible holds the keys to solving most, if not all, of the world’s current problems. He teaches that the Bible, being the divinely inspired word of God, holds the answers to the problems of sin, poverty, sickness, disease, racism, immorality, rebelliousness, and others. He teaches these solutions to his congregation as a path to what he calls “victorious Christian living”. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a unique and dynamic house of worship in which all are encouraged to express their faith in whatever way they wish. This is not a place in which the clergy shows a formal and distant attitude, nor is it a place of solemn ritual, nor is it a circus where performers use trickery to perform false miracles. It is simply meant to be a good, old-fashioned church in the best traditions of Christianity.

Perhaps the most unique and original aspect of this particular church is the open and accepting environment that they work hard to create. They tell people “come as you are”. Many different kinds of people are represented here, as all are considered welcome in God’s house. One can see that Mighty Fortress attracts a wide range of people from many different races, cultures, and walks of life. The informal, non-judgemental atmosphere is meant to encourage a deeper sense of kinship among those who come to hear the services, and to avoid the rigid and repetitious sense of ritual that pervades many churches and Christian institutions. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Pastor Williams often points out that he is not a performer or an entertainer, and his preaching style fits that statement. He is very plain and simple in the way he teaches his lessons. He doesn’t jump around and pretend to be possessed. He doesn’t claim to be a faith healer or a miracle worker. The overall emphasis in his ministry is placed on the word of God itself, which is the Bible, and all else is secondary to that. Personally, I feel that you can’t go wrong with that.


The New Age of Craft Breweries with Eli Gershkovitch

It’s an afternoon of rest and relaxation! We fire up the BBQ grill and head to the fridge to grab a beer. However, in this day and age, we are no longer limited to the domestic brew that we grew up knowing ( If you are Eli Gershkovitch, you may reach for a craft beer instead, because now we are enriched with the varieties of craft beer: Ale, Lager, Stout, IPA, etc. The endless list of craft beers engages our taste buds to the depths of our souls.


We have entrepreneurs and visionaries like Eli Gershkovitch to thank for leading the way to a land of craft beer bliss. Craft beers and Micro-breweries are now the norms for beer enthusiasts all over the world. Canada comes in on the top 20 best beers in the world according to Aphrodisiaque comes in on the list at number 20.


In 1995, when mass-market domestic breweries were leading the charge in beer sales, Eli was establishing Steamworks as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver. Allowing him the opportunity to dream big for the future of craft beer. Steamworks has grown into a Vancouver staple by ingraining itself into the culture of everyday living. Eli’s motto is to “expand to meet demand”, so with the growing demand for craft beers, he will have his work cut out for him.


Craft beer has given the world color in an age that was once only black and white with domestic beers. How about the color red with a British Columbia Red Racer Pale Ale (BeerMeBC)? Then, there is another top 20 great with Glutenberg Belgian Double from Montreal. Weissbier wheat is another great option to include in the fridge for that BBQ dinner. Eli and Steamworks have given the world an opportunity to arouse the taste buds and indulge in the delights of brewery mastery.



Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman, investor, entrepreneur and a mentor. He tutors other CEOs on how to manage their companies better. As a traveler who has resided in 6 and worked in over 30 countries, he has a lot of insight on how the interconnectivity of the world economy changes. He has worked at GE Capital and other companies for 20 years. This has given him the experience he requires in the world of business. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Scranton. 8 years later he attended the University of Chicago where he got his MBA. He is currently working as a CEO at the Launchpad Holdings LLC, a corporation he co-founded in 2015. This SAAS Firm provides business planning services to start-up entrepreneurs to help increase their success rate. He is also a blogger and on his blogs, he writes about topics such as; emerging markets, global affairs, and business transformations. He also advises people on business strategies and ways on how to raise capital.

Working as a CEO has given Glen Wakeman a chance to share his knowledge with a variety of executives as well as small and large companies ( Among his teaching, is the importance of donating in to help people stay connected and involved. He donated 1,000 dollars to the American Red Cross. Due to this, more and more people in the business world are taking an initiative to donate to charitable organizations such as the Red Cross. Glen states that collaboration between the Non-Governmental organizations and The businesses and corporations is important as it helps the people who are suffering to get relief food as well as services they may need. He stated this during the Puerto Rico hurricane. He stated that donating to charitable organizations is the best way to keep the fabric that holds the world of commerce together and makes it even stronger.

Glen Wakeman has gained his knowledge mostly through experience. During his 20-year old career, he became an expert in a number of issues such as business development, technology, business operations, technology and country and regional management. He has also earned a reputation as a visionary leader and a mentor to upcoming entrepreneurs as well as experienced CEOs.


Dr. Mark Holterman Asserts His Commitment to Medical and Humanitarian Causes

Dr. Mark Holterman is dedicated to both medicines and to humanitarian causes. He has combined both of these interests through his support of the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, also known as IPSAC-VN. This organization helps Vietnamese children with serious medical problems and also brings in those willing to lend their services to this cause.

Volunteers serve as the backbone of the IPSAC-VN group (TheNewsVersion). In addition to performing pediatric surgery, it is these men and women who lecture and provide training to those who will continue to serve children in need of specialized medical care. The organization serves the vital purpose of educating health care providers and teachers. It also provides equipment and various support services needed to raise and sustain the standards of medical care in Vietnam.

A similar charitable organization serving Vietnam is Children’s Surgery International, or CSI, which is responsible for the operation of Blossom House ( This foster care facility serves girls who are orphans or who come from impoverished families. The CSI program has the goal of dramatically altering the lives of those it serves. Both CSI and IPSAC-VN are in need of health professionals willing to donate their time to serve medical and human needs. The medical services they provide range from minor to major procedures, including brain and heart surgery, organ transplants and the repair of congenital defects.

Established in 2012 by Dr. Holterman, Mariam Global Health is an investment and management firm that has made possible the services provided by IPSAC-VIN and CIS. In addition to directly dealing with health problems, it is responsible for developing new medical techniques and encouraging investment in health-related industries.

A graduate of Yale University, Mark Holterman received his medical degree from the University of Virginia, marking the beginning of a long career in the field. Among his many activities, he has served as the chief surgeon at Advocate Children’s Hospital and the attending pediatric surgeon at another Chicago-based facility, the Rush University Medical Center. He was serving as a professor at the University of Illinois when he founded Mariam Global Health.

Medical providers interested in volunteering their services to IPSAC-VIN will require a medical license, background information about themselves and a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after their arrival in Vietnam.


Perry Mandera- An Honorable Mention for Leader in Chicagoland

Perry Mandera has worked in the transportation industry for over 30 years. In February 1986, he established The Custom Companies, Inc., which is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois. Mandera is an advocate of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISSC). He got a Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 and a Citizen of the Year Award in 2011 from the ISSC ( Mandera serves on the board of the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA). ITA has been a lobbyist for projected laws supporting the transportation sector. Among these laws are the Illinois Senate Bill 662. ITA forecasted an extra $50 million yearly cost for the transportation industry as a result of the license plate sales tax. Perry Mandera is one of the best American transportation company presidents of the “Millennium”.


Mandera is the President of The Custom Companies, Inc. His company participates in the SmartWay Program sponsored by the EPA. Perry is a supporter of the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, Jesse White Tumblers, Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, Special Olympics, and AIDS research. He is a board member of the Jesse White Tumblers. Perry Mandera has also been a coach for youth athletes and Olympic boxers. He supports nonprofit companies benefiting members of the military. Mandera has been a contributor to the Marine for Life Network and Two Soldiers and a Marine food caterer. He created his own NPO, Custom Cares Charity. Mandera has sent trucks full of supplies to those affected by Hurricane Katrina and the Washington, IL tornado. From 1984 to 1988, he was the Chicago 26th Ward Republican Committeeman (Tumblr).


Perry Mandera has previously served in the US Marine Corps Reserve Corps. Mandera is in charge of the daily operations of his company. He has high expectations for the 350+ employees at The Custom Companies, Inc. These expectations include “World Class Customer Service”. Mandera’s company provides other services besides transportation, such as distribution and warehousing. The clients of the company are LTL, Truckload, Local Cartage and Airfreights. Prior to establishing The Custom Companies, Inc., he started his own transportation company in 1980. The Custom Companies, Inc. owns another facility in the Los Angeles area.



It’s now known how a strong nature phenomenon is going to strike and affect your life, in the unfortunate event you may be affected by such a direct strike, rest assured that for your basic utility services of electricity and/or natural gas, Stream Energy is there for you.


If you were a customer or associate directly affected by Hurricane Harvey, it is good to know that during those difficult times Stream Energy is there with a helping hand, supporting you either by assisting by eliminating related late payment fees, deferring your payment bill, creating a payment plan or by indirectly being assisted by the company efforts on Red-Cross donations.

Independent associates who live on strike regions and may have been affected by this phenomenon also will see support from their direct sales peers that will be doing their effort to assist them by means of funding campaigns with company matched donations up to $25,000 (Twitter).


Stream Energy, a Dallas based corporation created in 2005, that has reached the status of ‘Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Energy Providers in Texas’ by Market Strategies International. The company strives to be not just another ‘energy company’, but a partner in life that is on your side because it makes a big emphasis on simplicity on the way it operates to make things as clear as possible for you, the customer.


Added features that Stream Energy provides you are: The educational assistance on the management of your energy plan, which may assist you on reducing existing waste of service that on the long run will cost valuable money from your wallet; and the availability of versatile ‘tools’ to be able to monitor your electricity usage and receive periodic reports directly on your e-mail system to be aware and pinpoint how energy is being used (or misused). These features assist the customer in feeling he or she is in control of the usage of the electrical service. Valuable assistance in an area where it is common to think and feel that electrical bill is out of control in a big percentage.

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