Customer Care Service and its Impact on Market America Business Expansion

The company, Market America Inc was established in 1992 as a product brokerage firm and also an internet marketing company. The company specializes in One to One Marketing which happens to be a great marketing strategy. The company has over 180,000 shop consultants who have been able to serve over 3 million customers. The company has so far been able to generate over 3.8 billion dollars in revenue over the past few years. During that time the company’s distributors and franchise business owners have been able to earn over $2.2 billion as commissions. They have been able to employ over 700 employees in their businesses who are experts in different fields and have closely worked with the success of the business.

Market America Customer service started expanding their operations in 2002 when they opened their first branch in Australia and then subsequent ones at Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Malaysia and also Mexico. They also hold market America Events regularly with a mission towards improving their performance and connections across the globe. The events are usually attended by great business people and brand ambassadors from all parts of the globe. They meet in order to brainstorm and share their ideas towards their next step in the field.

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