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OSI Group Continues To Expand Internationally

OSI Group is a food processing company that has been expanding internationally. In fact, the company recently made acquisitions throughout Europe, which included buying a controlling stake in Baho Food back in 20016. Baho Food has subsidiaries throughout the Netherlands and Germany and at the time OSI Group acquired them, they were providing food to 18 European countries.

Not only did OSI Group acquire Baho Food, but they purchased Flagship Europe in the same year. OSI Group took over Flagship Europe’s production of condiments, frozen poultry and pies. As a result, Flagship Europe will be able to purse new opportunities throughout Europe. OSI Group has also expanded to Spain and Germany.

About OSI Group

As previously mentioned, OSI Group is food processing company and its headquarters is based in Aurora, Illinois. The company initially opened as a family meat market in the city of Chicago back in 1909. The CEO of the company is Sheldon Lavin and the president is David McDonald. The company operates a number of subsidiaries that are based in Europe, China, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, as well as Canada and in the United States.

As for products and services, OSI Group offers custom food processing to their clients, and this includes fruits, meats, vegetables and various proteins. The company supplies items such as pizza, poultry, beef, pork, baked goods, seafood and produce to markets around the world. They supply much more than those too.

As a large company that employs thousands and thousands of people around the world, OSI Group are constantly looking to bring on new talent. In the United States alone, the OSI Group currently has over 50 job openings, which includes maintenance supervisor accountant positions, as well as production supervisors, safety internship and CDL drivers to name a few.

If you wish to learn more about OSI Group and about the products and services they offer, then feel free to visit their website. If you want to apply for a job with OSI Group, then you can view their website and check out the career section or search for job listings on third-party sites.

About OSI Group:

Ted Bauman, the Senior Editor of Banyan Hill

     The Banyan Hill enjoys the services of Ted Bauman who joined the firm in 2013. He is also the editor in other publishing companies like The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. His areas of reporting are in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, privacy, and international migration issues. They all revolve around monetary matters and the fact that they should be handled appropriately for gains. He is a resident of GA, Atlanta.

In the protection and growth of wealth, he is into the safest ways to invest. He usually talks about how one can take control of his finances and be free using their strategies to increase their riches and succeed in life.

Lately, he has been fundamental and critical about how the Health Care Coverage. Ted Bauman wants the people not to take this issue lightly and that it should not be politicized. The shortcomings of the healthcare systems need to be treated holistically. It should not be treated partially because some people in the population are going to suffer the consequence of the new bill. Obamacare should not be replaced as at now, but it needs to be worked on to suit all classes. A solution should be created before repealing it.

He writes that in the recent months, there have been attempts to remove it, but the Senate sees that there will be people who will suffer and they are in millions. Donald Trump’s replacement will be a disaster with many people losing covers and premiums rising. The government pays typically 7 billion dollars to the health insurance companies because there are discounts made for the low-income clients in the Obamacare. It suited 6 million low-income earners and was not an additional gain for the insurers. It just compensated them. In case the government scraps the payment, it will make premiums to rise sharply. Insurance companies will have strict laws to follow to avoid loses.

Individuals who are at a risk of being affected are the retirees and self-employed individuals. People who do not have employer-provided covers with a low income will automatically be in a fix. Deductibles and copays will also rise.

Employed individuals are going to be affected too because some money will be used to replace the money taken away. It will result in losses being distributed to all levels of life so the quality of insurance will be low.

Ted Bauman says that there will be no savings by the government by the time the problem will be a menace. It will lead to a 200 billion dollar cost that the government will need to pay in just ten years.

Bauman in his social media accounts also talks to people who are contributing to charities and how well their money is spent. He suggests the best funds to assist in, and your money will have been used well.

Frustrated Conservatives make up Fake Stories about George Soros’s Character

When a person can successfully oppose an ideology, a political party or traditional values; that individual is quickly vilified by the people who are being resisted. This is exactly what has happened to George Soros. He has been vilified by the right. Some conservatives have such a disregard for Soros that they falsely accuse him of being a puppet master for the left or liberal causes and what George Soros knows.

There are many conservative leaders and organizations that have relentlessly attacked George Soros with lies and untruths. They honestly believe that Soros is a leading figure behind the rise of liberalism and how this ideology is pushing back the conservative agenda. When people look at his life and what he can do with his money; it is not hard to understand why they are so frustrated with him and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros’s Opens Society Foundation or OSF has been around for decades. This organization is used by Soros to ensure that there are organizations and groups that will oppose the conservative agenda. However, that does not mean that Soros is behind every last little setback that the right experiences. Many conservative conspiracy theorists believe otherwise.

Right wing conspiracy theorists and even a few conservative talk show hosts have wrongly accused Soros for many things he has not done. Many of these people are simply frustrated by Soros and they blame him for what is wrong with their ideology and their views. Even when the conservative agenda is clearly failing, they still have to blame somebody for this shortcoming. This is another reason why they have made Soros into an imaginary monster and more information click here.

Soros is on the move in the 21st century. He is accomplishing a lot of things for the conservative movement. His support is helping many societies to protect and install democracy. His efforts are also helping people to keep power in their hands. The ruling conservative elite does not want him to have any kind of influence on these people and Follow him

Soros is an extremely wealthy man. His immense fortune would allow him to easily join the conservatives and the traditional governmental elite. Soros knows better. He does not want people to suffer under a tyrannous government or repressive society. George Soros just wants people to have freedom and to be as free as they possibly can. This can only be accomplished through an open society. Ultimately, George Soros is nothing like the person that the bias conservative people make him out to be. You can find out more about the fake conspiracy stories and George Soros in the Business Insider.

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OSI Group’s Expansion, Locally and Internationally!

The Multi-billion dollar food manufacturing operation of OSI Group is currently taking action to continued expansion of its enterprise, globally. From home expansion to international expansion in Europe, OSI has valued plans to effectively provide its retailers better tasting and health conscience food quality, both as a natural and an organic, from premium to affordable selections.

OSI has partnered with food industry powerhouses, globally, to collaborate on cultural strategies for subjected expanded locations, in order to acquire distinct societal taste preferences. With this expansion, consumers are in for a more tailored food choice of significance.

This facility expansion plan includes 16 countries to operate in, especially throughout Europe. With its acquisition of Flagship Europe, OSI is now able to diversify their portfolio – including a UK food service supplier that entails a quality of popular products. Its frozen poultry, dip, marinade and sauce products, all contribute to the broader variety of selections to retailers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, steadily providing new and improved tastes to reward existing customers while gaining more. OSI will continue to consider new inclusions based on consumer voting.

A Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, decided to do business with OSI as well – Baho Food. This power move, adds to the increasing factor of OSI’s European expansion. There are 5 Baho plants which are established throughout Germany and Neverlands, serving 18 European countries.

OSI, during their expansion plan, holds firm to the belief that global companies are, “local in nature” and cannot run a “one-size-fits-all” business. This approach was put into effect, by OSI, in 1992 when the company decided to expand to China, a country whose culture and governmental regulations are completely divergent from those of the US. Global expansion success has always been entailed partially with local management who understands the society in which the international based business operates. OSI is headquarted in Aurora, Ill, but that doesn’t mean that such acquired food taste of Aurora is that of such country in which OSI expands. OSI understands this and capitalizes.

Expanding locally amidst the US is also a part of the expansion plan of OSI. With its acquirement of former Tyson’s food plant in Chicago, Ill for $7.4 million, recently, OSI is a 200,000 square foot plant facility richer for producing quality beef, vegetable and poultry products to its local retailers. This buy-out has helped a multitude of the 250 employees who have lost their job, to keep a job working where they thrive best – a food plant.

OSI Group is a food manufacturing company that has existed for more than a century, and very impactful in the process. Titled by Forbes as,”one of the world’s largest privately-owned companies”. If its ever a wonder as to if OSI is capable of expanding in such mentioned capacity, with success following, there is not too much time wasted on such ponder, as this multi-billion dollar company is a trusted establishment with the right strategic approach to successfully expand as it has for over a century. OSI is always seeking to provide its consumers with innovative food manufacturing that not only tastes fantastic, but is as good to the consumers health as a shepherd is to their sheep.

OSI Group Info:

Proprietor Julia Jackson: Follow The Leader

Julia JacksonProprietor Julia Jackson has become an influential figure in winemaking. She was actually born to a family of winemakers back in the late 1980s. Her father, the late Jess Jackson, was a wine extraordinaire thanks to his keen knowledge in vinification. Jess Jackson founded Jackson Family Wines back in 1982 and as of today, this company is one of the most popular wine organizations in the world. It has wineries in numerous countries such as South Africa, Australia, Italy, Chile and France. Its 583-acre site in Oregon produces some of the sweetest grapes that are used for Pinot Noir wines.Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter, is very diverse in her dealing with the company. She seems to have a hand in many different projects as she’s a representative and salesman for Jackson Family Wines. She travels on a regular basis to foreign places like Hong Kong, China, South Korea and others.

Julia JacksonThis is to promote the brand while networking. This team also attends trade shows, which helps in boosting the brand’s name. Julia is very hard working thanks to her father. As a child, she would have to go out in the fields with her siblings to pick grapes. Jess Jackson did a wonderful job by instilling his children with a sense of hard work and the respect for the value of a dollar.Scripps College and Stanford University are two of the higher education institutions that Julia attended. Seeds of Empowerment, Julia’s organization, celebrates female power and strength. This nonprofit organization serves its community by donating $100,000 in annual cash grants for deserving organizations. Julia is a reflection of her mother on the business side of things. This woman has taught sixth-grade French class, has modeled for numerous companies in Los Angeles, and she’s laying the blueprint of success.

Why Drinking Premium Coffee Sold by Brands Such as Organo Gold is Beneficial to your Health

New research has proven that drinking coffee reduces the risks of contracting life-threatening illnesses such as stroke, kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease. The research, which was published in Annals of Internal Medicine, was conducted on more than 185,000 whites, African-Americans, Japanese, Americans, and Latinos.

According to Veronica W. Seitawan, the study’s lead author, the study was conducted on people of different backgrounds to provide results with a stronger biological backing. Veronica, who also serves as an associate professor at UCLA, pointed out that the research was a confirmation of the fact that coffee is beneficial to everyone irrespective of their ethnicity.

Detailed Results

Through a test period of 16 years, the research concluded that those who consumed two to three cups a day had reduced death chances when compared to those who do not take coffee. Participants in the study reported their coffee consumption habits after five years. A different study was also conducted in 10 countries outside the U.S. and had the same conclusion.

Organo Gold

ORGANO is reputable network marketing firm whose mission is to change lives globally through its business opportunities and premium products. The company maintains its presence in more than 50 countries through the provision of nutritional supplements, personal care products, and beverages. These premium products reach customers through the brand’s independent distributors.

ORGANO Independent Distributors offer product samples, discounted sales, automated shipping options and individual product sales. These services are provided ORGANO’s Preferred Customers Program. If you are looking for an innovative business opportunity, you should register as a distributor of ORGANO. This is because the company provides people, whose goal is to grow their businesses and earn extra income, generous compensation options.

As a brand, ORGANO has an exclusive and unprecedented collaboration with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. The brand’s “Think and Grow Rich” book recently surpassed 100 million copies in sales globally. It is aimed at helping people achieve financial success and become successful entrepreneurs.

Find more information on Organo Gold by following them on their YouTube channel, here.

Rick Smith: Why he’s more than just the average CEO

Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, announced the addition of new sales executive John Bell, to lead the growing initiative of the company’s current sales team. With 600 million dollars invested in the acquisition and development of the safety and security product line, Securus Technologies was seeking someone with extensive sales experience. Currently, Securus Technologies provides 800 products for the law enforcement and corrections sectors. Securus Technologies provides their products and services to aid civil and criminal justice, while protecting the safety of civilians and preventing crime. Smith believes Bell will be a positive addition to the team, adding that Bell has a 35-year long history of transformative change within sales leads. Bells previous career occurred at IBM, adding credibility to his professional resume. Smith said that Bell’s addition to Securus Technologies would help the sales team evolve.

In order to better serve the communities around correctional facilities, Securus Technologies releases the proposals of service and products every week. CEO Rick Smith has said the service and product releases are beneficial to law enforcement in solving current crimes and preventing future crimes from happening within correctional centers. The releases also help in protecting local communities. Smith has received an outpouring of appreciation from customers thanking him for the product releases. Customers have sent letters and emails regarding the various Securus Technologies products that have helped to solve and prevent inmate-on-inmate crimes in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies enables law enforcement and those who work in correctional facilities to conduct investigations including the monitoring of inmates. Currently, Securus Technologies serves a reported number of 3,450 public law enforcement and correctional agencies within the US.

Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer in charge of Securus Technologies. Rick Smith’s professional background is what ultimately led him to the holding the CEO position of Securus Technologies in 2008. Prior to working for Securus Technologies, Smith was the CEO Eschelon Telecom, a holding company for various telecommunications businesses. During Smith’s career at Eschelon Telecom, he was responsible for growing revenue from grew revenue $30 million dollars all the way to $350 million dollars. In the past, Smith has held various positions in operations, finance, Information Technology and business development at Frontier Corporation, all of which have helped furthered his wised skill set and expertise in the prevailing industries. In addition to previous professional positions, Smith’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from New York State University in Buffalo, a Masters degree in Mathematics and an MBA degree from the University of Rochester. Smith also served on the board of Securus Technologies prior to his role as CEO.

Oncotarget Treatment Insight through Weekly Publications

Presently, science offers the best platforms for finding treatment to diseases. From attracting donors to finding committed researchers that focus on finding treatment for life threatening diseases, scientific research continues to evolve in various beneficial ways. To find treatment methods that can work for most of these diseases, research scientists have come together with the aim of establishing viable channels. That is the story of Oncotarget, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that seeks to distribute vital information concerning diseases and there cure.

Research Work

Being a research scientist, there is more than just working in a laboratory when conducting research. It boils down to finding useful journals that can facilitate the research process. That is what Oncotarget does. The journal comes in a detailed subscription that offers access to vital information when it comes to treating diseases. A good example is how Oncotarget has been useful in the fight against cancer. For years, this journal has been disseminating valid scientific information concerning the fight against cancer. While most scientific journals are useful information on diseases and their treatment, the packages come at a significantly expensive cost. Oncotarget is affordable and can be accessed at any time.


Oncotarget can be accessed through authoritative news channels. Depending on the field of study, a research scientist can submit their proposal concerning recent findings in a certain medical field. The submission goes through experienced, medical research scientist that has been in the field for long. One such researcher is Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail is an editor for Oncotarget. Mikhail understands the importance of distributing vital medical data to the public. Towards this end, he has ensured that the information published on Oncotarget is as relevant as it can be. From cell biology, cancer, age and the diseases that accompany aging, Oncotarget is always updated on the relevant treatment.


Oncotarget is definitely a healing journal to many. What is more, the journal can be ordered for printing at any time. With the weekly publications that it offers, many have been able to find treatment for cancer. That is why there is a steady growth in finding cure for many diseases.

James Dondero Successful Entrepreneur

James Dondero is a successful Entrepreneur making an impact in Dallas, Texas. He also goes by Jim and is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Highland Acquisition Corporation. He is considered Dallas’s surprising Philanthropy hero because of he and his companies work with the Foundation to Enhance Philanthropy Program in Dallas. Recently Dondero has been busy working within the credit markets in the financial industry. He earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance. Dondero’s experience began in 1984 where he worked in a training program with JP Morgan. He was eventually responsible for $1 billion in fixed income funds. For a company that had started out as a concept, Dondero was eventually able to turn it into a $2 billion industry. Not long after that Dondero began a company that he still has and serves as president of today called Highland Capital Management, L.P. When Dondero is not busy with work, he takes time to participate in charitable events. He works very hard for the city of Dallas where he is from and does his best to make it a better place for the residents to be. For example, James Dondero was able to help the Dallas Zoo reopen it’s Hippo exhibit which had been taken away. The Hippo outpost required $14 million dollars and Dondero’s company Highland Capital Lodge donated $1 million to help the zoo to open back up a hippo outpost. Other notable things that Dondero and his company have donated to are the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Education is Freedom charity, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Snowball Express, Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. James Dondero is an entrepreneur who has been very successful with his business and also does great charity work in the Dallas community.

Karl Heideck Helping People Understand the Complex Business Laws

     If you are operating a Pennsylvania business, there are certain things you need to keep in mind concerning your employees. The statutes of labor keep evolving, and you need to stay ahead of the curve. The employment law has a broad scope that deals with a range of practices. Some of these statutes may be unique to your business model or industry. Some of them are applicable regardless of the individuals in your workforce.

There is the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. This law contains the rules for when you need to pay a minimum wage to your workers. It will also cover the overtime and recording of the work hours. It is your duty to have the FLSA requirements posted visibly at your business premises. The FLSA may cover the minimum wage, but these federal laws do not override the laws of the state. When you are not sure if you are supposed to pay the state or the federal minimum wage, then you need to pick the price that is higher.

There is the Family and Medical Leave Act also known as FMLA. This is a federal law that makes sure the eligible workers are allowed to take leave when it concerns their family or health needs. When one has taken a FMLA leave, it is not necessary that you pay them. However, you cannot fire them and cut their eligibility for group health insurance. The employees are also allowed to take as many as 12 weeks of leave that are unpaid for.

In addition to the state laws, there are also some federal laws that may only impact your industry. Employment law is complex, but that does not mean that you need to fall behind. It can be helpful for you if you consult with the legal experts.

Karl Heideck is an attorney who is based in Philadelphia. He works to ensure that the businesses do right by their employees. Heideck tends to believe in helping those companies that are also succeeding to observe the laws. He has been working in various fields of contract law for more than one decade. This has helped him to gain invaluable experience.

In addition to helping the companies that struggle with the complicated employment laws. Karl Heideck also contributes to the online blogs and sources. In those blogs, he tries to explain the evolution of the Pennsylvanian law. Karl helps the business owners to understand the impact that these changes of the law could have on their firms.