Where to Visit in Napa Valley

     Traveling Vineyard has made a comprehensive guide on the places to visit if you are traveling to Napa Valley. The valley is well known for its fertile soils which are used to grow grapes that are used to make wine. However, that’s not all that the place has to offer, there are other appealing activities and places that tourists can engage in during their visit.

Lovers of art are advised to drop by Napa Art Walk displays. Here one can see various works of sculptures which have been curved out of materials like wood. The sculptures are also made available for sale for those who will be willing to buy. If you want to find out how the Valley looked like before and what kind of people lived there, you are advised to visit Napa Valley Historical Society where the tiny pieces of valley’s history are kept and preserved.

If you have been wondering how olive oil is produced from olives, then you are advised to visit Round Pond Estate. The estate utilizes the fertile soils of the valley to produce high-quality olives. In addition to that, you can visit Silverado Cooking School where you will be taught how to cook. The Auberge Spa Center and the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park all sum up the attractions and the appeal of the area.

About Traveling Vineyard

     Traveling Vineyard was established in November 2001, as a home wine testing company. It has since grown steadily while building friendships across a large area. Unlike other companies, Traveling Vineyard uses the Home-Based business model in conducting its activities. This gives their guides the ability to develop schedules they are comfortable with and at the same time, develop their way of doing things.

The guides plan and execute relaxed home-based wine tasting parties, where they give their clients an opportunity to sample different wines before making a purchase. More interesting is that the company’s online outreach is used to train the guides on what they do. The company boasts of over a 90 percent customer satisfaction rating, a clear indication that their systems are effective.

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