The 10 Largest Building Projects Planned for 2016

If you’ve been wondering about the new construction and business growth in the Big Apple, wonder no more. NYC is expanding and accelerating and leaving the economic downfall of 2008 in its wake. All five boroughs are thriving, and that means the rest of the country is following.

NYC always leads the country and possibly the world. TOWN Real Estate, one of the top NYC apartments for sale agencies has the updated information on new properties.

Below are ten of the hottest in NYC.

1. 43 West 47 Manhattan – a 17 story office building is planning to be built by removing the 2 smaller buildings.
2. 827 Broadway Manhattan – plans for an office and retail building in Greenwich Village. Samson Klugman bought 825 – 831 for $60 million in the summer of 2015.
3. 37-12 Prince St. Queens – the F&T Group submitted plans to build a new 77,228-sq.ft. building for offices.
4. 12 East 48th Manhattan – Manhattan is changing, and this new 31-story hotel being built in Midtown East is proof. The hotel will have 161 rooms from the third floor to the 29th with retail stores.
5. 413 West 18th St. Chelsea – this 160-unit building will be built on the parking lot of the Robert Fulton complex, and it is a public housing building that was originally planned 12 years ago. Now is the time.
6. 2956 Park Ave. Bronx Mo Vaughn and Eugene Schneur are building a 154 residential rental units in a 15-story building in Melrose.
7. 22 Chapel St. Brooklyn
8. 28-10 Queens P Queens – Tishman Speyer has the largest plans for NYC with two towers of 27 stories here for office space and manufacturing. He already laid the plans for a 258,000-square-foot lease at Three Gotham Center, which is across the street from where he plans to build three residential rental buildings, and he has more in the works.
9. 270 Richard St. Brooklyn – Joseph Sitt has the second largest construction filed this June beginning with the 5-story building on Red Hook Riverfront.
10. 28-10 Jackson Ave. Long Island City – Tishman Speyer has a one million sq. ft. building consisting mainly of offices. It is the largest single construction project planned this year.

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