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Jason Hope’s Recent E-Book is a Goldmine for IoT Users

The earmark of modern civilization is how connected individuals seem to be with the people around them. Even though they may have busy lives, they are still able to chat with friends overseas or check on their pets at home while they are at work. It is truly a time where massive advancements are being made in the technology field. In fact, Jason Hope discusses the technology that helps people stay connected to one another and its importance in his new e-book available on Amazon.com.

Hope has been a major player in the technology field for a long time. After graduating with his MBA from Arizona State University, he immediately started his own business. He quickly gained success and began acquiring other technology-based businesses. His insight into the future of technology and his business instinct has helped him not only grow his own personal wealth but consistently advance the technology industry. While he has worked so hard to reach the top of his career, he is also interested in helping consumers master technology in their own way. This recent e-book is his attempt to do just that.

The e-book, called Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: a Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”, discusses the wave of growth associated with IoT that will continue into the future. The IoT network will continue to become more integral to society. Hope’s book not only explains what IoT really is, but it teaches readers how to maximize their use of IoT devices and safeguard themselves against potential threats. Surely, this work will prove itself to be invaluable to many consumers.

While there are many technologically savvy people around nowadays, there are still some that do not understand the IoT. IoT is simply the web of connections that different IoT devices use to communicate with each other. This can be cell phones, computers, appliances, and even the camera that consumers use to watch those pets described earlier. If the device is transmitting data to another device or communicating, then it is on the IoT network.

The reason that Hope’s e-book is so important is that the IoT is expected to grow. In fact, by 2020 there is an expected growth of the IoT network to over 30 million devices. This will paint a very different world for consumers, and Hope wants to get them ready. Communication is a very good thing and Hope’s e-book will help turn novices into IoT experts in no time at all.

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