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The Chainsmoker’s rise to success

If you are a lover of music and you have been following the music industry, you may be familiar with Chainsmokers. Taggart and Pall have been creating EDM music, and they are changing the entire music industry. They have been excelling since they started and it seems they are not stopping anytime soon. It is not easy to succeed in the music industry. So, how did they manage to achieve incredible success? How did they cross to the mainstream music from EDM?

Their rise to fame started back in 2014 when they released the song called ‘Selfie.’ The song was unique, and it was being played on various radio stations. But they still had a lot to do. Most music lovers did not take the group seriously, and they had to come up with a way to establish their music career. They continued to release songs and performing on various events because they were serious about their music career. They gained some popularity in the EDM music, but they were yet to break into the mainstream music industry. Their main focus was now to create music and attract fans from around the world. When they released a song called ‘Roses’, it was a hit, and they rose to fame and became stars in the music industry.

Since then they have been singing hit after hit, and they have attracted many fans who love their music. When it comes to their vocalists, they have featured artists like Daya, Rozes and Halsey while most DJs go for some of the most recognized artists in the music world like Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber. Their songs become popular because they are quality and not because they feature big names in the industry. Chainsmokers are also great performers, and their live performances have contributed to making them who they are today. When they are performing in their shows, they ensure that their performance is excellent and that everyone is happy with them being on stage. Those who attend their music shows can give a testimony that they have never been disappointed. That is what makes them outstanding from other artists who fail when it comes to their aspect of performance.


Meet One-Half Of The Unstoppable Duos Of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall

They are spreading like wildfire across the globe, infecting everyone who listens to their songs intoxicated with the love of their cool, emotional and well-played music. Every beat and word in their songs is creating a throbbing in the hearts of many who just want to listen to them. And when they have a performance, fans from far and wide are always anticipating hitting and filling the venue. They are called the Chainsmokers; a duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart.


The handsome young men have become perhaps the most popular duo around the globe with some of their songs hitting around 2 billion views. Alex Pall, who is an expert when it comes to spinning the discs, never thought that his meeting with Drew would catapult them to the level they are currently. It is kind of attractive and unique to have DJs producing their own songs while they are known to be relying on others artistic works and songs.


Alex Pall stands upright to show to the world that he is not only good behind the DJ booth as a beat crafter but also a human who has feelings and emotions which he can express through their various songs. He is on the journey of revealing his true identity, of which so far so great and more is on the way. The social media family has grown their identity as well.


Alex Pall grew up as a DJ which he was doing as his hobby and sometimes involved in DJing in his home city, New York, while still pressing on to his career. Despite being a side work and a hobby, he felt a strong love characterized with fun for what he was doing. Eventually, dance music consumed him and passion was shifted to his hobby. His manager introduced him to Drew and they just clicked and started pushing towards their vision.


When Andrew came from Maine, Alex Pall had to resign from his work and focus on what he was passionate about. The two had the same passion and likes making it easier for them to blend. To keep their relationship interesting, they like to try new things in their art. According to Pall, it was great working with incredible Hasley who is cool and very strong in her voice and would always work with her in future.