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Wengie’s Awesome Hair Hacks

It seems these days that no matter what it is there is always a hack to do it better. Youtube darling and overall fashion guru for the lazy and chronically late, Wengie, published her latest vlog to help everyone find the perfect hair while not even braking a sweat or hair tie.


Famous for her colorful and beautiful hair, Wengie let subscribers in on a few of her secrets to maintaining luscious looks without a team of stylists at the stand by.


Repurpose Magnetic Strips


By far the easiest and most useful hack for those that cannot keep bobby pins from getting loose and running free, Wengie solved the mystery of the disappearing bobby pin making even Benedict a bit envious.


Simply place a magnetic strip, you can often find ones with an adhesive backing to make this easier, against your beauty basket or drawer and stick all of your bobby pins to it. The magnent will do all the heavy lifting and always keep a bobby pin where you need it most and not in between your sofa cushions.


You Are What You Eat


If you are constantly battling against dry hair and endless stream of conditioners, masks, and oil treatments do nothing to quench your hair’s thirst it is time to look to an easier solution. Often dry hair lacks essential vitamins needed to maintain moisture so start picking up foods high in vitamins and say goodbye to the frizz.