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Proprietor Julia Jackson: Follow The Leader

Julia JacksonProprietor Julia Jackson has become an influential figure in winemaking. She was actually born to a family of winemakers back in the late 1980s. Her father, the late Jess Jackson, was a wine extraordinaire thanks to his keen knowledge in vinification. Jess Jackson founded Jackson Family Wines back in 1982 and as of today, this company is one of the most popular wine organizations in the world. It has wineries in numerous countries such as South Africa, Australia, Italy, Chile and France. Its 583-acre site in Oregon produces some of the sweetest grapes that are used for Pinot Noir wines.Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter, is very diverse in her dealing with the company. She seems to have a hand in many different projects as she’s a representative and salesman for Jackson Family Wines. She travels on a regular basis to foreign places like Hong Kong, China, South Korea and others.

Julia JacksonThis is to promote the brand while networking. This team also attends trade shows, which helps in boosting the brand’s name. Julia is very hard working thanks to her father. As a child, she would have to go out in the fields with her siblings to pick grapes. Jess Jackson did a wonderful job by instilling his children with a sense of hard work and the respect for the value of a dollar.Scripps College and Stanford University are two of the higher education institutions that Julia attended. Seeds of Empowerment, Julia’s organization, celebrates female power and strength. This nonprofit organization serves its community by donating $100,000 in annual cash grants for deserving organizations. Julia is a reflection of her mother on the business side of things. This woman has taught sixth-grade French class, has modeled for numerous companies in Los Angeles, and she’s laying the blueprint of success.

Making Money From Traveling Vineyard

In a world where finding a second job isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, the best thing you could ever do is look for another way to make that extra money. For many people, the world of wine is opening the door for them to make a great additional income. Just like the world of buying wine is so in demand, simply selling it can make you a great extra set of cash.

The Traveling Vineyard helps make this a possibility for anybody who wants to sell their products. This company started their path back in 2001, and they have helped all kinds of people sell their wine and make extra cash on the side.

The people who sell their wine are called wine guides, and the guides simply create friendships while also leading people to the wine that this company sells. There is such good money in this business because they pay out about 35 percent of all sales to their sellers. This allows for you to make some serious good cash for every sale that you make.

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Once you become a member, you will gain access to the online training center that they have called the Tasting Room. This online center has videos and there instructional guides that can allow for you to learn and understand what is going on with the company. This can help you make some seriously good cash on the side and open the door for earning big money. The reason why it is so successful is because their training is one of the best in the business. They care for their wine guides ensuring that they are taught the right way and educated in a way that brings them up and helps them learn more.

Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the most unique business ideas. You can simply talk to anybody and eventually make the sale. Having your own wine tasting events can rake in as much as $100 from a single night or even more if you’re feeling good. This business idea can open doors for you in the world of business.

The Traveling Vineyard: A Direct Marketing Opportunity That Is Far From Ordinary

Do you love being the host of a party? Have you got networking skills and an extrovert personality?

If you do, and would like to start earning extra money, the Traveling Vineyard and their unique business model — giving you the freedom to work as an independent distributor, host free wine-tasting parties, educate people on the finer aspects of high-quality wines, and earn a commission on the sales you make — may deserve a closer look.

You may be wondering if The Traveling Vineyard is completely above-board and why it presents a unique direct marketing opportunity. If after reading this article your are still intrigued, you will no doubt do your own research. The following will try to give you some basic information about their business model.

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The Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2002 by the people behind Geerlings and Wade, a well-known and highly esteemed brand of direct-to-consumer fine wines. The wine industry is considered to be not overly competitive, which results in higher prices and less choice for consumers. The market for wine is relatively large — with commensurate high profits — and wine is meant to be drunk, so sales are potentially permanently renewing.

To make money as a Traveling Vineyard distributor, or Wine Guide, you simply host free wine-tasting parties at your or another’s home, and earn up to 35% on sales you directly make. It is not necessary to be a wine expert. The Traveling Vineyard makes it possible, with help from mentors and a comprehensive training program, to be well-versed in the basics of fine wine. To earn more, it is possible to build a team of Wine Guides whose downstream sales you receive a portion.

It’s truly up to you how much effort and time you wish to invest, and how much you want to earn.

Online Wine Purchasing with UK Vintners

It is true that wine intake makes a whole difference to our health. Every decade, there is a flurry of good news associated with wine consumption. According to recent research studies, the health benefits crop from the moderate intake of wine. From reducing heart attack to lowering the high risks of acquiring type two diabetes, this article highlights the history of wine and wine industries in the United Kingdom.

A vintner is a person involved in the wine making process. Working with a vintner is usually fun. Most of the vintners have a knowledgeable team, committed to designing exquisite wine selections for sale. Vintners have wine tasting shops for the clients of wine suppliers.

Vintners in the United Kingdom

The UK Vintners Company was established in 1363. It comprises of approximately 500 Freemen including Liverymen. The company of vintners has a long history with the United Kingdom hence the high sales of wine and the name Spiritual Home.

Prolonging its trade, social and charitable welfare in the society, the Vintners Society in the United Kingdom commits to playing the vital roles in the community. Through the foundation of vintners in the United Kingdom, the society has reaped enormous benefits. The facilities of Vintners Hall offer exceptional events venues in London.

Wine Purchasing Online

From birthday parties to any particular events, if you need wine delivered at your doorstep, the United Kingdom Merchant Vintners have your back. The firm was established in 1965.  It is owned by 20 members in approximately equal shares. Through the company, independent wine merchants have a platform for prosperity and growth. The members can access nearly £2m stock at lower prices hence more profits.

The low prices also allow members to decrease independent stock holding and maintain diversified wine portfolios. Through the UK vintners company, you can purchase wine online from the various online wine shops available. You only need to search for online wine stores and order depending on your taste and budget. The UK merchants commit to delivering your wine in the specified location.

About The United Kingdom Vintners

The UK Vintners capitalize in the purchasing and trading of the world’s’ best wine. Their focus is to deliver excellent services to clients with the aim to satisfy their demands. The vintners produce the most expensive brands from the top vineyards. The company of vintners in the United Kingdom can assist in acquiring the finest wines through their vast networks in the industry.