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Sec. of Health Sergio Cortes Tours Flooded Caxias,Brazil

Dr. Sergio Cortes state secretary of health and the Brazilian Ministry of Health are touring the recently flooded areas and surveying some of the spots most seriously affected. In the city of Xerém, Duque de Caxias state government is receiving people from the municipality in government run shelters. They have also recently created a Dengue Hydration Center in the city was 12 chairs in the past to serve up to three other people daily.

Sec. Sergio Cortes a medical expert for the government says that
while they are relying on the worst and hoping for the State Department of Health is offering its support to the community. Because of the accumulation of garbage in the city and the torrential weather Dr. Cortes is very concerned about mosquito proliferation and spreading of diseases through their bites as he reported in his interview with

In a meeting with the municipal health secretary as reported by Exame, Camillo Junqueira, Dr. Sergio Cortes, The National Health Force Conception has committed to deliver emergency kits in addition to 3000 antibiotic tablets try to help with early intervention against leptospirosis. The arrival of Epidemiological surveillance teams have already been deployed in the region aimed at preventing the proliferation of diseases by Sec. Sergio Cortes and the State Department of Health.

Hepatitis A, Diarrhea, Chickenpox, Meningitis, Dengue Fever and the Zika Virus and other contagens can easily be spread through the mosquito bite and the use of contaminated water.

Teams have been deployed by the Health Surveillance Secretary and the Department of Health gather samples of disinfect contaminated water. The state government has delivered 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochiorite to Caxias to help with this disinfection. With seven emergency shelters set up in the region government of Brazil is having to set up these facilities will serve the immediate needs of citizens and to help monitor the rapid spread of these diseases and to train people in early identification of symptoms of major diseases and Rapid adoption of febrile syndrome.

State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes has noted a possible link to Guillain-Barré syndrome.Guillain-Barré syndrom from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito may exist as well as Dengue and the Zika Virus. The teams the he deployed are to destroy all standing water and habit where the mosquito dwells.

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