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Donald Drumpf and the Uniqueness of Wikipedia Content

Who is this man named “Donald J. Drumpf“? He is a parody character created by talk show host and humorist John Oliver. Oliver created the legend of Donald Drumpf as a way of poking fun at the life of Donald J. Trump. Some might be shocked to discover that, along with the real Donald Trump, Donald Drumpf has his own Wikipedia page. All this shouldn’t be shocking. Wikipedia allows for a lot of different types of content. The online encyclopedia covers a lot of territory as far as subject matter is concerned.

Wikipedia is a great resource for businesses. A business could get a lot of public relations value out of a properly executed Wikipedia business page creation. People, too, should think about publishing Wikipedia pages about themselves. Politicians, artists, athletes, philanthropists, and more would benefit from an entry on Wikipedia. Those in need of reputation management might employ Wikipedia as a vehicle to better control messaging.

Donald Trump may need to edit and change his Wikipedia page address the Donald Drumpf mockery. Trump, of course, would hire Wiki experts to handle any writing or editing work on his Wikipedia page. Hiring Wikipedia writers or editors may very well be the best approach to take.

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