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American Institute Of Architects & Robert Ivy

     The AIA (American Institute of Architects) is a nonprofit organization for professional architects employed in the U.S. Currently headquartered in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., the association offers others a number of educational services including public outreach service that supports professional architects, government advocacy, and public image improvement. Additionally, they can also provide the public with community redevelopment services, and construction and design teams.

At present, The head of AIA is Robert Ivy. Ivy is the CEO (chief executive officer). The president of the organization is Thomas V. Vonier.

The AIA is also “historic” in that the headquarters was actually constructed in 1857. The AIA was launched in New York City, New York by 13 professional architects that banned together to promote the practical and scientific perfection of its different members. The group first came together on February 23rd, 1857.

It was then that they made the joint decision to invite 16 additional popular architects to join their new group. Prior to the founding of the AIA, anyone could say he was a professional architect since there were no US licensing laws at that time. The organization met regularly and put together an actual constitution of bylaws which they finished on March 10, 1857.

The original name was actually the NYSA (New York Society of Architects). It was later re-christened the American Institute of Architects. They officially signed the new official constitutional laws of architecture on April 15th, 1857.

The next year the organization made the decision to amend the laws. They added some clauses to broaden the activities of architects. For years, the organization has been releasing licensed architects (and ultimately their buildings) onto the world.

Today over 90,000 professional licensed architects are members of the AIA. All members must follow a specific code of ethics and professional conduct. Their code of conduct helps to guarantee their colleagues, clients, and the general public that the architects have the highest professional standards.

The AIA is reported to be an honorable and prestigious organization. The AIA has honored many people for their various achievements. The honors they’ve awarded include the AIA Housing Awards, the AIA/ALA Library Building Awards, the AIA Gold Medal, the Institute Honor Awards for Architecture, and the Architecture Firm Award. The AIA strives to continually meet the needs of architects and the public in order to promote the importance of architects and their various design talents.


Dr. Villanueva Creating Solution for the Industry Through MB2 Dental

For quite a long time, dentists have been experiencing challenges offering their professional services and managing the administrative, legal, and human aspect of the business at the same time. Most small dentist businesses have either died a natural death or been forced to close down. Not anymore. Thanks to Dr. Chris Villanueva revolutionary idea of MB2 Dental, dentists do not have to worry about anything else other than offering their patients with the best dental care services they possibly can.

MB2 Dental is an idea informed by Dr. Chris Villanueva after graduating from school. As a dentist, Dr. Chris was faced with two options if he wanted to grow himself professionally. The first choice was to either join a large dental practice group to develop himself from there or secondly he was to start his own private dental business. It was from this dilemma that MB2 was born with Dr. Chris targeting to provide fellow dentists the best of the two worlds.

Dr. Chris Villanueva’s MB2 is a private owned dentists firm that focuses on providing its clients with dental support, personal career growth, and autonomy while ensuring that they still have fun. MB2 partners with its members and help them with the management of dental practices. It also commits itself to the innovations happening in the dental world thus improving the operating standards of dental practitioners which resultantly leads to happy professionals and enhanced business growth.

MB2 offers numerous benefits to its members. One of the many benefits of this organization is that it guarantees the opportunity to grow your dentist career. With the different professionals to handle your business needs, all you will be left to do is manage the technical areas of your business. This gives you enough time to offer the best services and develop yourself. Currently, MB2 has its affiliate offices in 6 US states supporting over 70 dentist practitioners while employing 533 staff.

Amidst the many great successes, there are things Dr. Chris would have changed given a chance to start over again. One such thing is building on infrastructure earlier. Dr. Villanueva notes that it is far much a struggle having to worry about building a better infrastructure later as opposed to when to add one in the future.

So far, Dr. Villanueva is doing a commendable work at MB2 taking care of the concerns of his fellow dentists which in return helps to improve the oral care of patients.

The American Institute of Architects Great Role in the Society

     The American Institute of Architects, popularly known as AIA has been in the market for a very short time, and it is slowly changing the challenging market. The institution has a large team of professional architects who have the expertise to design buildings. The company has professionals who understand that the future of America and the whole planet is in their hands. AIA has great values that it has chosen to uphold, even when the market experiences massive changes. The policymakers in the company are always committed when it comes to the construction of better environment. These individuals do not want to interfere with the value of the profession.

At the moment, the United States of America is facing a great challenge: the negative impact of the climate, critical infrastructure and communities that are deteriorating because of neglect. The AIA understands that there is need for policymakers who will be able to put all politics aside and work together as a committed team. The team of architects knows that there is no time to delay because action should be taken immediately. Since it was brought into the market, the American Institute of Architects is only focusing on advancing the quality of life in America by enhancing the public safety, health, and welfare. Although the institution has had to experience numerous challenges, it has survived harsh time, emerging as one of the best companies in the last one hundred and sixty years.

The AIA has a large number of members who are based in several locations in the world. Their greatest role in the society is to make sure that they have created a place where all people will live, play, work and even learn together as a team. The hospitals that are created by the members have changed the lives of millions of people. The team is also looking forward to creating a future generation that will have numerous energy-saving buildings. With these kinds of buildings, the planet will be a healthier and safer place to stay. The communities will be living together in peace because they enjoy health and good places of worship.

Robert Ivy serves as the chief executive director of the AIA. Under his guidance and leadership, the institution has been growing, and it has reached its goals and objectives. Robert is an architect, and he has a lot of knowledge when it comes to this industry. In his successful career, Robert Ivy has played a role in the construction of many projects.

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Agora Financial – Independent Economic Commentary Through Print/Online

Agora Financial – Mission To Help Readers Grow and Protect Wealth

Through a diverse array of free newsletters, the Agora Financial company has made it their mission to help their readers grow and protect their wealth. The company’s products are designed around the needs of those whom are not looking to work with a financial adviser.

Based In Rockville, MD and Provide Commentary on the Economy

Agora Financial is based in Rockville, MD. They frequently provide commentary on issues related to the state of the US economy and the current trends that are likely to cause an economic bubble. The company’s insight also covers stocks and trends throughout the world.

Produces A Wide Range Of Media On Opportunities

The company produces books, newsletters, seminars, publications, and documentaries. The company is in the education business. Their primary aim is to ensure that their readers don’t suffer during an economic meltdown with unbiased and independent research. They spend $1 million annually in travel/research to look for new investment opportunities. Instead of conducting research from a computer, the company focuses on traveling to locations where there are opportunities, such as to South Africa where there are hidden gold mines.

Company De-Emphasises Blue Chip Investing

The company also recognizes that investing in a blue-chip stock might not necessarily be the best investment. These investments might be too expensive, so they offer new investment ideas and expertise to their members. They have experts on staff whom include a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and a self-made billionaire.

Successful Track Record Of Advice

The company also stands behind a track record of successful predictions. They predicted in 2004 that a mortgage crisis would happen. In 2008, they predicted a rise in the biotechnology sector before the mainstream press caught onto the trend.

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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an independent group of care and support homes, located in the Sussex area of the United Kingdom. The 20 homes are run by a team of skillful healthcare professionals, who aim to be the leading providers of residential and nursing care, in the area of Sussex. Originally, the organization was started with just one home in 1985, but now they provide over 580 beds to the Sussex area. They are a provider of high-quality care based on the needs of each individual, however, they go beyond ensuring their residents are in good health. Sussex Healthcare also ensures their residents are involved in entertaining activities during their spare time that contributes to their well-being. Each care and support home provides a schedule of activities that stimulate each individual and allows them to feel at home. Each home also provides accommodation and meals in a welcoming environment.

The facilities offer care and support for elderly, individuals with dementia, and other various conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, and acquired brain injuries. The facilities also have in-house physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, reflexology, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, as well as 24-hour nursing care. Sussex Healthcare also gives service users the opportunity to further their education by attending college or other programs. Individuals can take advantage of these opportunities as little or as often as necessary depending on their choice and need. The facilities also encourage residents to partake in daily activities like shopping for their own food, mowing the grass, and working so they can live as full a life as possible.

Sussex Healthcare is accredited by the Health Quality Service (HQS). They also received the Investors in People standard and the International Standard ISO 9000:200. These achievements make Sussex Healthcare the only organization, consisting of independent home and care providers, in the United Kingdom to have both of these accreditations.

Ted Bauman, the Senior Editor of Banyan Hill

     The Banyan Hill enjoys the services of Ted Bauman who joined the firm in 2013. He is also the editor in other publishing companies like The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. His areas of reporting are in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, privacy, and international migration issues. They all revolve around monetary matters and the fact that they should be handled appropriately for gains. He is a resident of GA, Atlanta.

In the protection and growth of wealth, he is into the safest ways to invest. He usually talks about how one can take control of his finances and be free using their strategies to increase their riches and succeed in life.

Lately, he has been fundamental and critical about how the Health Care Coverage. Ted Bauman wants the people not to take this issue lightly and that it should not be politicized. The shortcomings of the healthcare systems need to be treated holistically. It should not be treated partially because some people in the population are going to suffer the consequence of the new bill. Obamacare should not be replaced as at now, but it needs to be worked on to suit all classes. A solution should be created before repealing it.

He writes that in the recent months, there have been attempts to remove it, but the Senate sees that there will be people who will suffer and they are in millions. Donald Trump’s replacement will be a disaster with many people losing covers and premiums rising. The government pays typically 7 billion dollars to the health insurance companies because there are discounts made for the low-income clients in the Obamacare. It suited 6 million low-income earners and was not an additional gain for the insurers. It just compensated them. In case the government scraps the payment, it will make premiums to rise sharply. Insurance companies will have strict laws to follow to avoid loses.

Individuals who are at a risk of being affected are the retirees and self-employed individuals. People who do not have employer-provided covers with a low income will automatically be in a fix. Deductibles and copays will also rise.

Employed individuals are going to be affected too because some money will be used to replace the money taken away. It will result in losses being distributed to all levels of life so the quality of insurance will be low.

Ted Bauman says that there will be no savings by the government by the time the problem will be a menace. It will lead to a 200 billion dollar cost that the government will need to pay in just ten years.

Bauman in his social media accounts also talks to people who are contributing to charities and how well their money is spent. He suggests the best funds to assist in, and your money will have been used well.

Why Drinking Premium Coffee Sold by Brands Such as Organo Gold is Beneficial to your Health

New research has proven that drinking coffee reduces the risks of contracting life-threatening illnesses such as stroke, kidney disease, diabetes and heart disease. The research, which was published in Annals of Internal Medicine, was conducted on more than 185,000 whites, African-Americans, Japanese, Americans, and Latinos.

According to Veronica W. Seitawan, the study’s lead author, the study was conducted on people of different backgrounds to provide results with a stronger biological backing. Veronica, who also serves as an associate professor at UCLA, pointed out that the research was a confirmation of the fact that coffee is beneficial to everyone irrespective of their ethnicity.

Detailed Results

Through a test period of 16 years, the research concluded that those who consumed two to three cups a day had reduced death chances when compared to those who do not take coffee. Participants in the study reported their coffee consumption habits after five years. A different study was also conducted in 10 countries outside the U.S. and had the same conclusion.

Organo Gold

ORGANO is reputable network marketing firm whose mission is to change lives globally through its business opportunities and premium products. The company maintains its presence in more than 50 countries through the provision of nutritional supplements, personal care products, and beverages. These premium products reach customers through the brand’s independent distributors.

ORGANO Independent Distributors offer product samples, discounted sales, automated shipping options and individual product sales. These services are provided ORGANO’s Preferred Customers Program. If you are looking for an innovative business opportunity, you should register as a distributor of ORGANO. This is because the company provides people, whose goal is to grow their businesses and earn extra income, generous compensation options.

As a brand, ORGANO has an exclusive and unprecedented collaboration with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. The brand’s “Think and Grow Rich” book recently surpassed 100 million copies in sales globally. It is aimed at helping people achieve financial success and become successful entrepreneurs.

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James Dondero Successful Entrepreneur

James Dondero is a successful Entrepreneur making an impact in Dallas, Texas. He also goes by Jim and is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Highland Acquisition Corporation. He is considered Dallas’s surprising Philanthropy hero because of he and his companies work with the Foundation to Enhance Philanthropy Program in Dallas. Recently Dondero has been busy working within the credit markets in the financial industry. He earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance. Dondero’s experience began in 1984 where he worked in a training program with JP Morgan. He was eventually responsible for $1 billion in fixed income funds. For a company that had started out as a concept, Dondero was eventually able to turn it into a $2 billion industry. Not long after that Dondero began a company that he still has and serves as president of today called Highland Capital Management, L.P. When Dondero is not busy with work, he takes time to participate in charitable events. He works very hard for the city of Dallas where he is from and does his best to make it a better place for the residents to be. For example, James Dondero was able to help the Dallas Zoo reopen it’s Hippo exhibit which had been taken away. The Hippo outpost required $14 million dollars and Dondero’s company Highland Capital Lodge donated $1 million to help the zoo to open back up a hippo outpost. Other notable things that Dondero and his company have donated to are the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Education is Freedom charity, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Snowball Express, Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. James Dondero is an entrepreneur who has been very successful with his business and also does great charity work in the Dallas community.

Karl Heideck Helping People Understand the Complex Business Laws

     If you are operating a Pennsylvania business, there are certain things you need to keep in mind concerning your employees. The statutes of labor keep evolving, and you need to stay ahead of the curve. The employment law has a broad scope that deals with a range of practices. Some of these statutes may be unique to your business model or industry. Some of them are applicable regardless of the individuals in your workforce.

There is the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. This law contains the rules for when you need to pay a minimum wage to your workers. It will also cover the overtime and recording of the work hours. It is your duty to have the FLSA requirements posted visibly at your business premises. The FLSA may cover the minimum wage, but these federal laws do not override the laws of the state. When you are not sure if you are supposed to pay the state or the federal minimum wage, then you need to pick the price that is higher.

There is the Family and Medical Leave Act also known as FMLA. This is a federal law that makes sure the eligible workers are allowed to take leave when it concerns their family or health needs. When one has taken a FMLA leave, it is not necessary that you pay them. However, you cannot fire them and cut their eligibility for group health insurance. The employees are also allowed to take as many as 12 weeks of leave that are unpaid for.

In addition to the state laws, there are also some federal laws that may only impact your industry. Employment law is complex, but that does not mean that you need to fall behind. It can be helpful for you if you consult with the legal experts.

Karl Heideck is an attorney who is based in Philadelphia. He works to ensure that the businesses do right by their employees. Heideck tends to believe in helping those companies that are also succeeding to observe the laws. He has been working in various fields of contract law for more than one decade. This has helped him to gain invaluable experience.

In addition to helping the companies that struggle with the complicated employment laws. Karl Heideck also contributes to the online blogs and sources. In those blogs, he tries to explain the evolution of the Pennsylvanian law. Karl helps the business owners to understand the impact that these changes of the law could have on their firms.

Organo Gold Offers High Quality Products, Financial Opportunities and Leadership Support

For centuries, people around the world have been enjoying the rich taste of brewed coffee. While almost everyone knows the caffeine found in coffee acts as a stimulant, recent studies have shown that certain types of coffee might contain elements that are beneficial to a person’s health. In fact, one of the most recent studies showed that coffee drinkers could have a reduced risk of heart disease regardless of whether they drink coffee with or without caffeine. This study also showed that people who consumed two or three cups of coffee daily, had an 18 percent reduced chance of death.

Among the different blends of coffee available to drink, are those sold under the label of Organo Gold. This particular brand of coffee contains the properties extracted from a mushroom grown in certain parts of Asia. This mushroom, which is known as Ganoderma, has been used in the creation of many Asian health supplements and skin care products. It grows naturally on the wood found in this country’s forest regions. The products available from Organo Gold use only the highest quality forms of the Ganoderma mushroom, which come from the Wuyi Mountains in China.

The decision to create coffee and tea products using only the finest ingredients is in keeping with the company’s core values. As a company that offers people the ability to become financially stable through their associate affiliations, Organo Gold places a high focus on loyalty, support and family. They strive to present a united front in order to serve as a guide for values within the world as a whole. This company puts its core values into action by supporting the world’s future leaders through sponsored sports programs. Their efforts in leadership education combined with the financial opportunities they offer to others, makes Organo Gold one of the world’s most notable companies.

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