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MB2 Dental Giving Dentists a Unique Opportunity

MB2 Dental Solutions provides support to its associated dentists and provides partnership to practice owners. It provides a group of offices for dentists to run their practices in an efficient manner assisting them to offer the best patient care. MB2 Dental solutions help its collection of dental offices to attain clinical autonomy with the assistance of employees of MB2. The company was started on the notion that partnering with other doctors will help dentists to prosper more than existing individually. MB2 Dental is changing the lives of dentists and patients through its independent view on practice development and dental management.

MB2 Dental established a video series dubbed “We are Dentistry” that seeks to showcase how different dentists maintain personal dental care. The video series explores the challenges and hobbies of diverse dentists by delving into their daily life. MB2 concentrates on the personal lives of its dentists in a bid to highlight that dentists face challenges like everyone else. The MB2 Dental video features Dr. Mathew Simmons due to his dedication and commitment to Victoria and El Campo communities. He is the proprietor of the dentistry practice called El Campo which is based in Southeast Texas. In the video series, he expresses the challenges that he faced growing up as an introvert. Dr. Simmons relays that his past has enabled him to set patients at ease in a new environment and offer them quality care. He indicates that dentistry has provided him with a platform to transform his life and meet diverse people.

On March 27, 2018, MB2 Dental welcomed Jackson Hildebrand to its expansive network to take the role of a chief financial officer. Dr.Chris Villanueva, the CEO of the company expressed his joy at having Hildebrand join the company as he is an expert in finance and would play an integral role in accomplishing the company’s goals and facing the challenges that it faces.

Hildebrand will be in-charge of end-to-end financial operations such as financial reporting, accounting, and analysis. He stands out due to his extensive experience in the financial sector and private equity. Prior to joining MB2 Dental, Hildebrand worked at TPG Capital as a Finance Director where he managed the financial and accounting operations of its buyout funds.

The Dental Support Organization provides a culture that dentists and partners can relate to. The organization has attained a record-breaking growth by believing that it can achieve its goals by partnering with like-minded professionals and offering them a platform to excel.

Sightsavers And Their Mission To Prevent Blindness

Sightsavers is a worldwide charity that has reached into many undeveloped countries and communities where preventable blindness happens every day. There are children and adults who go blind due to undocumented illnesses, poor water resources, and poor sanitation. This article explains how Sightsavers has become the biggest proponent of the people who are suffering most.


What Does Sightsavers Do?

Sightsavers works with communities throughout Africa and Asia that have terrible water, no doctors, and poor resources. They are reaching into these communities to ensure that all the children are given what they need to keep their sight. Most children who go blind do so very young, and they are malnourished to the point that they must live the rest of their lives blind.


Sightsavers invests in these communities through their fundraising, and they help bring clean water or doctors to these places. They educated the people on what will prevent blindness, and they hope to create a healthier village in each place they visit. The charity hopes to move from one village to the next creating better lives for the people there. They cannot save everyone, but they may stem the tide of preventable blindness.

Working With The UN

Sightsavers works with the UN every year on their advisory panel, and they hope to join with other charities who also work with undernourished communities. They are leading the way by sending some of their best people to the UN to learn, and they share their own information with charities who hope to help the impoverished.


Sightsavers believes that they are handling only one problem in the developing world. They know that they cannot fix everything, but they hope to solve the problem of preventable blindness through education, giving, and outreach. Bringing doctors, clean water, and nourishment to communities in need fulfills their mission.


Sightsavers has moved from one village to another all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. They are many children and adults who go blind every year because they do not have the proper water, medical care, or nourishment to retain their most basic right.

Dr. David Samadi’s Invaluable Contributions to Healthcare

Dr. David Samadi is an internationally known doctor who has specialized in treating cancers and urologic diseases. Some of the types of cancers that Dr. David manages include prostate, kidney, and bladder. However, Samadi focuses on prostate cancer treatment. David Samadi faced a lot of challenges since he was raised up in Iran. When Samadi was just 15 years old, he found it quite challenging to separate from his brother who was supposed to leave Belgium after the revolution that occurred in 1979. David was psychologically affected when he started living away from his family. Even though Samadi could not get the care of his parents since they lived far away, he remained focused to achieve his goals.

Samadi worked hard in school which he attended in both London and Belgium. Later on, Samadi was lucky enough to complete his high school in the United States. Samadi then joined Stony Broke University where he pursued Biochemistry. Samadi is an alumnus of Stony Brook School of Medicine (S.U.N.Y) where he attained a master’s degree. Dr. Samadi pursued Urology at Montefiore Medical Center. Dr. Samadi also attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where he acquired more knowledge and skills about his profession.

Since Dr. David Samadi began his career, he has performed an estimated 7,000 prostate surgeries. In addition to that, Samadi served at Urology department of Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery as the director. Dr. David has specialized in treating men. Samadi’s primary focus is to improve sexual performance as well as the quality of life. David is an outstanding expert who approximately performed 800 successful laparoscopic procedures. Samadi is also considered as a mentor by most upcoming urologists.

Some prestigious awards that David has received include Community Partner Awards and the valuable Patient’s Choice Award. At some point in his career, Samadi was named by a New York-based magazine as the most outstanding urologist. It is worth noting that Samadi has severally been referred to as the most compassionate doctor, top urologist, and one of the top doctors in America.

Dr. David spends a significant proportion of his time improving people’s health by discussing different health issues on Dr. Samadi TV. David conducts a live session on Dr, Samadi TV on a weekly basis. Samadi gives his followers helpful information about how they can improve health. One of Samadi’s greatest achievements is developing the invaluable SMART which helps in the removal of cancerous prostates.

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Heal N Soothe — The All-Natural Pain Reduction Solution

Heal N Soothe is a great new herbal supplement for assisting the elderly with pain from arthritis. It has been called a pain reducing herbal remedy and some people even call it a miracle. That’s a pretty hefty claim right? But how can a plant be so amazing? How can it help me with my arthritis? These are valid questions that everyone has to ask themselves.

According to the official website offering Heal N Soothe (, many of the most popular foods are some of the worst foods to consume if you suffer from arthritis. These are foods like soda, candy, fast food, desert, breads, and other sugary and fatty foods. The fat and sugar in these foods acan cause inflammation in the joints and cause unnecessary pain. This additional inflammation and pain can make the pain of arthritis even more excruciating. The great producers at Heal N Soothe have created their herbal supplement in hopes of helping people who suffer from arthritis but still want to eat their favorite foods. It is possible that this supplement could allow someone who suffers from arthritis to eat their favorite fatty food and then take Heal N Soothe and feel a little less pain. This miracle can only come from mother nature!

It is recommended that customers take Heal N Soothe on an empty stomach, preferably at the beginning of each day 30 minutes before their first meal or an hour after their first meal. For those who may be just starting out with Heal N Soothe, the recommended dosage is 3 capsules. After a customer has grown accustomed to taking Heal N Soothe, they can increase their intake by 1 capsule.

The all-natural ingredients inside of Heal N Soothe are amazing! The ingredients which are active ingredients are turmeric extract, ginger extract, bromelain, papain, devil’s claw, rutin, citrus bioflavanoids, mojave yucca, L-glutathione, vitamin E, and boswellia extract. Many of these ingredients target pain reduction and the proprietary blend of these natural ingredients is thought to reduce pain in customers suffering from arthritis. Heal N Soothe has a mission to help everyone with their pain and this has the potential to do it.

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Learn About Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is successful as both an entrepreneur and a licensed surgeon. Tulane University Medical School is where he earned his degree. After graduating he began practicing medicine alongside his father.

Although he is quite accomplished in the medical world, Dr. Mark McKenna has also delved heavily into the world of real estate. McKenna Venture Investments is a boutique devopment firm that he founded. The fact that he was able to build a real estate development firm, while keeping up with his medical practice simultaneously is quite impressive.

Many of Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate prospects, however, were located in New Orleans, Louisiana. On August 29, 2005, the city was victim to of the worst hurricanes in recent American history. During the storm, unforeseeable amounts of damage were caused. As a result of this damage, most of the properties that he had his sights on were wiped out well beyond repair. Even though McKenna’s real estate firm took significant losses after Hurricane Katrina, he was among the most active in helping to rebuild the city after the damage by helping to develop new housing for victims.

Dr. Mark McKenna started his new company, OVME, in 2017 and is also the company’s CEO. The name, OVME, is actually pronounced “of me,” which is intended to reflect its focus. OVME focuses on medical aesthetics that uses technology’s vast reach to focus first and foremost on the consumer.

The reason McKenna cited for launching OVME was that he wished to change the medical aesthetics industry, in which he was working, and find a creative and helpful way to expand his medical aesthetics practice.

Although he took massive losses after New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina, McKenna wasted no time in raising well over $4 million to help with OVME’s launch. Soon, the company had clinics in both Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. OVME’s innovative mobile app has also helped to attract new clients.

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Avi Weisfogel Pioneers Sleep Dentistry

Traditionally, dentists have been almost completely circumscribed to treating only a narrow range of illnesses related to the teeth. This treatment model stands in stark contrast to the general treatment models of many family physicians, who are oftentimes able to treat everything from a cold to heart ailments and are even capable of carrying out minor surgical procedures.

One man, Avi Weisfogel, began questioning the artificial restrictions placed on dentists. Dr. Weisfogel reasoned that dentists have the same basic medical training as other medical professionals. So why shouldn’t they be able to treat a wider range of diseases, especially when they are among the only medical professionals that many people will see over the course of five to ten years? Eventually, Dr. Weisfogel began researching many different illnesses that had not seen significant improvement in mortality or morbidity over the previous decades. Eventually, he learned of an insidious illness called sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea has long been one of the most overlooked serious diseases in America. Those who suffer from it have vastly increased incidences of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and even workplace accidents. Dr. Weisfogel immediately began formulating a new treatment protocol that would allow dentists to treat this terrible illness, potentially catching it and its earliest stages, when it was most treatable.

In 2010, Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters, the first full-time medical seminar program designed specifically to teach dentists ways to treat sleep apnea. The program immediately became a runaway success, with hundreds of dentists graduating each year. Dental Sleep Masters focuses on using a treatment model that is largely centered around the use of oral appliances, a treatment technique proven to dramatically reduce the incidence and severity of sleep apnea in patients with the early forms of the disease. Any of the students of Dental Sleep Masters have had such incredible success with the program that they have abandoned their traditional dental practices entirely, opting instead for a full-time sleep dentistry practice.