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How Rocketship Education Is Working to Restore the Quality of Life in San Jose

San Jose was once termed as the place that was better suited to launch the American dream. Most inhabitants of San Jose were better placed to go an and become high achievers in life and professional careers as per a recent article that was published in the Atlantic. Another study that concurs with this assessment is the 2014 Harvard University study. According to the study, children born in San Jose during the 80s had a chance of being successful in life just as the children born in more progressive countries such as Canada and Denmark.

Looking at San Jose right now, the facts on the ground contradict the earlier conclusions that had been arrived at. There is a significantly large segregation between the rich and poor citizens living in San Jose. Other than this, the lack of jobs is increasingly becoming a significant issue. Most of the jobs that the middle-class citizens depended on are fast disappearing leaving these persons with no source of income to sustain their basic needs and those of their families.

Looking at San Jose’s real estate industry, the once lucrative sector has since transformed to become one of the priciest in the country, this has led to a reduction in investment in this particular sector. Life in San Jose is also becoming pricier for low-income families making it difficult to enroll children in the city’s schools.

The only hope for San Jose is the investment in public education especially in regions that are known to be inhabited by low-income earners. San Jose’s poor neighborhoods and communities are now depending on schooling to elevate their standards of living. One American institution that is working to make this possible is the Rocketship Education.

The Rocketship Education is an American non-profit network of the country’s public charter schools. The objective of this institution in San Jose is to improve the quality of education in the financially deprived communities and neighborhoods. Currently, the organization has forged long-lasting partnerships with members of the local communities to realize its objective of providing quality education for children living in these cities.