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The Darker Era of the Chainsmokers

Having been on the music scene for a considerable amount of time now, The Chainsmokers is a name you should be familiar with, even if you have never heard their music. First breaking onto the music scene in 2015 when their single “Roses” passed into the top 100, the following couple of years saw them release song after song, all of which end up earning high amounts of airtime.

In the beginning, The Chainsmokers started out as being simple hobbyists. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart seem to have lived very similar lives even before they met. Both were very interested in producing music and DJing; it wasn’t until after their introduction that they began to see the possibility of making it to the “big time.” The first notable song that they released was “#Selfie,” which earned its place more for its comedic value (even though it didn’t make it onto the music charts), rather than any aspect of the song musically. What “#Selfie” did do was get the name The Chainsmokers out there.

The years following that first release has seen many releases by the duo, as stated above. The majority of those songs have been fairly similar as far as the store they convey. According to Alex Pall, their target audience has influenced the kind of music they have written thus far, and in keeping with that idea and as their fan base expands, the tone of their music is changing.

From a duo that typically releases a new song every month or two, the past nine months have seen The Chainsmokers turn rather reclusive. Taggart and Pall say that this period has been a sort of “growing period” for them, as they attempt to hone their music and tailor their next releases to that original fan base. It seems fitting to them that with the state of the world now, their music goes in the direction that the world has. This is why their next releases will be darker in nature, a reflection of the world they live in.

Saving Your Business And Company By Understanding Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are all getting bigger with time. The truth about social media is the fact it can either damage your company or make it better. Saving your business, keeping your job, and protecting your reputation must always be done, but you need to look at these simple things almost everybody does at work. Facebook and other social networks are clearly getting used more often by ordinary people.

Saving Your Business And Company By Understanding Social Media

– Stop Using Facebook At Work

When you spend hours at your job on Facebook, you can slowly ruin your business and continuously hurt your role at your work. There are countless people who have lost even their executive jobs because of social media and using it way too often or too much. You need to avoid using social networking way too much, especially when you’re still at work. The truth about Facebook is that the people you work with may also be friends with you, and so this is why you should really consider having two accounts: one for your family and one for work.

– Avoiding Political Conversation

Using Facebook too often is also making it more possible for you to voice your opinions way too often for moments when you shouldn’t be talking or sharing your opinions. Being on social media almost forces yourself into really sharing your personal opinion, and this could damage your online personality.

Social media is always growing and changing, and if you share the wrong things and you say something that can damage your name, you need to start protecting your company. Status Labs is a PR company that knows first hand the power of social networking sites, and that you can really ruin and hurt your business if you aren’t careful.

Status Labs is known for their success as a reputation management company who can help you accomplish a safe presence online. If ever your business is dealing with a bad reputation or you need some marketing help, Status Labs can help provide you with all the guidance you’ll need to protect you.

What Do Your Web Results Say About You?

The internet is a bastion of information and now you can find almost anything you need to know in a few clicks of your keyboard. For some, the internet is a place to grow a business, cultivate a web presence, and create a social status in front of the world. However, as we use the internet more and more we start to incur a real web presence. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, pointed out a few ways that you can take care of your brand name’s web results in order to maximize your presence and cultivate a quality online profile.

Social Media Privacy Settings
Websites like Facebook and Twitter are the go-to spots for people to share their off-the-cuff opinions in a comfortable and social setting. However, after you’ve posted long enough on a website like Facebook you start to see that your profile is truly taking shape. Now when people search your name on the web engines they will be linked to a profile that could, potentially, showcase far too much information. With this in mind Fisher stringently advocates for following privacy settings to the utmost highest setting. Make sure to lock down your profile on every front to ensure that your info doesn’t get scraped by search engines and compiled for everyone to see when searching your name.

Investigate Your Web Results
The only way to know how good or bad your web presence is, is by searching it yourself. Log out of your Google account and then do a search for your name or brand. Look through a few pages of results, investigate the Google Image results, and find out any problem areas. Is there outdated information here? Are there unflattering articles that paint what you are trying to do in a poor light? Are old profiles still popping up? Now that you know what issues you face it is time to get proactive and deal with them. Delete your outdated profiles, contact websites that host your content and request it to be removed, and be mindful of what you need to do post in the future.

Create a Stronger Presence
Now that you’ve identified and remedied your problematic web results, it is time to actually replace them with good results. Status Labs, the company that Fisher runs, can help you create an online web presence that perfectly encapsulates your goals and aspirations. Contact them for a consultation and achieve what you are setting out to do.