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The Chainsmoker’s rise to success

If you are a lover of music and you have been following the music industry, you may be familiar with Chainsmokers. Taggart and Pall have been creating EDM music, and they are changing the entire music industry. They have been excelling since they started and it seems they are not stopping anytime soon. It is not easy to succeed in the music industry. So, how did they manage to achieve incredible success? How did they cross to the mainstream music from EDM?

Their rise to fame started back in 2014 when they released the song called ‘Selfie.’ The song was unique, and it was being played on various radio stations. But they still had a lot to do. Most music lovers did not take the group seriously, and they had to come up with a way to establish their music career. They continued to release songs and performing on various events because they were serious about their music career. They gained some popularity in the EDM music, but they were yet to break into the mainstream music industry. Their main focus was now to create music and attract fans from around the world. When they released a song called ‘Roses’, it was a hit, and they rose to fame and became stars in the music industry.

Since then they have been singing hit after hit, and they have attracted many fans who love their music. When it comes to their vocalists, they have featured artists like Daya, Rozes and Halsey while most DJs go for some of the most recognized artists in the music world like Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber. Their songs become popular because they are quality and not because they feature big names in the industry. Chainsmokers are also great performers, and their live performances have contributed to making them who they are today. When they are performing in their shows, they ensure that their performance is excellent and that everyone is happy with them being on stage. Those who attend their music shows can give a testimony that they have never been disappointed. That is what makes them outstanding from other artists who fail when it comes to their aspect of performance.