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Clay Siegall Leads Way to New Cancer Research and Therapies

A fan of football, the blog of Clay Siegall is populated with the latest news and stories in the league and among the players. There are also several stories related to politics, science and tech news, and global issues that deserve a light shed on them. Science stories relating to the natural world and health are especially featured, given Clay Siegall’s professional background where research is a constant in his life.

Discussing news of the day is important no matter what field one is in, current events are always relevant to the medical world and the professionals that fill those roles. Siegall’s medical interests extend beyond cancer and cancer research, and his blog provides him with an area to explore and share information regarding other health and medical crises among diverse populations and patients.

Clay Siegall is one of the co-founders of the prestigious Seattle Genetics Inc, a biotech company that provides for specialized treatments of cancers. Serving as the company’s CEO and then President, Siegall has been able to offer his knowledge and guidance in a field that he has worked in for almost twenty years. The company has been able to give rise to new antibody based therapies thanks to Siegall’s decisive leadership and understanding of the disease and the body’s ability to fight it.

In addition to his work with Seattle Genetics, Siegall is an active publisher, has applied for several patents for products created, and is still active in research. All of this activity promotes his business and his professional portfolio, keeping him relevant and on the cutting edge of cancer research and treatment.