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Hussain Sajwani is a Maverick when it comes to Business

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. The company was established with the intent of joining the real estate development industry and develops residential, commercial and leisure properties. Sajwani’s interest in business goes back to his childhood when he worked in the family business and saw business development and operation up close and personal. He was fortunate to win a government college scholarship where he traveled to the University of Washington and studied Economics and Industrial Engineering, earning a Bachelor’s degree.

His first foray into business was upon graduation from college. With his degrees in hand, he took on employment opportunities with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the finance department. After two years with the company, he decided he could make more money working for himself than someone else. He moved onto the catering business with customers that included Bechtel and the United States Military. The catering business is still in operation today under the name of Global Logistics Services.

Sajwani did well with the catering business building it into one of the largest catering services in the world. As mentioned in an article from Forbes, After a close look at profit margins in the catering business, he decided he could make more money developing real estate. The Sajwani family had always dabbled in real estate development, building small motels and hotels. Not being one to jump into the deep end of the pool, Sajwani studied the real estate market and identified areas of potential lucrative development.

According to, DAMAC Properties has grown into one of the largest development companies in the Middle East. Some of the projects include a Tiger Woods designed golf course, luxury apartments with interiors fashioned by Fendi and Versace, luxury style villas fashioned by Bugatti and in a partnership with Paramount Pictures, the Paramount Hotels and Resorts. He branched out into London with an investment of £600 million and created the Versace inspired Aykon London One Tower.

Sajwani has partnered with the Trump Organization, particularly Donald Trump himself and developed several luxury golf courses in the Middle East. He is hoping for a continued association with the Organization and working with the Trump Children – Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Hussain Sajwani credits his success with several things including taking calculated risks, not being afraid of failure and learning great lessons as a child working in the family business.

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Jose AuriemoNeto carries on storied traditions at JHSF

Of all the real estate development companies in Brazil, one stands above the rest and its contributions and visionary projects. JHSF Participacaoes, originally founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, has made a name for itself as Brazil’s premier real estate development firm. With hundreds of completed projects, including some of the most spectacular luxury high-rise developments in the country, the firm has been instrumental in bringing Brazil from the status of a lowly, third-world backwater to a highly sought-after residential real estate market.

Throughout the 80s, the company remained active in building some of the largest and most prominent luxury properties in the country. In the mid-80s, it was responsible for the construction of the Hotel Transmerica, one of the first five-star hotels constructed in Brazil. It was also responsible for the gigantic General Motors Proving Ground, a facility that brought thousands of jobs to the surrounding area and gave Brazil inroads into the global manufacturing sector, a source of major economic activity for the country.

But the company is perhaps best known for developing luxury shopping centers and malls. One of its flagship developments is the ParqueCidadeJardim complex. This was the pet project of the company’s CEO, Jose AuriemoNeto. The son of the founder, AuriemoNeto took over the business in the early 2000’s, marking a significant change of strategic vision. The ParqueCidadeJardim development came about as a result of AuriemoNeto spotting a vacant tract of land, adjacent to a major traffic artery in the center of Sao Paulo. He immediately recognized the property as being prime land for the development of a sprawling luxury condominium, office and shopping complex.

The development was built over a period of three years. Today, ParqueCidadeJardim is the largest development of its kind in Brazil. With nine residential real estate condominium towers, four Class A office towers and a 180-store luxury shopping mall, it is one of Sao Paulo’s go-to destinations for luxury shopping, dining and living.

In the coming years, AuriemoNeto plans on pursuing more of these state-of-the-art, mixed-use facilities. He sees Brazil as being able to compete with major luxury markets across the globe.

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New York Real Estate For The Elite

There is a world of real estate that is booming like never before. As the rich get richer, there is a need to find accommodations for living in the big cities. Celebrities, real estate tycoons and Wall Street executives all flock to the New York area in search of townhouses, condos and luxury apartments. TOWN Realty provides the luxury living spaces for those that are interested in the upscale apartments that distinguish the landscape of areas like New York’s Upper East Side.

Manhattan is one of the upscale areas that many people flock to when they make the decision to visit NYC Apartments for sale. The quaint restaurants and luxury shops makes it one of New York’s most popular areas. TOWN Realty gives clients a lot of options to consider in NYC. There are luxury residential spots that go for as much as $50 million. There have even been some homes that have sold for as much as $100 million in the NYC area. This is the nature of the city. It is an area that has penthouses and condos that can cater to the needs of the wealthy.

TOWN Realty has managed to become the company that people look for when they are interested in the luxury properties. This is what this organization is known for. Manhattan is where a lot of the magic happens, but this isn’t the only area where the real estate market is booming. Some people that seek TOWN Realty may be interested in apartments in Greenwich Village. Others may have a liking to areas like the Financial District or Battery Park. There are all types of options for people that are interested in moving to New York City, and TOWN Realty facilitates a whole lot of this.

What TOWN Realty agents can do is give customers a lot of options according to what their clients are looking for. Some clients may want some historical properties. TOWN Realty can accommodate this. Others may have a desire to explore the contemporary condos and upscale townhouses. Midtown East and the Upper West side have options that are presented by TOWN Realty. Some other luxury accommodations are found in Chelsea. TOWN Realty can help new residents map their course if they have a desire to stay in the New York area. This is the company that individuals seek when they want the best that New York City has to offer.