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Sally Kohn Says Darius Fisher is The Real Deal

In a recent issue of the Daily Beast, author and journalist Sally Kohn talks about how she got doxxed. For those who don’t know, doxxing is when an internet troll gets hold of your information and spreads it over the internet for all to see.

The entire ordeal got Sally to thinking about how he should improve her “dental hygeine,” which means keeping an inventory of your personal information to ensure your safety is protected. To solve the problem, Kohn contacted the Olivia Pope of reputation digital reputation fixing – Darius Fisher.

Fisher, and his crack team of professionals at Status Labs, can help with any type of business reputation crisis. He showed Kohn every possible breach in her security and the steps she needs to take to maintain her privacy and prevent future hacks.

Some of Fisher’s suggestions include the frequent changing of passwords, change social media privacy settings and remove personal data from online sources like Peoplesmart, Spokeo and Whitepages.

Kohn says if you ever get doxxed, stay calm. Getting riled is exactly what the hacker wants. And your anger could be the catalyst to even more harassment. If you feel threatened, call the police immediately. Also take screenshots of everything so you will have a record of the incidents.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. The online reputation management company, created in 2013, has 1500 offices in 35 countries. Fisher’s clientele included athletes, entertainers, politicians and high-profile business people. The Vanderbilt University graduate previously worked as a political consultant.

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Darius Fisher Shares His Secrets On How To Keep Employees Happy

No matter how you look at it employees are the pillars that hold up a company both small and large. Even with great management and ownership employees are bound to have some grievances but if its a common occurrence it may result in a high turn around rate which results in loss of time and revenue. Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of status labs, has a few tips on how to keep employees happy, hard working, and loyal.

Fisher states that incentive based goals are a good way to boost moral. Ask your employees what they’d prefer, like an apple watch or extra vacation day, then go from there. Secondly, individual or team appreciation goes a long way even if its just a simple email openly congratulating someone on a job well done. People are more prone to continue hard word if they’re acknowledged for what they’ve accomplished. Fisher’s last bit of advice is keeping employees up to speed and maintaining an open line of communication. New hires, milestones, and developments effect all employees and many feel they should be informed of whats happening. This continues the team atmosphere all companies need to succeed.

This advice has clearly worked in Fisher’s favor as his company has flourished within the past few years. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that specializes in internet related PR. Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelors in Economics. After graduating he worked at Agora Publishing as a copywriter before delving into the financial world of investments. Years later Darius opened up a couple successful companies before opening up Status Labs.

Status Labs currently caters to 1,500 clients that span across 35 countries. They gained recognition after handling the aftermath of the Ashley Madison scandal earlier in 2015. Their expertise in crises management takes the world of public relations and updates it to the modern world. With a tech savvy team of professionals they’ve been able to work with a variety of clients and create a positive online presence for them as well as delete any negative information floating around the web.