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Gourmet Dog Food Attracts More Customers And Pets

Premium dog food sales are spiking and, surely, are going to continue to spike. Anyone who is wondering why gourmet dog food is growing in popularity just needs to read the Daily Herald article examining the industry. Beneful is one of the names that is common in discussions about premium dog food. Owned by Purina, Beneful has released a number of original and innovative wet and dry foods. Even the treats stand out from the crowd of competitors. Standing out is necessary when competing with other brands and Beneful does so effectively. Sales of premium dog food is rising and the figures are showing gourmet selections are becoming a decent percentage of annual industry sales figures. Pet owners do like to purchase something new, but newness alone is not the reason why premium selections are doing so well. Numerous advertisements on Youtube highly the vast amount of vitamins and nutrients in the food. Health-conscious pet owners are attracted to such promotional tactics. Beneful is not shy about noting there are vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients in its wet and dry foods. Pet owners who want to provide better nutrition to their canines are going to be interested in nutrient-filled foods. Beneful wants to attract these pet owners and seems to be doing a good job at it. The extensive work done in manufacturing premium dog food pays off for the companies producing them. More and more retailers are carrying premium brands. Pet owners and, yes, the pets are thrilled with the growth of gourmet foods.