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Renovia’s efforts in helping women with pelvic floor complications.

Renovia Inc. now has enough funds to move on with some products developed for the treatment of pelvic floor. It happened after collecting an amount of money of up to $42 million in total. It happened in a session they called the Series B round, the second fundraising phase for the company’s growth.

Renovia Inc. is a medical technology company that has Marc Beer Renovia as one of its founders. The company has developed products such as Leva that aims at helpings lots of women by treating disorders such as urinary incontinence. The progress in this project was seen when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved some of the products in the previous months of the year.

Longwood Fund greatly aided the rising of finance. The Logwood Fund is primarily aimed at investing in companies that have their operations in the field of improving the healthcare system in the United States. The Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures were also part of the activity. With the funds, Renovia Inc. will be greatly aided in its further research of solutions to pelvic disorders experienced by millions of women across the United States.

Beer Renovia, Renovia Inc.’s CEO released a statement where he thanked the Longwood Fund for its support towards the project. He mentioned that the fund support would help in the development of modern digital products and devices that would benefit thousands of clients to gain information that would help them arrive at decisions that involve low cost but effective medical healthcare plans.

Marc Beer’s growth history in the career.

Marc Beer Renovia, together with Ramon Iglesias, established the Renovia Inc. in 2016 where the Series A funding activities were completed. Marc has been in the biotechnology for more than two decades during which he collected a great deal of experience in the field. Not only is he Renovia’s CEO but also the chairman of its board as well. Marc has also served in other companies such as ViaCell as its CEO and Erytech Pharma as one of its board members. He has also held several plays in the department of sales and marketing of Abbott Laboratories. Marc has had the pleasure of serving in Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and also the Biotechnology Industry Organization board.

Marc’s ability to lead can be traced back to when he was in college as captain of both colleges he attended. He has studied law at Lady Margaret Hall where he completed the course in the early ‘90s. Marc’s career began in the same university as a registrar and rose through the ranks for his effectiveness. The ACC Middle East Achievement Award, the UK Society Award for Excellence, and the UAE Customer Service Award, have gladly recognized and ranked him for his excellence. Learn more:


Alex Pall: Building His Hollywood Dream House

Alex Pall is the one of the halves of the Electronic Dance Duo, The Chainsmokers along with his partner in creating mad music – Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers were first known for their first chart topper, and viral worldwide song “#Selfie”. The electronic dance craze song put the The Chainsmokers on the music map and made them a staple name for electronic dance music. The dynamic DJ duo are no strangers to reeling awards and topping charts – some of their massive hits include “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

With the success of the duo comes a lot of financial inflow, of course. The royalties will always cash in and this will keep Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart in a very comfortable lifestyle in more of the years to come.

Everyone dreams of having their own home. Moreover, a lot of us dream of living the Hollywood life and having a home right at the city of stars. For Alex Pall, this is no longer a dream, but already a reality.

Recently, Alex Pall has already built his dream home in Hollywood Hills and he has tapped one of the most popular designers to help him build his dream home – the one and only Peti Lau.

The grammy-award winning artist’s home is a nod to his hippy personality and his bright and energetic music. His home is nothing but luxurious – his home is described as a home defined by his moments – and Peti Lau made sure that all the features of the home were in direct reflection of who Alex Pall was – the fixtures, colorways, paintings and functions of every room were so well thought of and so aesthetically curated down to the finest, tiniest detail that it was very difficult to nitpick a mistake out of it.

Needless to say, the Chainsmokers, the Grammy award winning duo – Alex Pall and Andrew Taggard are yet to approach their full bloom and the future is brightest for the two. Alex Pall with his dream home is now officially living the dream of the Hollywood life – and right now every one is just excited for what is to come for the duo.


Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the new CEO of Coriant. He takes over from Pat DiPetro who has been bumped down to vice chairman with role of being an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners is a private equity firm that brought Coriant into existence by joining together the optical units of Sycamore Networks, Nokia and Tellabs.

Kheradpir is well versed with the vendor’s operations having worked very closely with the senior management since the beginning of the year. He worked in his official capacity as the operating executive partner. Kheradpir has proven to be a force to reckon with especially in the supply of innovative networking solutions to leading network operators all over the world. This is inclusive of nine of the ten global tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Shaygan Kheradpir boasts with over 28 years of executive experience in the telecom and financial services field. He kicked off his career at GTE Corporation and was later appointed Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. At the same time, he was a member of the executive team that was responsible for modernization of systems, efficiency and pioneering product initiatives. Shaygan then joined Barclays as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer as well as serving as a member of the bank’s Executive Committee. While still in Barclays, he was among the founding members of the company’s TRANSFORM program that was a milestone for the bank in the 21st Century. Shaygan holds a Ph.D., masters and a bachelor’s in engineering from Cornell University. He has numerous patents in the fields of telecom, media, and payments. He was also on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and on the Cornel University Engineering Council.

Questions abound on the suitability of Khedapir as Coriant’s new CEO given is devastating exit form Juniper Network Incs. Nonetheless, human is error and what makes a better man is his ability to correct his past mistakes. Khedapir is a man of great stature and his deployment to the CEO position is well-deserved and thought of. However, his competitors that include the likes of Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco and Huawei will not be willing to look at it this way and therefore would want to make the most of this appointment. Besides, the optical systems vendor serves about 500 customers and has an estimated annual turnover of $ 1 billion dollars and seeks to outsmart its competitors; Which CEO would not be placed under a lot of scrutiny in this case?(see for more information)


See School Choice as a Dick DeVos Improvement

There is a major difference in the quality of education received attending a particular school over another. Paramount to quality, the twelve year experience may be improved. School choice is important as in my case when I graduated from public school I was illiterate. I could not read, write, spell, pronounce, and I had never read a book. I did however receive a diploma from the public school system. So you ask what went wrong and how did that happen? The answer is I could not visually see; I had not been diagnosed with needing eye-glasses. Henceforth since my last name is somewhat in the middle of the alphabet I was assigned seating in the back of the classroom compounding my unable to see.

To understand this dilemma: since no one ever told me I could not see, how was a six, seven, or eight year-old supposed to know they can’t see like someone who has perfect vision. In my situation I just accepted everyone could not see the blackboard just like me. It never occurred to me that I was the only one that saw nothing on the blackboard. Subsequently in public schools, if a kid is not alert and a bookish, then they become nobody in the masses of children. That is what I become; I just existed in a classroom, in a school, for six hours unnoticed.

I honestly can say I never did homework, but more realistically I never knew I was supposed to read the book I took home. This is a fact. Now one can complain where were your parents? And I say to you I got satisfactory grades. Actually it is truly amazing what you can absorb by pure instincts, I just mimicked other kids.

School choice is a general term used to define alternative ways to education other than the standard public school system and I say that is virtuous. I am not alone with school choice. Philanthropist Dick DeVos is one who supports school choice. Dick DeVos is heir to the Amway Dynasty. Four years ago Forbes magazine put him in the top hundred richest people. Touting a net worth over five billion dollars shows he is a money-maker making a difference in education. Today educational voucher are gaining strength as well as alternative choices like charter and home schooling. This momentum to unconventional forms of education is contributed to by Dick DeVos. They have many foundations to support and shift public opinion toward school choice. I applaud Dick’s efforts; it is a wise decision to make unique educational avenues to graduation. 

I was finally diagnosed by an optometrist for corrective lenses, and a new journey in edification was bestowed upon me. I actually, as an adult, educated myself and received a bachelor in engineering from a notable university. So if you visit the foundation website you will find the DeVos family manifesto is published. It is their desire to seek choice and access to education. See Education

Learn more about Dick DeVos by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Jon Urbana Turns Hobbies into Profitable “Careers”

Have you ever met a businessman who was so interested in life and what was going on in his/her community that they found numerous ways to express their interests. This is the case with Jon Urbana, co-founder at Next Level Lacrosse Camp and Ellipse USA, which is a medical company that excels in providing laser light. Mr. Urbana is committed to Ellipse USA and has advanced the company so that it reaches into Europe and Australia. As an international company, it is rapidly increasing as it becomes more relevant.

Jon Urbana is a heavy Twitter user (@jonurbana1), and he has many interests that he loves to share with friends, family and followers through social media. He can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his telling his story on his own personal WordPress blog. Jon graduated from Villanova University in 2005 with a degree in Economics, but, he also had obtained his pilot’s license for small planes. Jon took this hobby one step further and joined with the FAA in developing new safety rules for the pilots. In 2015, he received an award from the FAA, and he continues to participate with the FAA in the safety of flying, so this is actually a second career.

An entrepreneur who is concerned about his community is a valuable businessman, and Jon has a compassionate heart for people around him. He creates projects on and for causes that he is concerned about. Lately, Jon Urbana created a fund on for Earth Force, which is committed to a clean environment. Jon is from Denver and this cause is located in Colorado, so it has found significance with Mr. Urbana and was even covered by WRCB. Jon uses social media to promote his projects, and he feels there is no amount too big or too small to donate to his funds.

Another interest of Jon’s that he displays on is his growing interest in photography. He has always had photography as a hobby, but, in recent years, he has gotten more serious, and he photographs his travels, especially animals. His photography is taking off and will likely become a success if his other interests are any indication. You can follow Jon’s Vimeo channel to see some of his pictures converted to slideshows.

Shining Stars in Nashville Business

Part of the Nashville-area’s largest developers have paid just under two million dollars for forty-four total acres on Brick Church Pike to put together a new warehouse building.

Panattoni Development decided to begin working on construction this month on Skyline Distribution Park, which contains nearly 600,000 square feet of total area inside triple set buildings. The project is set to be completed by fall 2016, it will be one first Class A warehouse piece built off not using tenants in hand over a span of six years.

Jeff Konieczny, a building manager for Panattoni’s lower regions, stated that the park should be built to address a shortage of recent warehouse space very close to the downtown area radius. The best benefit of this property being built is its visibility and close connections to the highways.”

The touching lands Panattoni obtained from the Oman family is packaged with thirty acres on Southerland Drive and a dozen acres on Brick Church Pike.

The total scheduled warehouse buildings contain 375,000, 125,000 and 100,000 square feet. They will be able to be seen have visibility from nearby interstates all around. They will allow users with a wide range of sizes from 20,000 square feet to over three thousand square feet.

Alston Construction, Panattoni’s contractor in crime, will put together Skyline Distribution Park. JLL is the exclusive leasing agent on the job.

Skyline Distribution Park will be built to ensure the best connections to Nashville and the area altogether. It will be able to be seen from interstates all around and anyone close by will have access.

The local developer just delivered the one million square foot Under Armour building in Mt. Juliet and is focusing on offering coexisting six hundred thousand square feet buildings near CenterPointe Distribution Park.

On Nashville’s Music Row, Panattoni is finishing off the project of a huge one hundred thousand square foot building at 35 16th Ave. Performing rights organization SESAC will be working the event.

Scott Lumley, Partner of Resolve Financials, is a well experience financial representative. He has a lot of industry experience and vast knowledge that is ever so cherished. He has a past focused in on remodeling and purchasing old homes to try and flip them for profit. Also bringing them to a more modern feeling.

Lumley worked as the president of Large-Lots for the duration of three years. He is very active on social media and also worked on retail. Then he went onto becoming president of Nashville Bros which was focusing on a start-up basketball franchise just for a month. Now he is working in the financial department.