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Burying Bad Articles Has Never Been Easier

When you think about the world of an online presence and all of the possibilities that come along with it, you know it is a double edged sword. Not only are individuals able to see anything and everything that they would like to about you with respect to your history, contact information, and even your points of view, but anyone can locate you as well. This can be seen as either a convenient means of communication in the current world, or it can be seen as an invasion of privacy where people do not get to stay off of the grid. Regardless of the reasoning, you may just want to look into pushing your personal information out of the public spotlight. The key to doing so is finding a company like Bury Bad Articles.

The good thing about Google, Yahoo, Bing and more is that as search engines continue to get better, they literally crawl every page and every corner of the web. However, the problem with this is that if they literally crawl each and every page, then the second a piece of new information is uploaded to the online world, there is a good chance it is going to be there for a long time. Throw in the fact that your online presence will be more or less permanent because of the fact that these same search engines index the information, and you are at a serious privacy disadvantage if you don’t have a plan.

When you look to the power of Bury Bad Articles, then you have the best possible plan in place. While it may be more than difficult to try and actually remove the bad articles, negative news, or private information about you, the one thing that you can do easily and quickly is to work with an organization such as Bury Bad Articles in order to push the negative or unwanted information down in the search results. You can do this simply by using the fully proven and utilized techniques that Bury Bad Articles has, and in no time you can reclaim your privacy on the internet.


Have you tried running your name or your business’ on a search engine lately? Chances are not everything you saw was pleasant. There is probably some negative criticism on some blog, social media site, website, or third party review site about you or your business posted there. With approximately 81% of shoppers researching online before buying products, negative press is something you do not want for your business. It is also something you do not need as a person in employment.

Dealing with these unwarranted negative comments is not a walk in the park especially with the rise of review sites including Amazon, TripAdvisor, Trust pilot and the likes. A single disgruntled customer who posts a bad review of your product is enough to tarnish your business’ search engine results and injure your business significantly.

Now the question arises, can these unwarranted comments be taken down? I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work that way. The good news is plenty can be done to control that damage. Although it may be extremely hard to remove negative links permanently from the internet, making the negative pieces rank lower by search engines, you improve your chances of coming back to the positive light. Below, I will expound on what can be done to push bad articles down in search results.

Create and Use Social Media Profiles
In most cases, social media sites tend to rank higher on search engines compared to other sites. Create a profile on many of these sites; include some identifying information that sheds some positive light on you or your business and be sure to link them to one another. Also, ensure that your privacy settings are set to public.

Post Positive Comments on News Articles and Public Forums
By using your real name to register on sites and commenting on articles, you will be selling yourself positively. Bear in mind the fact that everything you say online may be used against you. Posting intelligently is important.

Start a Blog
Blogging is a very effective tool for pushing down negative search engine results. Be sure to use positive keywords and optimize them correctly.

Engage and reward positive results
Thank people for their positive comments, and even go on to blog about those comments and create links to those observations. Google has a tendency of ranking search results from the number of times content is linked to.

About Bury Bad Articles
They are an online forum that specializes in reputation management. There are dedicated to ensuring that businesses stop losing their clients from unwarranted negative comments.

Why You Need To Protect Your Online Reputation

Status Labs is a highly reputable online reputation management provider, with a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. Status Labs has been in the reputation management business for many years and is considered one of the leaders in the industry.

Status Labs has announced the addition of a new member, Mike Paul, on their board of advisors. Mr Paul is a world-class reputation management expert and president of Reputation Doctor. Mike Paul is well versed in crisis PR issues and is believe to be an excellent choice for the position. Status Labs expects that Mr Paul will provide strategic insight and guidance to Status Labs and that with his help the company will continue to succeed in the crisis management and public relations field.

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Status Labs is a specialist reputation management service provider. Status Labs works with high-profile individuals, companies and business owners to help them with removal of adverse information and restoration of positive or favorable online profile, customer service through social media strategies, dealing with online reviews issues and suppressing content from search engine results pages.

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Reputation management service can include the creation of press releases, websites, social media assets, and syndicated articles. Status Labs has a track record for rendering outstanding service that meets the needs of their clients. Also, Status Labs offers digital marketing services and web services.

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