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The Proper Relationship between a Business and Reviews

The online reputation of a company is one of the most important aspects of business to cultivate. It is extremely important to maintain a positive presence on major social media outlets. One or two bad reviews could make the difference between a thriving company a one that is on the verge of collapse. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on proper business practice when it comes to online reputation management. Using these tips, however, you can ensure that you will both abide by proper business ethics and maintain a positive online presence.
First of all, it is important for you to remind your customers that honest reviews are necessary for a business to properly operate. According to website, by asking them to leave an online review, you will bolster the amount of positive internet reviews you have. Usually, customers and clients will neglect to leave a review of a positive experience, but in the event of a negative one, they will not hesitate. By reminding all customers to leave a review, you will balance out the occasional negative review that is left. In addition, requesting reviews from clients will show them that you are genuinely interested in their opinion and feedback of your company or business.

The next important note is to never pay for positive reviews. An unrealistic amount of positive reviews for your company will seem fake and unprofessional. No company is going to have 500 5-star reviews as their only feedback. In addition, too many unrealistic reviews may serve to highlight the negative reviews that are left by actual clients. It will be obvious to potential clients if you have bought reviews. Buying reviews can be even more damaging to your reputation than honest negative reviews. At the very least, honest negative reviews show that you are genuinely interested in clients and their opinions. Fake reviews give the appearance that you are solely interested in the money, not the business.

Overall, online reputation management through review sites like Yelp! and Google Business are important to monitor. Encouraging realistic and professional reviews are a good idea, while paying is not.