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Sean Penn enters book-writing world introducing ‘Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff.’

Sean Penn enters book-writing world introducing ‘Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff.’

Sean Penn is accredited in numerous movie productions. He has worked under acting as well as writing the films. He has also produced and directed a couple of films as well. He has also won more than once the Academy Award for Best Actor. He has posted various opinionated articles. He has interviewed numerous high-profile people and dignitaries such as Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. He was an avid responder to the efforts of Haiti during the aftereffects of the destructive earthquake in 2010.

He has included his new found title to his curriculum vitae, Novelist. He has published his first Novel. The book is called ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’ It talks about a salesperson who is invested in selling septic tanks. He also makes contract killings for the government of USA. The book has gotten some good reviews. He has however been criticized for writing a novel that does not follow the current #Me TOO’ state.


He was recently interviewed while being on a book tour in Los Angeles, California. He would be in the City of Angels for a maximum of today’s and then head out to Austin, Texas. Sean Penn admits to feeling different after completing his book. This is because the whole thing is solely thought and done by him and not a group of people.

Reasons for writing the book was to have his product to himself as well as the story he wrote resonated correctly in a book as compared to a film. Also, he was tired of the complexities of the movie industry. He was contented with writing his material and publishing it with the intended publisher that wants to work with him.

He admitted to having another book in writing. Although he left the movie industry, he is still taking job offers in directing particular movies. He is dominantly focusing on paper, and his creativity will be mostly seen in his writing rather than in his films.

He has no direct influences on his novel as other colleagues and actor friends tend to reference his writings too. He has left the issue open to any reader’s opinion.

On the matter of the Me-Too movement, he has advised that the book is not for opinionated readers but the free-thinkers.