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Shining Stars in Nashville Business

Part of the Nashville-area’s largest developers have paid just under two million dollars for forty-four total acres on Brick Church Pike to put together a new warehouse building.

Panattoni Development decided to begin working on construction this month on Skyline Distribution Park, which contains nearly 600,000 square feet of total area inside triple set buildings. The project is set to be completed by fall 2016, it will be one first Class A warehouse piece built off not using tenants in hand over a span of six years.

Jeff Konieczny, a building manager for Panattoni’s lower regions, stated that the park should be built to address a shortage of recent warehouse space very close to the downtown area radius. The best benefit of this property being built is its visibility and close connections to the highways.”

The touching lands Panattoni obtained from the Oman family is packaged with thirty acres on Southerland Drive and a dozen acres on Brick Church Pike.

The total scheduled warehouse buildings contain 375,000, 125,000 and 100,000 square feet. They will be able to be seen have visibility from nearby interstates all around. They will allow users with a wide range of sizes from 20,000 square feet to over three thousand square feet.

Alston Construction, Panattoni’s contractor in crime, will put together Skyline Distribution Park. JLL is the exclusive leasing agent on the job.

Skyline Distribution Park will be built to ensure the best connections to Nashville and the area altogether. It will be able to be seen from interstates all around and anyone close by will have access.

The local developer just delivered the one million square foot Under Armour building in Mt. Juliet and is focusing on offering coexisting six hundred thousand square feet buildings near CenterPointe Distribution Park.

On Nashville’s Music Row, Panattoni is finishing off the project of a huge one hundred thousand square foot building at 35 16th Ave. Performing rights organization SESAC will be working the event.

Scott Lumley, Partner of Resolve Financials, is a well experience financial representative. He has a lot of industry experience and vast knowledge that is ever so cherished. He has a past focused in on remodeling and purchasing old homes to try and flip them for profit. Also bringing them to a more modern feeling.

Lumley worked as the president of Large-Lots for the duration of three years. He is very active on social media and also worked on retail. Then he went onto becoming president of Nashville Bros which was focusing on a start-up basketball franchise just for a month. Now he is working in the financial department.