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Freedom Checks: New Tax Plan to Bring a Big Smile on Investors

To some people, Freedom Checks is still a mystery. To them, it sounds like a federal program but the fact is that the government never runs it. It is a tax-free investment opportunity favored by the federal law called Statute 26-F. It has facilitated investment of so many companies. Today they are more than 550 energy-related companies who send generous contributions in different intervals in form of what they call checks to the investors. The firms contributing are called master limited partnerships. They have a common objective which involves delivery of oil and natural gas. They operate transport fuel and refineries as well as drill new wells. For a firm to be incorporated in the partnership, it should first qualify for the special tax exemption and give investors 90 percent of each of their dollar earnings. To some extent, the Freedom Checks are similar to dividends that the MLPs refer to as distributions. Different shareholders receive different distributions at certain intervals. The investors pay a relatively small amount of tax from the capital gains when they sell their shares. This promotes the incentive towards investing in the energy sector in the countries. The government allows the master limited partnerships to avoid taxes because the president wanted to have more energy being produced and that was the only way to encourage the energy-producing firms. Read more about Freedom Checks at

In a recent article, there is a heated discussion ongoing on how to achieve a cut of $34.6 billion in the freedom checks investment strategy. The number one fact is that new tax plan has been passed. It has set high expectations for the American people in anticipating more money through the investment by freedom checks. A good example of such individuals is Doug Smith aged 46 who lives in Joplin. He is set to receive around $24,075. More people are highlighted to be on the list of the individuals to gain high payouts. The payments are determined by the amount every individual has invested. The chances of earning high are still so high.


Matt Badiali introduced these Checks through a simple video that went viral on all the online networks. He tried to give the insight of how the checks would benefit everyone regardless of their age. Matt Badiali refers to the new tax plan that has been passed saying that this sets Freedom Checks as the next investment for big cash making that will ever happen in history. It is a program that incorporates everyone irrespective of their age. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.