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Eric Lefkofsky Aims To Reinforce The Medical Field With Tempus

When it comes to the medical industry, treatments and cures are everything, so proper technology is quite essential in improving what is possible. Currently, the way information has been stored around the world is very inefficient and it cannot be used by most. Eric Lefkofsky recently co-founded the company known as Tempus, which is working to gather and structure all data related to cancer patients and research. Eric is determined to change the medical industry and improve healthcare for people around the world, first through cancer and hopefully with all illnesses. With a full picture of an individuals health and medical data, treatment will be more effective by leaps and bounds and potentially save lives.

Tempus is a sophisticated operating system that not only analyzes all sorts of data relating to patients and treatments, but it works to structure the data in a complete form even using medical notes from doctors to output a complete medical record for an individual. With the ever advancing technology, this is also becoming cheaper and cheaper by the year, making the sequencing processes much more realistic for most people. By making this information readily available to physicians, patients can receive the best treatment for them specifically and even predict the type of problems they may face in the future.

After dealing with some personal issues in his life relating to cancer, Eric Lefkofsky knew he had to find a better way for cancer to be dealt with and even more than that, the medical industry needed a major upgrade to the electronic age. Tempus is the culmination of this idea, and Eric is working every day to improve the technology behind Tempus.

Really, it is thanks to Eric’s drive that the whole world will benefit from his ideas and passion to help others. Ever since graduating from Michigan University, Eric has been on a path of success and even more importantly, philanthropy. Eric Lefkofsky not only donates to help charities, but he has started his own charitable foundation with his wife known as the Lefkofsky Foundation. For more than a decade they have been helping people around the world to create a better community, donating millions to charities and various organizations for all different causes.

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Neuroscientist Jorge Moll And His Passion For Research

There’s a lot of things that we can read today about Jorge Moll. In fact, you can get enervated just by trying to read all the authors online being loquacious about Jorge Moll. In this short article, we will try to address that. We will only offer here the information that you need to establish a good idea of who Jorge Moll is. We will list down some of the things that will be relevant in your research and in your opinion of who Jorge Moll is as a neuroscientist.


Education and Training

Amid all the profusion of information you may learn about Jorge Moll, the one thing that stands out in the date would be the fact that Jorge went to the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (YouTube). It is also for your information to know that Jorge Moll graduated with a degree in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, 1994). It’s also necessary for you to learn that Jorge also completed a medical residency in Neurology at the same university. This happened in 1998. After completing the residency, he went to proceed his studies and obtained a Ph.D. at Sao Paulo University. That’s something that not many people can do. Not people have the passion and drive as Jorge has. The fact that he also studied Experimental Pathophysiology at Sao Paulo University means that there’s still so much in the future of Jorge.


Right now the fact that he’s the head of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education means that many people trust the leadership of Jorge Moll. Or it could just be plain luck, but I wager that it’s the former.


The Research Man

It must be a reassuring thought that Rio de Janeiro has a doctor as excellent and incontrovertibly high-achieving as Jorge Moll. The fact that he’s able to do Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience work is also a good sign that he’s on the top of his game. Professional and academic distinctions are also nothing. With his passion for quality service that’s subservient to no one’s narrative, he’s able to lead the research in the medical field that no other leader can.


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